A New Kitchen Soon at Our Home

Last weekend, Ken and I, along with our nanay and my BFF, went straight to Quiapo after our DIY Binondo Food Tour. I promised to buy him a brand new oven and Kitchen Aid to start his pastry business from home. And, like a loving ate, I’m more than determined to fulfill that promise.

Sadly, though, we didn’t find any oven to his liking that suited my budget. The ones we found were almost the same as our current oven. He needed a new one that’s wider so he can fit his baking pans in there.

He’s been getting a ton of orders lately, with the help of my nanay. so he needs to setup his own kitchen here at home. He’s got our old store space initially setup for his kitchen. There’s already a cabinet there for his ingredients. We might also need to have a new sink and exhaust fans installed for him. There are also a couple of kitchen tools, including those that work the same way as test sieves for sifting baking ingredients. He hasn’t continued to organize his future kitchen yet. I guess he just needs the new oven to get him starting.

La Germana stove and oven for Ken

Can’t remember the exact model of the oven he wanted, but it costs about Php 26,000+. If you know a place or someone who can help us get a La Germania stove and oven (possibly one of the above models) for cheaper than that price, please, please, please, help! 🙂 Otherwise, I’d have to buy him that oven and delay the Kitchen Aid for a month or so.

  • Jerwin Navarro

    i can help you i can give you a ORIGINAL LA GERMANIA JUST EMAIL ME @ jerwinnavarro878@yahoo.com

    if your interesred to buy with a cheaper PRICE!!!