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Conquering My Fears : Day 5 #100HappyDays

I hate to admit it, but I have a long list of phobias, some of which may just be considered pag-iinarte by other people (like my bro), but most are real fears that have somehow hindered me from enjoying life to the fullest. However, since I reached my 30s, I felt like it’s about time I conquered some of these fears ’cause I’m not getting any younger. Sure, call it quarter life crisis, but I am more willing now to face the scenarios that scare me the most.

I have this crazy fear of heights and closed spaces. So imagine how scared I was when we decided to go spelunking at Ugong Rock cave in Palawan last year (for our birthday celebration) AND ziplined my fricking way down afterwards. I was honestly thinking at that time, “Are you seriously going to do this?! Face your fear of closed spaces AND heights?!”. I thought I’d die and won’t make it at the end.

At Ugong Rock cave adventure in Palawan

Preparing for my turn to zipline after an EXHAUSTING time spelunking at Ugong Rock. Not my most flattering photo, but I am so proud of myself for being able to do this. 😀 It was an unplanned adventure, hence the getup. I went through the cave in FLIP FLOPS. 😛

Well, guess what – I’m still here, typing away. So #SUCKIT!! 😀

Now, what’s the relevance of this to my #100HappyDays entry for today?! Well, the past few days, I’ve been stressed about my right eye after the laser ‘surgery’ over the weekend (it was successful and I can see clearly again). I was feeling scared about complications that might happen in the future and I felt like I won’t be able to do things I thought I could after my Refractive Lens Exchange surgery last year.

Thankfully, when I woke up earlier, an exhilarating feeling took over me… a realization of some sort. WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?! There are a thousand other things that could happen to me but I chose to ignore them, and I underwent that surgery so I can do more, and here I am, succumbing to my fear of something that might NOT actually happen. Then just a few minutes ago, my bro showed me these videos of women surfing, swimming and riding carabaos. It brought me back to my sane self who wants to experience the beauty of Mother Earth through traveling. I am now brushing off my worries again so I can move forward.

One of the next phobias I want to conquer is my fear of being trapped underwater. I don’t know how to swim. Okay, I know how to swim, but you won’t see me swimming about where the depth won’t allow me to touch the bottom of the sea/water/pool/whatever easily with my feet. I’m thinking of taking swimming lessons so I can swim fearlessly like my bro. I want to conquer this fear hopefully this 2014. 🙂

Wish me luck! 😉

Ice Cream + A Nifty Tool : Day 4 #100HappyDays

I was feeling a li’l down today, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to post anything. But, hey – I woke up to a delivery of this yummy Nestle Dutch Speculoos Ice Cream! 🙂

Nestle Dutch Speculoos Ice Cream

The weather’s particularly hot today so this was the perfect surprise. 🙂

Now, this is completely inappropriate to share after talking about ice cream, but I am IN LOVE with my epilator. Well, it’s my scheduled epi-day, and this is a very useful ‘tool’. If you don’t know what this is, Google it. 😉

Having the Courage to Take a Risk : Day 3 #100HappyDays

It’s hard to explain this at this moment, but I feel happy about how I’m willing to take risks now for the sake of what I want to achieve and where I want to see myself in the next 5 years.

I’m not sure if everything will pull through for me in the end, but, you know what? All I care about now is that I have the confidence and courage to take the next step. You’ll never know how far you can go ’til you’ve gone the distance… ’til you’ve taken the first hard steps towards the path you wanted to follow.

I’m just happy that I’m in this place in my life now where I know I’ve done my part and that I believe in myself enough to want to take a step forward towards my goals.

Wish me luck! 😉


P.S. I might have something else for later since it’s only 9am here, but I’m excited and ecstatic about this. Let’s see. 🙂

Getting a Full 8-Hour Sleep : Day 1 #100HappyDays

Some people may not understand how awesome it feels to finally get a full 8-hour sleep. But for someone like me who suffers from insomnia and gets worse when I’m stressing about something, getting decent sleep is such an amazing thing.

Sleep is the best meditation

It’s been 2 weeks since I slept like a baby. I guess my eye problem had been stressing me out, even when I forced myself to not think about it. And when it was finally over yesterday, I slept for hours TWICE! 😀

Now, I feel rejuvenated, more so after last night’s pampering. I think I’m ready to take on the world again. 😉

A good laugh and a long sleep  are the best 2 cures for anything