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Time to Indulge in Game Village Bingo – Here’s Why!

Game Village BingoI just got introduced to this site called Game Village Bingo and I am simply floored. I have been playing online bingo of and on for quiet sometime but none of the sites could offer me that extra tinge of uniqueness that I was looking for. But Game Village bingo changed all that and I loved what I found in there yesterday.

This is probably the only site which is themed around a village and they have pulled it off really well. Their games are named around the village theme and so are their bingo rooms. Their promotional offers have names like- Sea-Side Bingo, Village Fair and the like. Also their bingo offers are quiet uniquely named like Hotball Hour, Power Balls etc.

If you guys are wondering that whether it’s the extraordinary names and innovation that caught my attention then the answer is no. True the innovation and the thought behind the site did make me drool for a while but then I realised it’s not only show in here at Game Village Bingo. This is because this site offers some of the hugest free cash bonuses in the bingo bonuses. To begin with, I was stunned to receive a 400% bonus right away simply by depositing a mere £5! Then a 200% and 300% bonus with the second and third deposit simply by depositing a tenner which is the minimum required but you can even deposit more. But even after all of this Game Village bingo ended us providing me with free spins with each of the deposits. It’s quite something I say!

However, being the social and gregarious person that I am, I loved their bingo chat community, where along with playing the special chat games you can chat and meet new people. The best part being they are like-minded. Lastly, don’t forget to listen to their special bingo radio where you can listen into foot-tapping music unhindered 24/7. All these features at Game village Bingo left me awed and simply in love with the site, and am sure it would do the same to you, so folks play here and make the most of the coolest bingo site today!

Which smartphone should you buy to get the best gaming experience?

Mobile phones are more powerful than ever before and this is showcased best when looking at how they perform when playing games. Mobile phones used to have to download all their games in order to play them however now they are so sophisticated that just like at home you can go online and play in your browser. Sites such as have seen a huge drive in traffic as a result of this. Many people now access casino games and a variety of other games whist on the move. Obviously, in order to do this, you need a powerful mobile phone and so here are a few that you should definitely look at.

Google Nexus

The android operating system was created by Google, so obviously a first party phone created by Google is a fantastic choice and the Nexus five proves this. With its quad core processor and plenty of RAM to back it up, the Google Nexus is a great fun for playing games.

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Diablo 3 Party Time + Perks of Working at Home (Day 12 #100HappyDays)

I skipped my workout today because one of my close friends, Saji, forced me to play with her. We ended up playing as a party of 3 when a fellow gamer friend, Karl (hello, in case you get to read this 😛 ), joined us. Check out the screenshot I took below.

Me with Saji and Karl playing Diablo 3

Can’t wait for the weekend. I’m planning on buying my bro his own Diablo 3 license before the sale ends, so there’ll be 4 of us playing. Woot! 😀

We played for about 3 hours I think (2 with Karl probably), and I didn’t even notice the time. Good thing I had my alarm on so I can login on time for work.

Ahhh the perks of working at home. 😉

Now, I need a shower…. after my shift then. Hahahaha 😀 

Diablo 3 50% OFF!! (Day 10 #100HappyDays)

Okay, so I skipped 1 day of my #100HappyDays entries. Boohoo! 😀 Well, let’s just say my entry for Day 9 is I’m happy I don’t feel the pressure of having to post something every day. 😛

Now, on to my entry for today. I’m a self-confessed geek. I recently started playing Ragnarok Online 2 again, and now, after I learned from one of my very close friends that they have a 50% OFF sale, I finally bought Diablo III. 😀

Diablo III sale

Hurry! This promo is only until March 23rd before they release the expansion!

I wanted to buy and play the game when it launched in 2012, but because of work and other things I do on the side, I postponed it ’til last night. Well, I saved myself around $40 because I only paid $19.99 for my Diablo III license. 😛

Diablo III

I stopped myself from playing today after my shift, but I let my bro go one round with my friend. He’s not fond of RPGs so the fact that he stayed on to play for 3 hours makes me want to postpone playing ’til the weekend. We’ll see. 😀 Someone on Instagram already invited me to farm with him. 😀

Reminds me of my Diablo II days when I was still in college. I’ll leave it at that. 😛