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Safe and Sound (Day 18 #100HappyDays)

I was supposed to write about my new Kindle Paperwhite for my #100HappyDays entry today, but something changed my mind completely and I’m thankful that nothing happened to me and my bro.

On our way back home from Greenhills, we decided to ask the cab driver to take the faster route – Araneta Avenue to Letre in Malabon. It was still early in the afternoon, and trucks of all sizes were driving alongside us at the highway. Whenever we pass through this area, I’m always awake and alert because it’s pretty scary, especially when you see how reckless some of the truck drivers can get. There were a number of times I had to remind our cab drivers to slow down and watch out since some of them feel like it’s okay to drive fast and careless when you’re on the highway with big trucks. *sigh*

Anyway, we were almost at the end of the highway towards Letre (sorry, not familiar with the streets) when we had to stop to wait for the traffic lights to change. Our cab driver decided to move his car from the leftmost lane to the one right next to it. This might have been the very reason why we were saved from what’s about to happen next.

There was a horrific accident that happened just a few inches from us. A truck stupidly sped away through the narrow area on the side of the leftmost lane. A motorcycle was destroyed, the driver was thrown into the air and ended up under one of the trucks in front of the container truck beside us. I thought he was dead. Thankfully, I saw him move his head, maybe checking what just happened. I wanted to get out of the cab to see how he’s doing, but our driver decided to move away from the scene. Good thing there were cops a few meters away, and the reckless truck decided to stop and maybe take responsibility for what happened.

I was so scared, especially after I saw the container van violently shaking, as if it’ll topple over our cab. It only moved maybe less than a feet towards us, thank goodness. I was ready to push open the door on my bro’s side so I can let both of us out. He was sleeping soundly, but he was awakened by my reaction and what we told him had just happened.

He later told me he sensed something similar was going to happen. Since I’m also very wary when passing through this area, I had this strange feeling it’ll happen too. Or maybe it’s this thought in my head that when you’re extremely happy, something will occur to ruin the mood.

I know, I shouldn’t be writing about this for my #100HappyDays entry since someone was hurt, but I am glad that my bro and I arrived home safe and sound. If the cab driver didn’t move to the second lane, we would’ve been part of that accident and only God knows what could’ve happened to us.

I’ve always had this fear for my loved ones’ safety, so I always check on them when they’re not around. It’s not really negativity, but maybe it’s my realistic side who knows that no matter how careful you are, there are always stupid people out there who have no care about how their actions affect others.

I sincerely hope and pray that the injured driver of the motorcycle pedicab got out of the accident okay. I hope he’s alive and well. Please, God.

On Forgiveness

I was watching a video about forgiveness earlier today and it reminded me that being able to forgive someone is actually something you can do for YOURSELF. They mentioned you don’t need the other person to ask for it before you forgive them, and I completely agree. It has happened to me more than once, but it can sometimes confuse you when you remember what happened… how the other person hurt you… how it affected your life. Can you really say you’ve forgiven someone when you can’t seem to forget the pain they’ve caused you?

Forgive because you deserve peace

I’ve been struggling with this thought for months now. They say forgiving someone makes YOU feel lighter because you let go of all the negative vibes and feelings. I believe I’ve already crossed that road of forgiveness because I don’t harbor any anger anymore. My feelings of hatred have been replaced with regret. I guess the thought of ‘what could have been’ is what affects me… how my life would’ve been completely different if that part of my life didn’t happen.

I want to believe I have forgiven two people in my life, but I feel like for us to completely forgive someone, some sort of conversation has to happen. Otherwise, there won’t be any closure and the painful past may continue to haunt us. However, with that said, I believe that it’s all up to us to let that happen. Thankfully, I’ve used everything that happened in my past to push me forward, so I really hope that down the road, I will find out for sure that I have completely forgiven these two people who have hurt me. And I hope I can tell them myself that I have forgiven them.

Forgive those who hurt you in the past

I’m not sure if I even made sense with this post, but I was just typing away all the thoughts that were coming to me earlier. I believe I’ve forgiven them, but whenever I remember what happened, I have to admit, there are pangs of pain and maybe a li’l anger that come back to me. The difference now is I don’t let that affect me, my mood or what I intend to do with my life moving forward. I believe we need a little reminder from time to time to somehow encourage us through recalling what pain we’ve managed to survive. 🙂

When you forgive...

My Friendship With My Bro : Day 7 #100HappyDays

Younger usEarlier today, my bro and I were talking about how weird it is that people find our closeness amusing, especially after we tell them about our age gap of 7 years. It’s like our friendship, our relationship isn’t normal. Hah!

My bro and I have been close since we were kids. Yes, we’re not perfect. We get into petty fights and arguments here and there, and one major over-dramatic moment a few years ago (my fault! 😀 ), but we always end up like nothing happened. We just feel like that’s the NORMAL thing to do… ’cause we’re siblings and we should have each other’s back, right?

It’s sad that this isn’t the case for everyone. It’s honestly heartbreaking for us to hear about other siblings having this unending rift like they’re not family. I mean, c’mon. There are so many people you’ll be fighting against or who will hurt you in your life, so why would you even let your siblings turn to enemies or your competition? You’re supposed to love each other no matter what!

