Is a Patio Right For Your Home?

Both patios and decks add livable space to your outdoor area. They’re great for entertaining or just enjoying the weather on a lazy afternoon. Traditional patios look great, and they can last for years use in the right setting. However, there are some cases where they won’t work and a creative solution must be found. A patio works best when you want to have an outdoor living space that’s away from your house, if you want to incorporate the natural landscaping of your property into the overall design, if you have level ground with good drainage on the property or your main point of entry from the home is flush with the ground.

House patio with wooden chairs

If you have no yard that will accommodate a patio, an elevated deck system is the perfect answer. Decks can level a sloped landscape, and they can be placed almost anywhere. If you’d like to have a rooftop escape, and elevated deck system can be easily installed without breaching the integrity of the roof. They can make living in areas that are prone to drainage problems more livable by keeping you and your friends and family off the ground. A system of pavers and pedestals provides built-in drainage, so there’s less danger of pooling and moisture damage after a heavy storm. Pedestals can also be custom-cut to provide an even surface in a hilly or uneven yard. You can even add one or several decks to upper level of your home to provide a beautiful way to enjoy the sunrise over morning coffee or give a better view of the horizon at any time of day. Elevated decks are durable and withstand the weather better. The pedestals are crafted from high density copolymer polypropylene that withstands mold and moisture, and the surface area is made from a lightweight, durable, coated aluminum or treated hardwood.

Another point to consider is that although a patio is initially easier and less expensive to install, they provide anywhere from 15 – 45 percent less of a return on your investment than a deck. If you’re looking to increase the appeal and the resale value of your home, a larger investment up front means a bigger return later.

Visit your local home building supply center or shop online for supplies, plans and great ideas for outdoor rooms and decks that will transform your home into an oasis of comfort and style.