Comfortable in My Own Skin (Day 33 #100HappyDays)

As much I hate to admit it, my weight gain in the past 8 years has affected my confidence. I’ve always been the girl who looks good in almost every photo that’s taken of me. I don’t have to pose a certain way to get the right angle of my face that won’t make me look fat. I strut my stuff (hahah) in any outfit I decide to wear. And since I gained weight, all of that has changed.

Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin

However, in the past year, I realized, along with my decision to lose weight for my health, I shouldn’t let my being overweight control my life. It was a few months ago when I said, I don’t care anymore if people see me in photos now while I’m working my way to losing weight. I was no longer as conscious as before about what I wear or if my tummy is showing when photos are taken. And, guess what, I even bought a swimsuit top for our upcoming Potipot getaway! 😀

I just added this photo after we came back from our vacation. I won’t be posting this anywhere else though. 😛

Feeling comfortable in my own skin

I feel like if I don’t work on bringing back my confidence NOW, losing weight won’t help with that or it may not even be the solution to my self-esteem issues. Now that I am comfortable in my own skin and I don’t let my weight stop me from traveling and doing things I wanted to do, can you imagine what other great things I can accomplish when I finally lose the weight?! 😀 I’m excited!