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Gossip Gehl’s Freebie Friday #5 – Patriotic Watch Giveaway!

If you’ve been visiting my blog for the past months, you’d know how I’ve been active online before the elections day as I was campaigning for my bets Richard Gordon and Bayani Fernando. I never felt that amount of nationalism and patrioitism in me. It felt so good and I felt so proud to be voting for the first time for people I strongly believe in.

Now that the elections are over, I still have the same feelings towards my country. I feel more nationalistic… more patriotic… I’m more Filipino now than ever!

That’s why Gossip Gehl’s Freebie Friday #5 is just in time for exactly what I’m feeling. In her contest, you can win any of these patriotic watches:Gossip Gehl Freebie Friday watch giveaway To join, you only need to do the following:

  1. Answer this question:
    “Now that the proclamation of our new president draws near, what are your suggestions or wishes for the new administration?”
  2. Talk about it in any of your social networking sites. As always, a short line promoting Freebie Friday would be most appreciated.
  3. Leave a link to your entries on the comment section of Freebie Friday #5. Entry point system is as follows: 
           Blog post = 3 entries
           Twitter/Plurk/FB/other SNS shoutouts = 2 entries
           Comment (only sensible ones, please :D) = 1 entry
  4. Deadline for submission of entries is on June 4, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. The more entries you submit, the more chances of winning.

My answer to her question is this:

I didn’t vote for Noynoy. All I hope is he’ll do everything he can to heal our country. I still believe he’s not the BEST candidate and he can’t really make a big difference compared to my bet, but I am praying he’ll wisen up and really do the work to make our country prosper. The way he’s starting, I’m actually disappointed, but I’m still hopeful.

Millions of my fellowmen believed in him and voted for him last elections and I hope he will prove to them that they were right in choosing him as our next President.

Our country and my countrymen have a lot of potential and we just need a leader who knows how to lead us to the right direction.

I already submitted my entries and this will be one of ’em. Join now! 🙂

My Experience as First Time Voter in First Automated Elections

(Check at the bottom of this post for the links to the results or updates on it)

It was my first time to vote last Monday, May 10, 2010, and it was during the First Automated Elections of my country, the Philippines. The whole ordeal was exhausting, but it was still fun, interesting and satisfying as a Filipino voter. And I would like to sincerely thank my candidate for Presidency, Richard Gordon, for going through tooth and nail just to get the Automated Elections bill passed in the Senate.

And before I continue talking about my experience as a first time voter, I would like to sincerely thank all those who supported former Senator Richard Gordon in his bid for the Presidency. I will continue to support him and I’m hoping that he’ll get a chance to lead the country after 6 years. Now, whatever color you were supporting, it’s time we unite again as one nation to help the newly-elected leaders of our country towards a better Philippines.

So, now, on with my experience as a first time voter. I was a bit nervous and very excited to vote. I chose this year to vote even after I was already registered since 2003. Why? Because Richard Gordon was running for President. He was the only candidate I believed in, hence, I went out yesterday to vote for him. I was even wearing RED.

I was able to convince my mom and my brother to vote for Richard Gordon. My nanay was initially a Noynoy supporter, like my dad, but I was able to make her realize Gordon is the BEST candidate for the Presidency. I wasn’t able to sway my dad’s vote for Noynoy, but I’m happy that 3 of us voted for Gordon. My partner Mai wasn’t able to register here in Malabon so she didn’t get a chance to vote for him, too.

3 votes for Richard GordonI was so excited to vote that I barely got any sleep the night before. I even told Mai I don’t want to sleep anymore, but we were opening our internet cafe in the afternoon so I decided to get about an hour of sleep before heading out to vote.

My nanay, tatay and I were voting at the same precinct while my brother voted just a few meters away from our home in Malabon.

When we arrived in our precinct, it was a quarter before 8am. There were a lot of people already lined up. Good thing I checked our precinct online so we won’t have to worry about looking for our names, etc. I checked it weeks ago, including my brother’s. So, we just looked for the cluster and the area where our precinct was assigned.

