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The Burp Society Meet-up PLUS Get-Together with Online Colleagues (Day 34 #100HappyDays)

I just got home from a really fun day. After months in hiatus, The Burp Society met up again upon a generous invite from Viking’s in SM Megamall. It’s their new branch, and there were 12 of us who came for lunch. Trust me, there were a ton of burps that were let out after our meals (yes, plural hahah).

The Burp Society at Viking's SM Megamall

My clan in Diablo 3Galugad Squad – also got to meet up there. Check out this photo from my friend Saji. With us in the photo are my bro Ken and Karl. 🙂 Di kami magkasya sa frame kaya tawa ako nang tawa.

Galugad Squad

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Lunch at Viking’s SM Megamall (Day 27 #100HappyDays)

Of course, as a certified foodie, most of my #100HappyDays entries would be about food. 😀 Earlier today, we had lunch at one of our favorite buffet restaurants in the Metro – Viking’s Luxury Buffet. They recently opened their newest branch at Mega Fashion Hall at SM Megamall. Here’s a look at all the deliciousness that filled my Saturday afternoon.

Lunch at Viking's new branch at SM Megamall

These oysters were oh-so flavorful! I was too full, so I only got to eat 2. 😀

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Takoyaki!! (Day 16 #100HappyDays)

I am sucker for good food. That’s why we have our food blog, Certified Foodies. And just this year, we found out about this amazing takoyaki place a few minutes from our home – OZEN Japanese Food. My golly! They serve the tastiest, almost orgasmic takoyaki I’ve ever had!!

Takoyaki from OZEN Japanese Food

 You can read our review on our food blog.

We called them up and my bro Ken went there after an 1 hour to pick up our order. Mmmmmmm! We make it a point to have their takoyaki at least once weekly even when we’re into “healthy eating”. We couldn’t resist. It’s THAT good. 😀

So, there. That’s what made me happy today… plus their Chicken Karaage. Best karaage we’ve ever had, even compared to Tokyo Tokyo, which has been our favorite guilty pleasure for a long time now! 🙂