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Laptop Fixed! (Day 37 #100HappyDays)

I bought my Dell laptop last year, in July. And a few weeks ago, the right-click function no longer worked. It took me a few days to call Dell’s customer service hotline, but eventually I did and today, their service tech guy came in and replaced the case of my keyboard and touchpad.

I actually wasn’t able to check reviews for my Dell laptop (Inspiron 14 3421) before I bought it. All I know is Dell’s after-sales customer service is remarkable. My last laptop – a Compaq – lasted for about 5 years before it completely broke down on me (I had it repaired once), and it survived a major crash. No, not hard drive crash but actual, physical crash after it was smashed against the ground by someone in my past. 😀 So I knew Compaq was durable. When I decided to buy this Dell laptop, I honestly wasn’t 100% sure about how long it’ll last.

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Maintaining a Good Online Reputation

In this digital world that we currently live in, people seem to have forgotten to think first before reacting, saying or doing anything. With a 140-character phrase or sentence on Twitter, someone can ruin another person’s image or a company’s reputation. Imagine how much more damage a blog article can inflict.

Tweeting revolution

Don’t get me wrong. There are advantages to consider when we talk about the advancement of communication nowadays. Companies seem to be more careful with how they deal with their customers. But, there are just people or customers out there who seem to think that the company owe them the world just because they bought their product or availed of their service. And having experienced being on either side, I know how frustrating this can be to a customer and to the company.

I think that customers’ disappointment can still be taken care of. What’s scarier is when a competitor resorts to black propaganda to ruin your company’s image, just so they can steal your customers away. This is why many companies, especially the startups that have a decent amount of money to back them up, hire individuals to take care of their online reputation management. It’s no easy task as some companies can get real dirty, even to a point when they’ll pay online writers to publish articles to ruin their competitor’s credibility.

This is why I’ve chosen to be more careful with how I write reviews or how I share criticisms about a company, product or service. If the problem was really intense and I feel the need to warn people, that’s when you’d see me publishing my account of what I experienced. Otherwise, I’d rather give the company or restaurant another chance before I make a judgment. Besides, my work as a Social Media Manager has helped me understand how it feels to read negative reviews about the client restaurants I handle. And I feel that this has helped me become a better blogger. 🙂

I will write a more detailed post about this on my geek blog.

Day 5 – Baguio + Partas Bus’ Poor Customer Service

It’s already March and it’s only now that I’m posting about Day 5 of our Northern Luzon getaway in December. Hahahah. I completely forgot that I haven’t posted about this yet ’til I had to write a post on my other blog that linked to my post about Day 1 of our trip. Yeah, that’s one thing I need to work on – procrastination!

Us posing at this canon at the PMA compound in Baguio -

Our last stop was Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte. We had lots of fun in Pagudpud and I even thought of staying there for another night, but I really wanted to go to Baguio again. And, so, in the afternoon of Day 4 of our trip, we headed to the Partas bus station in Laoag.

We thought we’d have a fun start on our trip to Baguio. But, we were welcomed with a VERY bad customer service experience from this certain Partas bus conductor.

We arrived a few minutes before the next Partas bus going to Baguio arrived at their station in Laoag. We were the first ones there so we got the front rows seats. When we were settled in, the bus conductor RUDELY informed my mother that she HAS to transfer because the front row seats were reserved for someone. We questioned him because if it was indeed reserved and PAID FOR, the ticketing office would’ve advised us about it. So, NO, we didn’t agree to transfer seats.

After a few seconds, we saw this bus conductor blabbering about like a pesky old woman, speaking in Ilocano to the bus driver and the driver’s wife. We, then, figured out that the driver’s and the bus conductor’s wives were the ones they reserved the seats for. The bus conductor’s wife was to be picked up at Vigan station, which was like a few hours away from Laoag. So, that really angered us and my aunt Zeny and I started telling them off to the point that we almost reported them to their office. We decided not to ’cause we don’t want to ruin the rest of our day.

What pissed us off the most was the bus conductor yelling and threatening to not come aboard if we don’t transfer seats. ARE YOU FRICKING KIDDING ME? You’re throwing a tantrum, you old piece of sh*t?! ARGH.

Anyway, in the end, he knew he can’t do anything about it. We saw the driver, guard and the guy from their ticketing office talking to him and were also mad at him for going off like that. Yeah, he’s a complete jerk. So, I decided to take a photo of him while he was handing us our tickets.