Because we only had 82,000 PCOS (pronounced as “pi-kos”) machines here in the Philippines and 100,000+ precincts, there was a need to combine 3 or more precincts into one so all clusters will get 1 PCOS machine.


This clustering resulted to long queues at the precincts. Most of the people were also a bit confused as to what they needed to do. The watchers in our precinct weren’t of much help either. Most of them were people we knew back then so they were a bit excited to help us out. For the rest of the voters there, they weren’t as helpful. My nanay and I tried our best to guide the confused while we were in line.

It was really hot outside and so we were really all sweaty. Good thing we brought fans that were given out by Mayor Toby Tiangco, the ONLY candidate for Congressman in Navotas City. It was all okay for me to bring it to the precinct since there are no other candidates running against him.

Look at how sweaty my nanay and I was while we were waiting in line to get our priority #. With this heat, one won’t need any diet pills that work. You can just stay outside and let the sun burn your fats without even exercising. Alright, just kidding! *LOL*

Nanay and I lining up to get our priority #

By the way, outside the school where I was casting my vote, there were a lot of people giving away “sample ballots” with the names of different candidates from the Presidency down to the councilors. They were even handing out mini-fliers of other candidates, which I know is against the law. I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of them to report them because my mom was in a hurry because we saw long lines of people already inside. However, I got to take a photo of the one “sample ballot” I got. I wonder, since Erap is #2 in the results, could it be that these sample ballots resulted to him being in the top 2?

Sample ballot given away for Erap's whole ticketAfter checking our names on the precinct list of registered voters, we lined up to get our priority number. The BEI representative asked for my precinct #, what # I was on the list of names, and for my full name. There were already 110 voters before us so we just waited for our turn.

Daanghari, Navotas City precinct

We waited at the room beside the voting area. Inside, there was this poster of reminders and instructions on how to vote in our first automated elections.Comelec Reminders on Automated ElectionsIn about 30 minutes, we heard our numbers called. We already had a priority number for my dad, but he had to accompany my brother because it was also his first time to vote. By the way, he finished way ahead of us and was already at home a few minutes before our numbers were called.

Senior citizens and pregnant voters were prioritized. There was also one BEI representative helping them out inside the voting area. A teacher was organizing the queue and people entering the voting area. I admire her for being strict with the whole process because, unlike the other precincts, there were only a few people complaining.

Once I got inside the voting area, I gave my priority number to a BEI representative with my ID. It was pretty easy because the details included at the back of my priority # made it easy for them to look for my name. I signed first and they gave me a Secrecy folder with my ballot and they handed me a marker, too.

I made sure the ballot wasn’t marked with any dirt, ink, etc. Then, I proceeded to shade the circles corresponding to the candidates I was voting for. I already prepared a list, a kodigo. However, while I was voting, I changed some of my votes for the Senator posts.

My mom and I reviewed our list before we went out to vote. She completed her list of 12 senators while we were waiting. Some of the ones she voted for weren’t on my list, but overall, I was pretty happy with the ones she listed. Here’s a photo of her completing her list:

Nanay completing her list

I reviewed my ballot first before I went to the PCOS machine. I made sure the names of Gordon and Bayani were shaded completely, first of all, of course. Afterwards, I went to the BEI representatives to give them back my folder and marker.

The PCOS machine looked like a HUGE, black trash can. I’m not kidding! I was expecting it to look more like an ATM machine. But, it really looked like a big plastic trash can. By the way, follow @PCOSmachine on Twitter. The person behind this Twitter account is HILARIOUS!

I fed my ballot to the PCOS machine. I waited for the screen to say CONGRATULATIONS! After a couple of seconds, it said, “Congratulations! Your vote has been counted!”, I think. Basta, it said “Congratulations!”.

how-submit-your-ballotAfter that, I went to the BEI reps table to print my thumb mark on their official list of voters and to have my index finger marked with indelible ink. I’m glad that they were doing this AFTER I fed my ballot to the PCOS machine because I’ve heard from reports on Twitter that other BEI reps and precincts were doing it BEFORE the ballots were even marked by the voters. This could’ve resulted to some ballots not being accepted by the PCOS machine. Tsk tsk. Poor voters. I imagine how it’ll feel if my ballot was not accepted by the PCOS machine. I’ll be devastated!!

