My Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge

Day 2/365 (I already missed one day sheesh. But this is the one I wanted to write about yesterday so…)

Last year, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to read more. I used to be a true blue bookworm – I can’t get on a day without reading a book. I was even VP of our Booklover’s Club in high school (ugh… nerd 😀 ). And I need to bring that habit back because, most importantly, I love reading. It’s my second way of getting away from the real world.

My bro was successful in finishing 20 books last year even when he started late. We both bought our own Kindle Paperwhite and he’s the only one who made progress. I vow to finish at least 10 books this year.

Reading doesn’t just improve your vocabulary, but it also helps increase your creativity. In my current line of work, that’s what I need. My bro and I discussed about our differences when it comes to our chosen genre of books. I have to admit, he’s got a wider vocabulary and he’s pretty creative. I told him it shows in his favorite books – he loves reading fiction like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, etc. I love reading more real stories, advice (especially when it comes to career), autobiographies like Lean In, and Eat, Pray, Love.

This year, I decided to balance the genre of books I read. 50% should be fiction, the rest will be anything I want. However, I need to finish a few books I started reading years ago. My procrastination has worsen, and I need to get that in check this year, starting with my reading habit.

I’ll be rereading Eat, Pray, Love first, and I’ll stop myself from starting another book. I usually read what I feel I NEED to read, like Lean In when I was in need of inspiration and encouragement to pursue a more challenging career path. This process works for me, but I need to be more disciplined and actually finish something I said I will.

Wish me luck! I’ll post the books I’ve completed here since I’ll be writing daily. I disabled RSS feeds for this blog so no one else will get to read my new entries unless they really want to or they chanced upon it on Google. 🙂

What books will you recommend I read this 2015? 🙂