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Divisoria Shopping + KitchenAid (Day 32 #100HappyDays)

Earlier today, I sold 3 of my last client computers to one buyer. And as promised, I decided to buy my bro his own KitchenAid mixer as part of my investment in his small home-based business. We already knew that Quiapo would be his best bet to get it at a more affordable price. We decided to tag along our nanay and go to Divisoria afterwards for some shopping for our upcoming Potipot Island getaway.

There was no stock available of the KitchenAid my bro initially wanted, so he went for the next best thing – their Artisan mixer, which was a li’l more expensive. We had no choice, so we just had to buy it. I love the color of the KitchenAid we got. 🙂

After a few days, he decided to prepare something using his brand-new KitchenAid. Check out these gorgeous French macarons! 🙂

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The Best Surgical Facility For Everyone

When people have to go in for a surgery, they could be nervous and unsure of what is going to happen. However, they should be able to go to a place where their doctor can help them through the surgical process so that it is not hard for them or their family. With the best service and patient care, every doctor can give people who need to have a surgical procedure then chance to learn what goes into their procedure, advise the family and give the patient chances to learn all about the facility where their procedure will happen. Going to one of the nicest facilities in the world will help to put people’s minds at ease, but it will also allow people the chance to feel comfortable when they are waiting for their friend or loved one to get through it all.

Patient and doctor

When working with the doctor, the patient has the right to know what is going to go into the process of their procedure. The patient can meet with the doctor as many times as they like to figure out what they will need to do to get themselves right and healthy. The doctor can offer advice that goes beyond what surgical procedure must be done. This also means that people can make lifestyle changes so that they can prepare for life after they get the procedure done. This is the way that people can make changes in their life, and this also means that they will be able to help their medical condition. Even though the surgeries must be done, the doctors can meet with patients and tell them what will happen throughout the entire process. This helps to set some people at ease, and it also provides the people a chance to set the minds of their family at ease.


When working with the doctor, the patient has many more options than they originally thought. Their surgeon may have privileges at the hospital, but it is the environment that the doctor sets forth that allows the patient and their family to be comfortable with this situation. This means that people can get healthier, thrive in their life and fix a health problem that is setting them back and causing them constant problems. This changes lives and allows people to live longer and healthier lives in the future.

Endorphins Make You Happy! (Day 11 #100HappyDays)

I’m sure you’ve heard of the movie Legally Blonde. One of its contribution to society (and probably the only one) is making it known that endorphins make you happy. 😀

Legally Blonde - Endorphins make you happy

After feeling down the past couple days, I decided to go back to working out again after months of hiatus. And exercise did improve my mood and I’m feeling so much better. 🙂

Whenever I’m feeling down, I play songs that make me wanna dance.. And I fricking dance!! It improves my mood so I can attest to what Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) said. “Endorphins make you happy!“. 🙂

Effect of exercise

Do you agree? 🙂

Better Healthcare Through Clinical Research

I am constantly amazed by how technology, and well-trained and experienced surgeons and doctors have improved the lives of people all around the world. After my successful Refractive Lens Exchange surgeries last year, I couldn’t believe how my clear vision has helped me change my outlook in life. I’ve been lucky enough to experience how the advancement in health and medical care improve people’s lives.

After my last RLE surgery

After my second RLE surgery last year. 😀

Having family members in the healthcare industry (one of them already switched careers though) gave me a better understanding of all the hard work and research that’s put into providing the best health care to all of us. Aside from the years of education and intense training that healthcare providers need to undergo, the safety and effectiveness of treatments, medications, diagnostic tools and medical devices need to go through companies and people who have expertise in clinical research management. This is to ensure the best possible treatments for everyone are safe and effective.

I’m just glad that the technology now when I finally decided to go through my eye surgeries is more advanced compared to 5 to 10 years ago. I wish the minor laser surgery I had the past week will be the last so I can fully enjoy a clearer vision from here on out. 🙂

How Can Companies Reduce Employee Health Insurance Costs?

The cost of healthcare insurance has been rapidly rising in the United States. Some employers have been forced to lay off workers because the costs of medical insurance have been straining a company’s budget. After all, an employer pays for a significant amount of the health insurance premiums associated with company employees. Fortunately, there are solutions for minimizing the high costs of insurance in the workplace market.

Health Insurance

Trying to consider incentive programs for weight loss is an example of reducing health insurance costs. A company can reward its workers for getting healthy. One way to get healthy is to join a fitness club or gym. It’s a proven fact that regular exercise can dramatically reduce the risks of developing major cardiovascular conditions and other health problems. Therefore, employers are better off paying for the annual gym memberships of workers rather than paying for monthly insurance premiums. The bottom line is that healthy individuals simply have to pay less for health insurance.

Employees can provide direct rewards for workers that lose weight and stay in shape. For example, kiosks can be installed at the office to monitor the progress of employees. Official recordings of weight and heart rate are used to determine the costs of health insurance premiums that are shared between employers and workers. It’s no secret that insurance companies will realize that healthy workers are less likely to suffer from conditions that require costly treatments.

Another incentive for weight loss and fitness in the workplace includes cash rewards or gift cards. For example, a worker than has lost weight and maintains a healthy weight can receive monthly gift cards to various stores and restaurants. It would be appropriate to give out gift card rewards to pharmacies and health stores rather than fast food restaurants.

Employers that want to cut down on health insurance costs can also provide free seminars for workers. For example, classes on nutrition can be very helpful with establishing healthy diets for overweight employees. It makes sense for a company to spend some money on professional health seminars with the hope of reducing the long term costs of medical insurance premiums. Sometimes, professional dietitians can provide onsite seminars in an office conference room. Additional incentives for better health in the workplace may include encouraging workers to use the stairs instead of elevators. In fact, workers that use stairs daily can be rewarded for their healthy habits.