Overall, I was pretty happy with the voting process. Thank you, Gordon, for bringing this to our country. It took me less than 2 minutes to mark all the names of the candidates I’m supporting. The whole voting process, from the verification to the marking of indelible ink, excluding the queueing, only lasted for about 5 to 8 minutes. Before, we used to write down all the names of who we were voting for. Now, senior citizens, even disabled voters, can easily vote because of the Automated Elections.

I’m not completely happy with the results (Check at the bottom of this post for the links to the results or updates on it). I was really hoping and praying for a Richard Gordon presidency because I strongly believe in what he can do for our country. However, this doesn’t mean I’ll join unnecessary revolutions to remove any of the newly-elected officials. The only thing I’ll do now is be more active when it comes to political discussions, be more vigilant and you’ll all see that on this blog. I’m a changed Filipino now because of Richard Gordon.

To President Noynoy Aquino, I hope you can help restore the faith of the Filipino people to the government. I hope you can make our country prosper. And I hope that you will choose wisely when you start appointing people to work under your government. Congratulations and I’ll be praying for your success.

In 2016, I’m hoping the Filipino people will be ready for a Richard Gordon presidency. I want to experience the kind of leadership and change he can bring to our nation before I die.


For updates on the election results:

Follow @PCOSmachine on Twitter.

Richard Gordon DESERVES our Vote, my fellow Filipinos!

Please, even if you’ve already finalized your decision to vote for someone else, I hope you can read this post ’til the end. And, hopefully, I can help convince you to vote for Richard Gordon.

Note: I am not connected to Dick Gordon or any of his allies. I’m just one blogger who strongly believes he is what our country needs to be our next President. HE DESERVES OUR VOTES!

In less than 12 hours, my beloved country, the Philippines, will hold our first automated elections (thanks to Richard Gordon!). I’m pretty excited to cast my vote for the only 2 candidates that I believe can really TRANSFORM our nation: Richard “Dick” Gordon and Bayani Fernando.

I’ve already written a blog post before about why I’m voting for Gordon, but now, on the eve of the 2010 elections, I want to explain to you why I chose Richard Gordon over Noynoy Aquino, Gibo Teodoro, Manny Villar and Erap Estrada.

Richard Gordon for President

I am voting for GORDON over Gibo simply because Gibo doesn’t have the track record of proven public service and strong leadership as Gordon. Gibo is a smooth-talker and we know that smooth-talkers are also great liars. We know this for a fact – in real life, in our relationships, in school, at work, in the entertainment business. I agree, he has more charisma than Gordon, but that’s not what we NEED as a nation. We need someone who has proven, time and again, how passionate he is in helping our nation to transform. We need a LEADER, not a friend. We need someone who’s FIRM and will not smooth-talk his way out of discussions. We need someone who’s a quick thinker and can come up with solutions right off the bat. Gibo lacks that. PLUS, we ONLY got to know him last year when typhoon Ondoy hit our country. HE HASN’T PROVEN ANYTHING YET to deserve to be our next President.

I am voting for GORDON over Noynoy Aquino because, obviously, he has done NOTHING to even be considered to be our next President. His endless promises and lies to get what he wants is sickening. I don’t understand why people are all praises for him when he has done NOTHING. We don’t need a KIND or NICE President. We need a STRONG LEADER, and obviously, Noynoy is not as strong to prevent the corruption in our country, especially the kind of ill things brought about by his family and friends. I may support Ninoy and Cory Aquino, but having Noynoy as our next President is just a ridiculous idea, especially with the kind of rut our country is in right now. And why are the Catholics not dissing him for using the Lord’s name in vain with all that God-swearing (sinusumpa ko) in his TV ads?!

I am voting for GORDON over Manny Villar because I believe that the latter is running for the Presidency because of the POWER and the money he can get when he holds the top position in our government. I see him as someone who’s greedy in power and wealth. He is a businessman and I don’t believe that he accumulated his wealth with no stains of corruption. I also hate that he is a TRAPO for using our poor countrymen in his campaigns to try to get votes.

