Pope Francis : What’s Not to Love?!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I’m not religious. Yes, I believe in God, and I do pray, but I don’t consider myself a religious person. However, Pope Francis, dubbed as the Rockstar Pope, has helped me a lot to be less and less cynical about the Church.

I love you, Pope Francis

Like my fellow countrymen, I was super excited about Pope Francis’ visit here in the Philippines. I felt like we needed his presence here after all the struggles our country went through the past few years, especially after the destruction and the lives that were lost because of Typhoon Yolanda and the following strong storms that came right after. When I learned he’ll be holding a Mass in Tacloban, I knew it might just be exactly what the people there needed spiritually to move on with their lives after the heartbreaking impact of the typhoons since Yolanda.

Pope Francis in Tacloban

I can talk about all the things Pope Francis has done since he took on the job as the leader of the Vatican, but there are many blogs already out there about that. So instead, I want to talk about how he made me feel watching him on my computer monitor and reading through all the news articles about him.

Pope Francis in Manila, Philippines

Sure, I wasn’t happy about all the extravagant preparations that the government has done for Pope Francis’ visit. I especially hated PNoy’s speech, even if he talked about some of the issues that are plaguing the Church leaders of our country. It simply wasn’t the right time. But enough about this president that I despise. I’m here to talk about Pope Francis. 😀

Sorry, I just had to write that somewhere. 😀

I didn’t go out of my way to painstakingly wait for hours for Pope Francis’ arrival so I can see him personally. Instead, I stayed at home, watched videos upon videos of him while he smile and wave to the crowds as his motorcade pass them by. I watched his speeches, his homilies, including the “Do you love me?” video, which I find, is the most adorable of all.

I saw myself crying – like almost bawling my eyes out – ’cause I was super touched by his presence. This is the first Pope who I loved this much, and I am so thankful to be alive and bear witness to how he has been helping heal the wounds of mankind… ironically, wounds that have been caused by the very thing that should’ve kept us from hurting each other – religion.

Pope Francis meme

My brother and I were even nervously joking around a few months ago about how Pope Francis might just be the man referred to in various prophecies, including the last Pope of the Malachy. There’s one prediction that says he’ll be the last Pope before the end of the world. Shocking. @_@

Whatever happens in the next years, I hope and pray for Pope Francis’ health. I know that he has made a believer out of many of us. He was that glimmer of God for non-believers and from people of other religions. He, in many ways, has helped unite us. And I can only hope and pray he’ll have more years to do so for all of our sakes.

Rockstar Pope Francis