Making Up for the Holidays

Easter Egg HuntingEver since we were kids, our family has never really celebrated Easter and Halloween. Aside from going to hear Mass on Easter Sunday, I can’t distinctly remember dressing up as a kid, going out to go Easter egg-hunting or trick-or-treating. Up to when I was a young teenager, I never really knew how other families celebrated those holidays so I didn’t feel like I missed out.

It was only when I was in my early to late 20s when I realized there are a lot of fun holidays that I didn’t get to celebrate as a kid. The only day I remember enjoying back then was during Christmas season when my nanay would buy us new clothes and give us gifts. I don’t recall her giving us candies like the kids now usually receive during these holidays, which is why we have very good teeth. 🙂

Common gifts I got from my nanay were new pair of shoes, new outfits, a new toy and cash so I can buy whatever I want – probably one of the reasons why I became independent at a very young age.

Anyway, if I’d be blessed with my own kid/s, I’ll make sure they get the best Easter and Halloween celebrations they can experience. I was never good in Home Economics back in elementary and high school, but I think I’ll do better now with sewing costumes. 😀