I am voting for GORDON over Erap Estrada simply because the latter TOOK FOR GRANTED the support of my countrymen when he became President. For that, I cannot forgive him. And I don’t believe he’s innocent.

I am voting for GORDON because I believe that what he did for Subic and Olongapo, he can also do for the whole country. He transformed Olongapo from the sin city to model city. I admire him so much because of that. What he did was to raise police accountability (which we really need), proper health and sanitation, waste management and strict observance of traffic laws. He was also greatly responsible for Olongapo’s restoration after the devastation caused by Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption.

Do you remember the first APEC summit that was held in Subic? 18 world leaders were IMPRESSED with Subic, which resulted to its becoming a new investment hub in Southeast Asia. 40,000 Filipinos lost their jobs when the US naval base were withdrawn, but with Richard Gordon’s efforts, with the help of the people in Subic, he was able to bring in 200,000 jobs.

I am voting for GORDON because of his platform, his resolutions for our country when he wins. I strongly believe that the first day of his Presidency will already mark the beginning of our country’s transformation. That’s how much I believe in him. Some might say that the salary increase that he’s promising is just a fantasy. That’s the kind of thinking that GORDON wants us to erase from our culture, from our system. We have to be AMBITIOUS and AIM HIGH as a country. If we don’t, we’ll forever be stuck in poverty and corruption. He has proven that us Filipinos can do anything if we put our minds to it. How? In Subic!

I am voting for GORDON because of what he has done as Secretary of Department of Tourism. He brought in a lot of investors to our country in spite of all the kidnappings and negative issues in our country (Abu Sayyaf kidnappings, Oakwood Mutiny in Makati, SARS, etc). This is why I believe he can really bring more jobs to our countrymen, just like what he did in Subic. He was able to successfully place the Philippines in the international tourism map through extensive tourism expositions and road shows, which was coined as WOW Philippines. His WOW PHILIPPINES project resulted to a big boost in our economy because of the tourists and investors he brought in to our country.

I am voting for GORDON because I believe he can unite the Muslim community with the rest of our nation. He’s not afraid to go to Sulu, to Basilan, and face our Muslim countrymen. He strongly believes that RESPECT and UNDERSTANDING of our Muslim countrymen’s culture is the key to unite our whole nation. He wants to help us heal our fears of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Mindanao. I believe that the Muslims respect him because Gordon looks at them as our fellow countrymen.

I am voting for GORDON because I admire him for his FORTY-THREE (43) years as a VOLUNTEER of Red Cross. This shows his humility and determination to serve our country and his fellow Filipinos. Did you know that his 6 million fee for doing a Safeguard commercial all went to Red Cross?! And he is NOT being paid for being the chairman of the Red Cross. He is also a member of the Governing Board of the International Federation of the Red Cross.

I am voting for GORDON because of his passion, his determination, his discipline. We DESPERATELY need his attitude, the change he can bring to our nation. We’ve suffered too long under corrupt, smooth-talking, smart-ass leaders in the past. This time around, we need to hear the TRUTH from our leaders. We need our President to not sugar-coat the real issues. We need to know the TRUTH, the SAD truth, so we can make informed decisions as a country.

I am voting for GORDON because of his work as a Senator. We now have automated elections because of him, just like what they have in the USA. He’s also one of the assertive Senators who vowed to protect our constitution. He also is responsible for the Veteran’s Bill, which resulted to Filipino veterans to get more benefits from any foreign government because of the service they’ve performed during WWII. He has filed 185 Senate bills and he passed 13 laws. All that, he has done in just ONE SENATE TERM.

I am voting for GORDON because of how he inspires people to act. VOLUNTEERISM at its best. If you check the fan pages of Dick Gordon and Bayani Fernando, the Bagumbayan (their party) spirit of volunteerism and passion for our country is very evident. That is why I’m voting for the first time because he is the BEST choice for the Presidency.

With all that said, I strongly believe…


I BELIEVE in Richard Gordon. I believe in the change he can bring to our nation and to my countrymen.

