Laptop Fixed! (Day 37 #100HappyDays)

I bought my Dell laptop last year, in July. And a few weeks ago, the right-click function no longer worked. It took me a few days to call Dell’s customer service hotline, but eventually I did and today, their service tech guy came in and replaced the case of my keyboard and touchpad.

I actually wasn’t able to check reviews for my Dell laptop (Inspiron 14 3421) before I bought it. All I know is Dell’s after-sales customer service is remarkable. My last laptop – a Compaq – lasted for about 5 years before it completely broke down on me (I had it repaired once), and it survived a major crash. No, not hard drive crash but actual, physical crash after it was smashed against the ground by someone in my past. 😀 So I knew Compaq was durable. When I decided to buy this Dell laptop, I honestly wasn’t 100% sure about how long it’ll last.

We’ll see. I’m just glad I was able to have the touchpad replaced before the warranty expired (on the 24th 😀 ). Their after-sales customer service is amazing – well, except for the female call center rep (someone said they’re Malaysian) who got my address and contact # wrong. Dell even wanted to send out someone at night yesterday just to get my laptop fixed, but since our home is a li’l far, I had it rescheduled to today.

I hope it’ll be the last time I’ll have this repaired. *fingers crossed*