Divisoria Shopping + KitchenAid (Day 32 #100HappyDays)

Earlier today, I sold 3 of my last client computers to one buyer. And as promised, I decided to buy my bro his own KitchenAid mixer as part of my investment in his small home-based business. We already knew that Quiapo would be his best bet to get it at a more affordable price. We decided to tag along our nanay and go to Divisoria afterwards for some shopping for our upcoming Potipot Island getaway.

There was no stock available of the KitchenAid my bro initially wanted, so he went for the next best thing – their Artisan mixer, which was a li’l more expensive. We had no choice, so we just had to buy it. I love the color of the KitchenAid we got. 🙂

After a few days, he decided to prepare something using his brand-new KitchenAid. Check out these gorgeous French macarons! 🙂

After buying his KitchenAid, we went straight to 168 Mall in Divisoria. My nanay and I bought a few stuff, including a 2-piece swimsuit top and my favorite jeggings. 😉

Divisoria shopping with my nanay

I miss shopping in Divisoria. Aside from the cheap items you can get there, you don’t have to walk far to have a variety of choices. Plus, it’s just a jeepney ride away from our home. This is also where Ken buys stuff for his home-based business.

After our Potipot vacation, I’ll take my weight loss goal seriously so I can do more Divisoria-shopping next time. 😉