The VERY rude bus conductor of Partas in Laoag -

Okay, enough about him. The whole trip from Laoag to Baguio was really exhausting. We paid Php 410 each for our tickets (total of Php 2,050). We left Laoag at 2:30pm and we arrived in Baguio past 11pm. That’s more than 8 hours of travel and we were really hungry. So, I had 2 cups of rice at Andok’s where we had dinner. *LOL*

My 2 cups of rice, pork chop and pork barbecue from Andok's in Baguio -

We had a good night’s sleep and we were up really early the next day. We were scheduled to go back to Manila in the afternoon so we had to make the most out of the few hours we got left in Baguio.

We hired an FX taxi for our quick tour in the morning. We already brought our bags with us ’cause we were staying inside the PMA compound in Baguio, at my aunt Zeny’s home. It’s a bit far from the bus station of Victory Liner.

Baguio City tour packages are available from JVS Taxi -

The FX taxi, by the way, can be rented if you want to tour around Baguio. They charge Php 300 per hour, but just ask for a discount. The driver we hired agreed we pay only Php 900 for an almost 4-hour rental since we didn’t really tour around the city.

Our first stop was the Strawberry Fields in Baguio. My mother was planning on preparing Strawberry Sinigang so we wanted to pick our own strawberries for that. Plus, I wanted to see the farm myself.

Strawberry Farm, fields in La Trinidad in Baguio -

My mother and I, along with Tita Beth (her best friend), decided to pick strawberries. I’m the only one without a photo while picking strawberries. Boohoo!

My nanay picking strawberries in Baguio -

Tita Beth picking strawberries - I love her sunglasses! -

The price is Php 300 per kilo for strawberry-picking. We tried to ask for a discount, but they were pretty firm with the price. They said it already covers all strawberries and plants we’d crush, damage, eat and throw away. *LOL* We went over a kilo and I tried to haggle yet again. The seller agreed, but she was whispering so the others after us won’t hear. Hahah.

Over a kilo of strawberries we picked ourselves -

There are a lot of vendors outside the Strawberry fields. We tried the Strawberry Taho and Strawberry Ice Cream.

Strawberry Taho we bought at the Strawberry Farm in Baguio -

Strawberry dirty ice cream -

We also bought these sweet Sagada oranges (they threw out the peels before I can candy them waah), honey, strawberry and blueberry wines (loved them!), plus other pasalubong items from Baguio (read this post for my reviews of the pasalubong products from Baguio).

Sagada oranges, strawberry wine, honey and other pasalubong items from Baguio -

For more photos, check out my post on Certified Foodies on everything we bought and tried at the Strawberry Farm in Baguio.

After Strawberry Farm, we went straight to Good Shepherd in Baguio. I was buying pasalubong items for a friend who requested Ube Jam and Pili Nuts from Good Shepherd (read: demanding?!?! Guess who… *LOL*). Plus, it’s been awhile since we last went there.

Good Shepherd Sisters Convent in Baguio -

I super love this sign right at their garden:

Sign at the garden in Good Shepherd in Baguio -

We bought a couple of pasalubong items from Good Shepherd and tried their breads, too. I so love the “siopao”, which was more like Asado-filled bread.

Pasalubong from Good Shepherd in Baguio -

We weren’t able to take photos of us when we were at Good Shepherd  ’cause we were really in a hurry. Our tickets were scheduled at 2pm and we still have to look for the place where I wanted us to go for lunch.

The restaurant I’m referring to is Oh My Gulay Artist Cafe in Baguio. I’ve heard about it from a colleague, who’s also a foodie like me, and he said it’s a must-visit. I did some research beforehand as to where it’s located. The article I found said it’s at Green Azotea so I was insisting that’s exactly the name of the building. Turned out that it was located in the La Azotea building along Session Road, which is, well you guessed it, painted green. *LOL* Here it is:

La Azotea building in Baguio where Oh My Gulay is located -

Okay, this photo, I just HAD to post. My nanay went all crazy with her accessories. She even felt it was cool and posed for this photo. How cute, eh? *LOL*

My cool hiphop nanay LOL - Ang Hiphop Kong Nanay
Sorry, I had to give this photo a title. *LOL*