I hope you can also join me tomorrow in support of Richard Gordon. He needs our help to win this!

Let’s not waste our vote for the “winnable” candidate. Let’s all base our votes on who has PROVEN the changes he can make for our country.

Vote Richard Gordon!

Bagumbayan Richard Gordon and Bayani Fernando – Videos

Last time, I blogged about why I’m voting for Richard “Dick” Gordon and Bayani Fernando. This time, I want to show you their campaign TV ads and interviews. I want you to compare them to that of Noynoy Aquino and Manny Villar.

In these videos, Gordon and Bayani NEVER swore in God’s name. It’s not because they fear that they’ll commit mistakes in the future, but because it’s just WRONG to use God’s name in vain. They never tried to dumb us down by playing with our emotions to get our votes. All they did was to show us what they have done, the changes they have brought forth, and the changes they still want to happen to the whole nation… to our beloved country, the Philippines. Even citizens of other nations believe that Richard Gordon and Bayani Fernando are the BEST candidates for the Presidential and Vice-Presidential seats this 2010.

I believe we deserve to have DICK GORDON and BAYANI FERNANDO as the next leaders of our country simply because they will take care of us the way they have done in the past.

Here’s the Bagumbayan Music video. All the performers in this video are VOLUNTEERS who support Gordon-Bayani. I love the song! 🙂

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Bakit si Gordon
Richard “Dick” Gordon
Campaign TV ads, videos made by his supporters and his interviews

Famous Quotes:

“When you ask for the greatest gift of the people, you have to show real leadership. And people can only expect what is necessary – the right governance.”

On people questioning his citizenship, his love for our country:
“Hindi sya Pilipino. He chose to be Filipino.” – referring to his father who was an American

On what his weakness is that can hinder him from being a good president:
“I’m too frank. I tell people off. I tell them, ‘I’m not here to please you. I’m here to lead and do what is right.'”

“People are not used to me. They’re seeing something for the first time. They’re seeing reality. No pretensions.”

“Don’t complain. If you get somebody you like and not someone that’s needed, don’t complain.”


Dick Gordon answers Top 10 Questions on GMA 7’s Examine

I love this interview of him. He answers straight from the heart. You can see that he backs up everything he says with his accomplishments, what he has done, his background. That’s why I can’t support any other candidate – Dick Gordon is just the right fit to be the next President of the Philippines. Kailangan natin ng kagaya nya – he has the heart, the guts, the discipline, strong leadership and accomplishments to be the most effective President of the Philippines.

Dick Gordon also reacts to the negative publicity he’s getting and how people, especially supporters of the other candidates, make him look bad. He doesn’t want to document or take photos while he’s doing his job. He doesn’t want to take pictures when giving out relief goods. He’s just there to help, just like when he volunteered for Red Cross at the age of 17 – straight from the heart.

Dick Gordon also criticizes the media – GMA 7 and ABS-CBN – for allowing candidates to advertise as early as June when, according to the law, they are not allowed yet to show commercials or to start their campaigns through their various infomercials. He also criticized how we Filipinos base our votes – on pedigree, rich families, etc.

He also answers people who refer to him as an “elitist”.

How can he be an elitist if he’s even part of rescue missions of Red Cross? He’s been a VOLUNTEER of Red Cross since he was 17 years old. His talent fee in the Safeguard commercial he appeared in all went to Red Cross, all 6 MILLION PESOS.
That’s how dedicated he is to our country.

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About the surveys. My reaction to that? Parang pinagbili mo na rin ang utak mo at future mo sa mga nagbayad ng surveys na yan. We’ve got MILLIONS of Filipino voters across the Philippines and the surveys are all based on a couple of thousands, mostly 2,000, voters, who were paid by the candidates who topped the polls. This has been happening in the past years. This is not something new. So, if you’re going to base your vote on surveys, mahiya ka na lang sa bayan mo.

