It’s been over 2 months since I went back to our home in Malabon. I’m starting to feel really homesick, especially when I see photos of my bro and our nanay traveling together and eating out without me. 🙁


To be honest, if my nanay and Marcel weren’t there and they’re with me, I don’t think I’ll feel this homesick. I’ve adjusted well with living alone, or living far away from my family. Well, except for Ken, but I feel like he’ll soon be moving out. I’m doing pretty okay living all alone. I enjoy the independence, having to worry about just me. But there are days like tonight when I miss having our nanay take care of things for me.

In about 3 weeks, I’ll be going back home for a few days. It’ll serve as my vacation from all the craziness that’s been happening to me at work and in my personal life. I need a breather. I actually need a long vacation somewhere far, but that’ll have to wait til the last week of April or May probably. I desperately need a break.

I’m also thinking about moving out of my current condo. I still enjoy the convenience of just crossing the street when I’m going to work or when I’m tired after a long day at work. But there’s something about this current situation that’s also stressing me out. My home and the place where I work are just too fricking close that I sometimes feel like my condo is an extension of the office. I need to move away to feel more rested, really.

I still have a few months to save enough money and plan my moving out. My rental here has been taking a toll on me financially. I need to start saving up!! Hopefully, I’ll get to move somewhere that’ll help me save enough money for my future plans.

*sigh* Just the thought of having to pack my stuff again, move out, unpack and organize my things is making me sick. 😀 But it has to be done. I have no choice. 😀