Oh My Gulay is on the 5th floor of La Azotea. This is what welcomed us when we got to that floor:

Oh My Gulay Artist Cafe at the 5th Floor of La Azotea Building in Baguio -

I loved the interiors of Oh My Gulay. Very unique, eclectic, ethnic, weird, corky… I don’t know how else to describe it. It intrigued us a lot that my bro even took time to take photos of almost every corner of the restaurant. Here are some of them:

Oh My Gulay - photo 1 inside the restaurant -

Oh My Gulay - photo 2 inside the restaurant -

Oh My Gulay - photo 3 inside the restaurant -

Oh My Gulay - photo 4 inside the restaurant -

Oh My Gulay’s menu, of course, lists all their vegetarian dishes, mostly salads and pasta. We ordered  Pasta Primadonna, Chow-Chow noodles, Anak ng Putanesca (yeah, cool name LOL), Lumpia Salad (my favorite), Talong Parmigiana and Waldorfesto (apple and potato salad). You can check out my Oh My Gulay restaurant review on Certified Foodies.

Some of the food we ordered from Oh My Gulay in Baguio -

Right after lunch, we went straight to Victory Liner. We left our bags there, by the way, so we had no problems bringing along everything we had with us, including all the pasalubongs we bought from all 4 destinations of our Northern Luzon getaway. Can you imagine how much baggage we had with us?! *LOL*

Anyway, I want to thank Tita Zeny for letting us stay at their home in the PMA compound in Baguio. That’s less expenses for us. We totally enjoyed her company. We haven’t seen her for decades and I’m so glad she was able to come with us. She also made the whole trip fun. We miss you, Tita Zeny!

Tita Zeny posing at Oh My Gulay -

Here are photos of us onboard Victory Liner. It was actually the first time I felt exhausted from all the traveling and bus rides.

Me and my bro - can you see how exhausted I was LOL -

We did have a lot of fun. It’s been awhile since I last enjoyed myself that much so I was so grateful that I was with my 2 favorite people in the world – my nanay and my brother – and my mother’s best friend, Tita Beth, who’s also as cool and fun.

Nanay with her best friend Tita Beth -

All in all, it was a really fun trip. Though next time, I’ll make sure to only pick 1-2 destinations for a 4-day vacation so we’d completely enjoy each place we visit. *LOL* But, now, at least, I can check off 2 places on my to-visit list – Vigan and Pagudpud!

Anyway, my bro said he’d want to go back to all the places we visited except for Baguio. But, hey, I love Baguio! Though I’ve been there countless of times already, I still can’t stop thinking about how much I’d love to live there. If I’d ever be given a chance to have my own house there, complete with a parking area (with a garage door opener would be nice heheh), I’d be completely satisfied. The climate in Baguio makes you want to snuggle up with someone while drinking a hot cup of tea or coffee. Argh! I already miss Baguio! ^_^

This is the second to the last in my series of posts about our Northern Luzon getaway. My last post will be all about our travel expenses. In case you’d want to go on the same trip, you’d know how much you’d need. Keep posted for that! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed going for a ride with us on our Northern Luzon getaway. We may not be as adventurous as other travel bloggers or travelistas out there, but we still have tons of fun. ^_^

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  • Laptop Repair? Visit SST Laptop in SM MOA (A Review)

    I had my laptop repaired at SST Laptop in SM Mall of Asia last week. It was really hard for me to leave my beloved laptop with them, especially because I haven’t backed up any of my files recently. *LOL* I know, what a mess, right? Plus, I was a bit nervous that someone will tinker with my files and photos. I don’t trust anyone to fix my computer. But, I had no choice. I didn’t know how to fix the problem with my laptop and I don’t want to mess with its circuitry.

    What happened, you might be wondering. Well, we first thought that the problem was with the power adapter. The night before we went to MOA, my laptop won’t stay on at all. I figured it was something to do with the battery or some unused battery charge so we tried to reset it. Nothing. Then, Mai heard some kind of static caused by a short circuit on my power adapter. So, we finally figured it was the problem and not my laptop. I was actually thinking of having my dad repair it, but I don’t want to risk it since I don’t want to cause further damage to my beloved laptop (come to think of it, I should give this baby a name, what d’you think?) Mai and I are more technically experienced and knowledgeable with fixing desktops so we brought it with us when we went to MOA.