HEADSTART with Karen Davila

Another set of must-watch videos of Richard Gordon. He is risking everything by running as President of the country. Noynoy Aquino, Manny Villar, and Loren Legarda will still remain as Senators after this election if they’re not elected. He chose to run for President because he doesn’t see ANYONE competent enough to be the next President of our country, especially at this time.

Also, in these videos, you’d see how much the presidency means to Dick Gordon.
He really wants to serve the country and the Filipino people.

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To view the other 4 parts of this Dick Gordon interview with Karen Davila, click here.


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Some people may argue that it’s Richard Gordon’s job to help people as Red Cross chairman. FOR YOUR INFORMATION, Gordon is still a VOLUNTEER. That means HE IS NOT PAID for doing what he’s been doing in Red Cross. He is in Red Cross because he really wants to serve our people.

Bayani Fernando
MMDA commercials, Campaign TV ads and interviews

Famous Quotes:

“Hindi natin malalaman kung paano ang mamuhay ng maayos kung hindi iiwan ang mga maling gawain.”

“Kultura ng disiplina ang kailangan upang umunlad ang bayan.”


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A must-see for people out there who think that Bayani has no heart and doesn’t care about the poor just because he won’t allow street vendors to stay in the streets of Edsa. All you saw was Bayani and his team forcing people to leave the squatters area and streets. What you didn’t see is where those “squatters” now live because of Bayani Fernando.

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A very informative Bayani Fernando ad, showing how he instilled discipline in Filipinos by his projects as MMDA chairman. He did this to Marikina and he has done it to EDSA. Expect the same results for the whole country when he and Dick Gordon is elected for President and Vice-President.

Glimpse into what Bayani Fernando has done in Marikina and as MMDA chairman:

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Election is in 6 days and I really hope my countrymen, my fellow Filipinos, will wisen up and vote for those who have PROVEN what they can do for the country. It’s easy to be blinded by empty promises. So, how do you know who’s just talking BULLSHIT this electiosn? LOOK AT THEIR TRACK RECORD, not what they’re promising to do when they become President or Vice-President of our beloved country. Beware of smooth-talkers because they’re BIG LIARS, too.


Kay GORDON and BAYANI na tayo!

Bakit? Dahil SUBOK na!

How to Vote in the Philippines’ First Automated Elections

It’s my first year to vote this 2010 and it’s very important for me to research about everyone who’s running. I want to make sure that my first vote is not wasted on candidates who are not deserving.

My country, the Philippines, will have its first automated elections – a bill passed by Senator Richard “Dick” Gordon – this 2010 elections. And because of this, voters’ education is very important. As I did my own research on what I need to bring and how the whole automated elections works, I would like to share these information and videos for you, my fellow Filipino voters. Here’s how to vote in the Philippines’ First Automated elections:

GMA News Leksyon sa Eleksyon

First of all, watch these videos produced by GMA News team. This is to introduce us to the Precinct Count Optical Scan unit (PCOS) or the automated counting machine which would play a HUGE part in our first ever automated elections.


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In this next video, Connie Sison explains the “clustered precinct” system. Only 80,000+ PCOS machines will be used so some precincts were combined or “clustered” with others to use 1 PCOS machine.

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Raffy Tima explains in this next video on how you can actually vote and fill up the ballot.

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The videos above have already summed up what you needed to know to vote this 2010 Philippines automated elections. However, just for those who can’t watch the videos because of their internet connection, here are important things you need to take note of in preparation for the automated elections.

What you need to know and bring before heading to your precinct.

  1. Find out your assigned precinct number, polling center (school), and polling place (classroom).
    Find out your precinct online through Comelec’s Registration Verification page.

    Here’s what the page looks like. Just enter the required information:Comelec-Find-your-precinct- 
    The results would look like this: (I had to remove my information for security purposes)
    The polling place/classroom where you should cast your vote can be found on the official list of voters for that precinct. Go check the list when you arrive at your polling place.

