Spread The Love For Music

Music is the universal constant. It’s one part of human culture that can bring peoples from different places together across even language barriers. Music is an important part of our existence on this planet, and spreading it to others is a very important part of life. There are a number of ways you can take part and spread your love of music to others who would also be interested.

Love for Music

1. Busking.

Performing on the street is called busking. While it is traditionally done for the sake of earning a living, it can also be done for the sake of music. Street pianos in NY are an example of this; the musicians often wheel their instruments into the parks and perform for the crowds that gather. It’s a common weekend activity that always brings out a number of people.

2. Volunteer.

You can volunteer to work at community centers and teach classes for those who are interested. If you play a particularly interesting instrument or one that isn’t as well known, you’re sure to generate a lot of interest from passerby. Everyone plays the guitar, but does everyone play the dulcimer?

3. Perform.

Look for venues that need musicians but can’t afford to hire them. Not only do you get the practice and experience of performing for others in front of a crowd, but you help out an organization while sharing your love of music with all of those in attendance. Many churches, community centers, and newly-opened restaurants would gladly welcome a musician who was willing to work pro bono.

There are many people who want to learn how to play music, but the lack the proper teachers or the time to learn. By volunteering and teaching them to play, you provide a valuable service. Music lessons have been shown to reduce crime rates in specific areas, as well as improving the quality of living for the people there as well as helping to fight depression and apathy. By helping out and playing in areas that don’t normally see musicians, you can make the world a better place.