    SST Laptop in MOA

    We were supposed to go to the HP repair center in MOA, but SST Laptop’s signage welcomed us as soon as we got off the taxi we were riding. It was like FATE, I tell you, ’cause the sign above said “Laptop Repair Specialist”. And what was I looking for? Exactly that! *LOL*

    So, Mai and I decided to bring my laptop to them first WITHOUT even a clue if they’re reliable. I usually research online first for negative feedback regarding a certain company before we bring them our business. But, I had no choice. I had to get my laptop fixed and I was just hoping that SST Laptop won’t mess it up and charge us ridiculously. And since they claim to be the laptop repair specialist, they’re expected to do a pretty damn good job in repairing laptops. They’re like the laptop doctors. I wonder if there are POS systems doctors, too.

    Anyway, when we arrived, they tested my power adapter. We really thought that was the ONLY problem so we had them fix it first. They said it’ll be fixed in 2 hours. They had me fill up a form with my contact number. They told me they’ll send me a text message once they fix it. If they get to fix it, it’ll only cost me Php 600 (about $14). But, if they need to replace something inside my power adapter, I’ll have to pay Php 900 (about $20).

    I thought it’ll just be good news after that. I know I should’ve had them test my laptop, too, and not just the power adapter. It could’ve saved me a couple of hundreds, maybe, ‘cause when we got there, we found out that my laptop’s power slot also had a problem. The capacitor might need to be replaced, and that alone can cost me Php 1,900 (about $45). Waahh! So, goodbye to our food trip plans for June. *LOL*

    I had to leave my laptop with them and that’s what really scared me the most, aside from the costs. They said it’ll take them 7 to 10 days to fix it, and it’ll depend on the queue. They had a couple more laptops on queue to get fixed so I thought to myself that maybe, they’re a reliable repair shop after all. Plus, they only charge Php 400 for diagnosis/checkup, unlike other PC/laptop repair shops I’ve read about online that charge Php 500-700 just for finding out what’s wrong with your computer.

    Before we left, they had me sign all the components of my laptop – RAM, hard disk, battery, adapter, everything inside! It’s some kind of security or assurance that no one there can replace your laptop parts. And they also wrote down the serial numbers on the invoice that I took with me.

    By the way, when we were there, I saw one of the IT people in my college. I knew he looked familiar. I remembered him as the one who takes care of the computerized enrollment in our school and he’s the guy you call when we experience issues in our computer labs. He was as friendly as he was now. It was him who greeted me first. I guess I’m really a bit of a snob ‘cause I didn’t say anything to him before that. I’m not proud of it, okay? Mai was telling me that I should’ve conversed with him more since we know each other, just so my laptop will be safe and sound. But, the cynical me told myself to not say anything ‘cause that might spark more interest to sneak into my files. *LOL* But, I vowed to be friendlier. Really need to work on my PR skills with strangers. *LOL*

    Anyway, they already sent me a text message last Tuesday that my laptop’s already fixed. The total costs is Php 1,700. Even if it was lower than what I was expecting, it was still a big deal for me ‘cause we got a lot of things planned for June. I guess we’re luckier if we don’t plan at all ‘cause this isn’t the first time this happened – that we had unplanned expenses. *sigh*

    Last Thursday, we picked up my beloved laptop (as of this paragraph’s writing, I decided to name my laptop CherryPaq – ’cause my partner’s real name is Cherry and this is a Compaq laptop – get it? *LOL*). We immediately tested it. The person who attended to us was the same lady who had me sign all of the parts of my laptop. She had to look for my power adapter because she didn’t know we left it with them. *scratches head*

    Cherrypaq at SST

    Cherrypaq went through disk checking when she started up. I waited ’til it booted up completely so I can check the contents. We didn’t bother to check the components anymore since they really seem to be a reliable repair shop.

    The warranty was only for a month. I just hope we won’t have to go to them anymore. We asked them what caused the problem and they said it was due to overuse. Waahh! I use my laptop for blogging, downloading, and designing. It’s on more than 12 hours a day so I guess I can’t really help it. I don’t want to switch to a desktop ’cause I need my laptop’s portability. I’ll take care of Cherrypaq now, though, more than ever. I promise! *LOL*

    Going back to SST Laptop, Mai asked them about the prices of their laptop parts, specifically the hard disk and RAM. They’re more expensive than when you buy them in Greenhills or Gilmore. The 1GB Kingston RAM stick we bought from Greenhills only cost us Php 800 (about $18), and SST Laptop is selling a 2GB Kingston RAM stick for Php 3,500 ($78). Way too expensive for us so we’re definitely going to buy upgrades/parts somewhere else.

