Where is Home?

I know it’s weird that I’m feeling this way. But I can’t help what I feel.

Home is not a feeling

Maybe it’s because I haven’t been spending so much time here in our home.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have my own room anymore. Nanay took over my entire room, and there’s nothing here that I personally own.

Maybe because I’ve started to love living independently, on my own for over a year now, that I somehow feel like I’m out of place in what used to be my own spot in the house where my family has lived in for a decade now.

The thought of being away from my brother, our nanay and our dog Marcel pains me, but I somehow feel the need to get out of here and go back to my condo in Makati. It’s the only place now that I can call my own, even when I’m just renting it.

This has fired up my desire to officially buy my own place. I don’t want to feel like an outsider in my very own home. 🙁

Tomorrow, I shall be traveling back to my Makati home. I went on an extended long weekend because I know I need to kinda adjust again to being on my own. This feeling is making me sick. 🙁

I don’t think anyone would understand how I’m feeling. People who’ll read this might think I’m overreacting. But, again, I can’t help what I’m feeling.