Potipot Island is Love! (Day 40 #100HappyDays)

We all woke up early today to prepare to swim at Potipot Island. We booked a beachfront room at Isla Vista, so this is the view from outside.

Our nanay and her BFF Tita Beth went to the nearest market a few hours earlier so they can buy meats, seafood and grilling tools we need since we found out we have to cook our own food at Potipot Island (Ken initially thought we can hire the boat guy to grill for us – realized I shouldn’t let him research and plan our next vacation 😀 ).

We took a quick swim at the beach in front of Isla Vista while we waited for our nanay to return. After a light breakfast, we headed out to Potipot Island aboard a boat.

On our way to Potipot Island

There were a zillion people there (okay, more like a thousand perhaps, but you know what I mean 😛 ). After I went with Ken and some of his online gamer friends (who happened to be taking a vacay there too) to check out a camping site around the island, we headed back to the area where we left our nanay with our bags, only to find out they were lucky enough to reserve the table right in front of the boat unloading area. Hahahah 😀

Ken, his BFF Jenn and our nanay headed off to start grilling for our lunch. Ken made his own marinade and sauce for everything. We were all excited to eat with our bare hands. 😀

After lunch, we rested for a little bit and went straight to the nearest, less crowded area of the island to swim. GOSH DARN IT! Potipot is GORGEOUS! No wonder people call it the Boracay of the North. Pristine blue water despite the amount of people out there… fine white sand hugged my feet. I love it!! 😀 Glad to see the beach is well-maintained.

Our group of 5 at Potipot Island in Zambales

We stayed in the water for HOURS! Even with sunscreen on, we came out NOGNOG. 😀

With Ken's online gamer friends

I just wanted to say this: I know how to swim, but I’ve been scared since I started to smoke and couldn’t hold my breath longer than 30 seconds under water. I’m trying to work on that, and this time, I was able to relax and let myself float on water, which I haven’t done in the longest time.

Floating away at Potipot Island

I was by the shore ’cause this was when the tide was already rising and me mga biglang lalim na areas agad.

Next time, I’ll work on my breathing ’til I’m confident and gutsy enough to swim again. First, I need to officially stop smoking.

Yeah, I suck. 😛

I can’t wait to go back to Potipot island next time, when there’s less people. 🙂