    The repair cost was okay. I was expecting it to only cost about Php 1,200-1,500, but I think it’s reasonable. Anyway, when I got home, I read a lot of good feedback from other laptop owners like me who brought their computers to SST Laptop for repair. There was just one bad review and that was for their branch in SM North Edsa. Most of them were pretty happy with the repair job by SST Laptop technicians. So, I strongly suggest you bring your laptop to them because, well, they’re the laptop repair specialist! (This isn’t sponsored, mind you *LOL)

    My rating for SST Laptop in SM Mall of Asia:rating

    I gave them 3 stars for customer service because when we first went there, the first woman who attended to us wasn’t as accommodating. She was even chit-chatting over the phone before she attended to us.

    3 stars for the repair time because it took them 6 days to fix my laptop. I needed my laptop for our business and my online money-making so it would’ve been better if they shorten the repair time, especially for those who depend on their laptops for their jobs.

    3 stars for repair costs because I feel they could afford charging me a little lower for my power adapter and laptop’s repair. I gave them 4 stars for their repair services and final rating because I’m pretty satisfied with the repair job they did on my laptop.

    If you’re planning on buying upgrades or new laptop parts, I strongly suggest you go to Greenhills or Gilmore and buy from there. You’d get the same quality of products at more affordable prices.

    If you want your laptops repaired, I highly recommend you bring it to SST Laptop. Take note that this review is only for their branch in SM Mall of Asia. I cannot attest to the services of their other branches.

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    CDR-King Needs a Better Sales Process

    CDR-KING headset The other day, Mai and I went to CDR-King to buy new headsets to replace 2 defective headsets in our internet cafe. The first ones we bought were very cheap, at Php 60.00 (about $1.00) each. They were actually pretty sturdy. The 2 that we had to replace were not completely inoperable, but, we had to replace them because the part that fits right on the ear falls off. My dad will be repairing them so we can use it at home instead.

    The replacement headsets we bought cost a bit more, but we know we need sturdier headset because most of our customers here in Manila are too hyperactive when playing. Some of them even forget that they’re still wearing their headset, so they end up pulling the whole thing while logging out. *LOL*

    I love CDR-King because you can buy very cheap items from them for your computer. Most internet cafe owners I know buy from CDR-king. You can buy a lot of items from them that you’d also find at stores like Circuit City or any gadget/computer store. They offer really low prices because they don’t have costly POS machines and fancy packaging. They don’t even have an organized sales process. So, most of the time, you’d end up in line for more than 30 minutes.CDR-king store

    I understand what they’re trying to do, but I hope they’ll be more organized. Take for instance their branch in SM Cebu. It took us about an hour to buy 3 packs of photo papers! They only had 1 queue/line and there were no priority numbers being given because some customers tend to leave the store and come back when they know their priority number is close to being called. Some of the customers are still figuring out what to buy so they had to look at different items first before deciding on what they wanted. Most of the salespeople didn’t even try to speed things up. They were lazily walking about, writing receipts at their own time, not minding the lonnngggggg queue of people at their store.CDR-king in SM Cebu - long queue of customersDifferent CDR-king branches have their own sales process. Most of them are unorganized. The only branch I’ve visited that has the best and organized sales process is in SM Annex in North Edsa. They had 2 separate queues – one line is for customers who will buy 1-2 items only; the other, for customers ordering 3 or more/bulk items. They also have 2 technically knowledgeable people near the front of the store where people can inquire first so they can decide on what to buy before they line up. There were a lot of people when we were there and I really felt the difference of how they handle their customers compared to other CDR-king branches. Still, their salespeople, mostly the women, tend to slack off and really take time processing the orders.

    I guess CDR-king doesn’t really pay that much attention to their sales process. It’s really up to the managers of each branch if they want to come up with a better one for their customers convenience. If you ask me, they all need to be trained in customer service. I hope someone can train them for free just so they won’t have to adjust their prices to accommodate the training. *sigh* Hehehe.

    How about you? Do you have a CDR-king bad customer experience you’d like to share with me?