  2. Bring your I.D. Your voter’s ID will do, but to be safe, bring at least 1-2 more valid IDs.
    Valid IDs can be any of the following:

    • If you were already issued a Voter’s ID, bring it.
    • Any government-issued ID such as SSS, TIN/BIR, Philhealth, GSIS.
    • Driver’s license
    • Postal ID
    • PRC ID
    • School ID
  3. Prepare a list of candidates that you’ll be voting for.
    Why? To make the whole process quicker.
    I know some people are still making up their minds ’til the last minute of their voting. But, if you’ve already made up your mind, prepare a list so it’ll be easier to fill up the ballot.

What you need to do and know at the precinct or your polling place

Here’s a quick summary of the whole automated voting process:Voting-Process straight from Comelec

  1. Check your SEQUENCE NUMBER on the official voters’ list at your polling place.

    This will, again, speed up the whole process. It’ll  be easier for the BOARD OF ELECTION INSPECTORS (BEI) to locate your name from the official list of voters.

  2. Present your ID to the BEI and, once verified, they will hand you a ballot and marker.

    Here are a couple of things you HAVE to remember about the ballot to make sure your vote is not NULLIFIED:

    • Make sure that there are NO marked circles on the ballot.

    • Make sure that there are no FOLDs, scratches on the barcode, stains, marks, or sweat on your ballot. Make sure your hands are dry when you hold your ballot. Keep your hands very clean.

    • Your ballot will be placed inside a “Ballot Secrecy” folder so you won’t be handling the actual ballot ’til you start filling them up.

    • Make sure you avoid scratching the barcode on your ballot. If this is scratched in any way, it will nullify your vote. So, if someone handles it before or after you vote, WATCH THEM CLOSELY. There might be some people who’ll scratch your barcode if they saw you voted for someone they’re against.

    • You will only get ONE BALLOT so be very careful with the one you have.

    • Your ballot is PRE-REGISTERED so that means ONLY one PCOS machine will accept it. Make sure you line up at the RIGHT machine.

  3. Make sure you properly mark the circles for the candidates you’re voting for.
    Here are guides on how you should mark the circles and what’s acceptable and what’s not:

    Sample-Ballot-1  Sample-Ballot-2

    If the position is only for ONE person, vote for 1 candidate only. For Senators, you are allowed to vote for a maximum of 12 candidates. You are allowed to vote for less than 12, but not over.

    If you overvote, your vote for that position will not be counted.
    So, make sure you check the allowed # of candidates you can vote for each position. Here’s an example ballot:

  5. Be careful not to fold, scratch, or write unnecessary marks on your ballot.
    I can’t stress this enough. Why? Because you will only be given ONE ballot and the machine might not accept yours if you folded, scratched it or it had unnecessary writings on it.
  6. After voting, submit your ballot by inserting it or feeding it to the PCOS machine.
    The image below shows how you should submit your ballot to the PCOS machine:
    how-submit-your-ballot If it’s successful, the screen on the PCOS machine will say:
    Congratulations! Your ballot has been scanned.
    Make sure you get this message before leaving. Otherwise, your vote won’t be counted.

    Also, the PCOS machine will show a voter counter. Make sure that the number will increase by 1 after you’ve inserted your ballot to ensure that your vote was counted.

  7. Go back to the BEI and they will mark you with indelible ink.
    They’re doing this AFTER you vote to make sure that you don’t leave marks on the ballot.

    Here are a few more information about the PCOS machine. Most of us might be concerned about power failures during the elections so the following information might help ease your mind:

    • The PCOS machines have internal batteries that can last for 16 HOURS. So, in case of power outages, it will still continue to work. Voting will run for 10 hours so there are extra 6 hours that will serve as buffer.
    • After the polls end, the PCOS machine will print out a very long cash register receipt, which can last for 5 years. This will be put into a sealed box which will be sent to the Comelec for proper counting.
    • With the PCOS machine, results will be known in 5 days. The machine allows for a manual count, but this will result to weeks of waiting.

    I hope that this post helps you in learning more on how to vote this coming elections. Let’s all pray that the RIGHT candidates will be elected and that the elections will be peaceful. Whatever happens, let’s all work together to make our country progress.

    As for me, I’m voting for Gordon and Bayani because I believe in the CHANGE they have already implemented and done for our country. I believe they can do MORE CHANGE when they get elected as the next leaders of our country.