That’s why I”m so happy about my friendship with my li’l bro Kenneth. He may be turning 27 this year, but I will always look at him like he’s my li’l bro. Kaya nga nauuto ako eh!! 😀 I love him, and I know he loves me. And I’m just glad that we have this relationship, which I will cherish forever.

I wish more families or siblings will have this kind of friendship.

My brother and I

We’re very often mistaken as a couple. 😀 We don’t really act like I’m the older sibling. Some even ask who’s older, and there are people who think I’m younger. MWAHAHAHA 😀

(I must admit, I got a li’l teary-eyed while writing this… you just don’t know what we’ve been through together with our nanay. It makes me smile just thinking about how we’re still as tight as we are now even after all these years. 🙂 )

Conquering My Fears : Day 5 #100HappyDays

I hate to admit it, but I have a long list of phobias, some of which may just be considered pag-iinarte by other people (like my bro), but most are real fears that have somehow hindered me from enjoying life to the fullest. However, since I reached my 30s, I felt like it’s about time I conquered some of these fears ’cause I’m not getting any younger. Sure, call it quarter life crisis, but I am more willing now to face the scenarios that scare me the most.

I have this crazy fear of heights and closed spaces. So imagine how scared I was when we decided to go spelunking at Ugong Rock cave in Palawan last year (for our birthday celebration) AND ziplined my fricking way down afterwards. I was honestly thinking at that time, “Are you seriously going to do this?! Face your fear of closed spaces AND heights?!”. I thought I’d die and won’t make it at the end.

At Ugong Rock cave adventure in Palawan

Preparing for my turn to zipline after an EXHAUSTING time spelunking at Ugong Rock. Not my most flattering photo, but I am so proud of myself for being able to do this. 😀 It was an unplanned adventure, hence the getup. I went through the cave in FLIP FLOPS. 😛

Well, guess what – I’m still here, typing away. So #SUCKIT!! 😀

Now, what’s the relevance of this to my #100HappyDays entry for today?! Well, the past few days, I’ve been stressed about my right eye after the laser ‘surgery’ over the weekend (it was successful and I can see clearly again). I was feeling scared about complications that might happen in the future and I felt like I won’t be able to do things I thought I could after my Refractive Lens Exchange surgery last year.

Thankfully, when I woke up earlier, an exhilarating feeling took over me… a realization of some sort. WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?! There are a thousand other things that could happen to me but I chose to ignore them, and I underwent that surgery so I can do more, and here I am, succumbing to my fear of something that might NOT actually happen. Then just a few minutes ago, my bro showed me these videos of women surfing, swimming and riding carabaos. It brought me back to my sane self who wants to experience the beauty of Mother Earth through traveling. I am now brushing off my worries again so I can move forward.

One of the next phobias I want to conquer is my fear of being trapped underwater. I don’t know how to swim. Okay, I know how to swim, but you won’t see me swimming about where the depth won’t allow me to touch the bottom of the sea/water/pool/whatever easily with my feet. I’m thinking of taking swimming lessons so I can swim fearlessly like my bro. I want to conquer this fear hopefully this 2014. 🙂

Wish me luck! 😉

My #100HappyDays / 1,000 Awesome Things Project

Last night, while I was getting pampered during my scheduled spa day, I was reading this article in one of my old Reader’s Digest magazines (from 2011). It was about 1,000 Awesome Things, a blog which turned into a book about a guy’s daily awesome observations, sharing some of his own simple pleasures that I know many of us can relate to. After reading this, I remembered the #100HappyDays posts I’ve been seeing lately on my social feeds (Facebook and Instagram mainly).

I was curious about the campaign and found out it’s an actual project where people post photos of what made them happy on a daily basis for 100 straight days with the purpose of finding joy in the simpler things in life.

After what happened to one of our beloved pets, I needed something to boost my mood, so I thought about doing it too. However, I felt like posting photos on social networks, especially on Facebook, will just defeat the main goals of the campaign. Why do I think so?

C’mon, let’s admit it. When you post something on social, let alone a photo, you consider (unconsciously or not) about what others would say about it. So, I chose to do this on my blog instead, plus I can also publish an all-text post. 🙂

Starting later today, I’ll begin my #100HappyDays here on my blog. Again, I may post photos… and I may not. I’m really following the 1,000 Awesome Things theme since I can already name some things that make me happy that I can’t fully convey with a photo.

Day 0: Getting Pampered and Treating Your Mom to Some Much-Deserved Pampering

Okay, so this actually happened yesterday. This entire week, I’ve been stressing about my laser ‘surgery’ to correct the blurry vision on my right eye. So, I needed to be pampered afterwards. We went to this spa a few minutes away from our home, and I treated my mom to a relaxing foot spa and mani-pedi.

I went all in with my own pampering treatments – hand spa and foot spa, with mani-pedi plus this crystal leg treatment that made me feel like I submerged my legs in jelly. It felt so good that I was moving my feet around inside that small bucket like a kid. 😀

Right after, our mom treated us at our favorite takoyaki place a few feet from the spa. It was definitely a fun Saturday for me. 🙂