Current Trends In Urban News

Urban news

Urban reporting has become more prominent in recent years as the divide between urban and mainstream culture continues to increase. Urban cultures have the unique problem of finding themselves shut out of mainstream media outlets in favor of a more “mainstream” viewpoint that doesn’t take into account the special situations that present themselves in urban environments. Thankfully the Internet is a place of tremendous power because now entire sites devoted solely to urban news present their take on the world. The subjects for these websites are the same as mainstream sites, but they take an urban cultural viewpoint.

Politics and social issues

Urban environments typically suffer from unique social problems that just don’t cross over in the mainstream. Politics and social coverage has to be from an urban slant in order for it to make sense to those who are living within these environments. Politics is covered much in the same way as mainstream outlets, but you’ll find political coverage of topics that are important to urban dwellers, not suburban residents. While the coverage is still unbiased, its focus is on subject matter that is important to urban citizens.


Entertainment such as games, sports, television, and movies are presented in an urban news format. Movies that don’t get much coverage in mainstream are given the attention they deserve on these urban news sites. Reviewers and journalists cover often ignored artists and actors who don’t appeal to mainstream readers regularly.

Frequently updated and relevant

Urban news sites aggressively compete with mainstream sites to garner attention from their audience. They present the news in an easy-to-follow format that lets readers customize their experience. For example, you can favorite specific columnists or subject matter that means the most to you and then receive mobile updates to your phone when those subjects are updated with important stories. Urban residents appreciate this important source of news not because it’s apart from the mainstream but because it’s relevant to the daily lives of citizens who live in urban areas. While mainstream culture may fail to recognize the divide that exists between it and its urban readers, these current urban news sites capitalize on this divide and give people who don’t normally have a voice a true voice in modern media and multimedia. The social communities that grow up around these excellent news resources continue to be important aspects of Internet reporting.