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I Had to Stop

… with my #100HappyDays blog series. I just can’t keep up! 😀

I’ve got tons of backlogs for my other blogs, mainly Pinay Reviewer and Certified Foodies, so I decided to stop that blog series here. However, I will continue with my 30-day Single Woman blogging challenge, which has now stretched to over 30 weeks. 😀

I like the questions / topics for that blogging challenge, so I will go ahead with it. I just wanted to say I decided to stop with my #100HappyDays entries. Maybe I’ll do a weekly “Things I’m Thankful For” series instead. Let’s see. 🙂

I’m hoping to get back on track with all my tasks for my blogs. I’m also planning on changing the layout of Certified Foodies since it’s our blog’s 4th year anniversary. It’ll be a completely new look so I’m excited! 🙂

Okay, that’s it for now. If you’re reading this, thanks. Have a lovely week!

I’ll leave you with this photo of me photo-bombing my nanay during our Potipot Island getaway.

I wasn’t expecting people to react about my legs being exposed in this photo. I didn’t even realize that I haven’t shown my legs EVER in any photo I’ve posted online, so I understand why they were surprised. 😀

Slow July, Hoping for a Productive August

It’s a cold, gloomy Wednesday and it seems like tropical storm Gener has no plans of leaving the country yet. I usually love this kind of weather, but it’s too depressing because of fears of a replay of typhoon Pedring. I’m just glad that I have a long list of things to accomplish that I can keep my mind off, at least for a while, the flood here our city.

The month of July seemed like forever, especially because of financial troubles I encountered. However, for some reason, it’s now August and I manage to still have money in my account. I spend the end of the month checking on how much I’ve earned and spent the past month, and I honestly don’t know how I was able to get by. And I can’t be more than thankful that at the end of the day, my family can still have 2-3 meals a day.

Saving for a rainy dayYou might think I’m too extravagant for my own good. My expenses from July are not from shopping senselessly online and offline. I was able to take care of improvements in my computer shop business. I pay all our bills here, except for our water bill. I paid off the last credit card bill for my computers at my internet cafe, and I can proudly say they’re now my own! 🙂

I also paid off my Pag-ibig and Philhealth contributions ’til the end of 2012. This August, I’ll be paying for my mom’s SSS contributions and mine. Aside from these, I’m looking at signing us up with a new HMO. My parents and I are not getting any younger, so it’s time to take insurances for the future more seriously than ever. See, I am now thinking of rainy days that might come. Since I started working online and as a freelancer, I can no longer depend on anyone to take care of all these, so I have to do it all by myself. Well, okay, with my mom’s help, of course.

Since I wanted to start seriously earning money online, I needed to buy new hosting, domains and components I’d need for the sites I’m setting up this August. I’m hoping I can get reliable people to work with me for the success of these projects. Good thing there are popular online coupons from websites I can rely on to get much needed discounts for some of my online purchases. I managed to save 1/3 off the usual prices of the domains and new hosting I bought. That’s why I’m now, more than ever, a believer of sites like Coupon Codes USA that provide us with information on promos that we can take advantage of, so the money we save can be used elsewhere. 🙂

Keeping track of my personal finances

After working on my end-of-month report of expenses from July, I have vowed to keep my finances in-check. In fact, I have decided to revamp my blog, Pinay Online Money Maker, to also focus on managing online earnings. It can be a little tricky, especially for frequent online shoppers like me, to save our hard-earned money from our online endeavors. This is why I am taking this more earnestly now because I have big plans for my future.

Any tips on how you manage your personal finances? Please share at the comments section. 🙂

Quick Update #6

I look happierThe past months seem to have passed me by so quickly that I barely can remember how I was able to accomplish a ton of my responsibilities. I feel like I’m too occupied now that I’m starting to feel numb of anything stressful… not in a good way.

However, looking back, I am thankful and honored to be given so much opportunities that I am ashamed to admit that there were days I’m complaining about how busy I am. I am well aware now that I should be grateful that I’m able to do what I love, learn and make money out of my passions in life. How lucky and blessed can one get? 🙂

With that said, I feel like I needed to give a quick rundown of what has happened to me or any important update in my life that is worth mentioning here.

Here we go…

  • Our food blog Certified Foodies celebrated its second anniversary last month. Now, we’re running a series of giveaways featuring our top favorite products and restaurants from the past year. So, make sure you join if you fancy any of the prizes we’re giving away. 🙂

    I’m also very touched by the amount of generosity we got from the sponsors of our giveaways. I hope next year will be the same. 🙂

  • I finally bought the elliptical bike trainer I’ve been mentioning here like a gazillion times already. My parents are using them religiously (I think), and I’ll be starting my workouts next week after I’ve cleared my long to-do list.

  • I have done a couple of improvements in my room, including buying a new mattress to address my back pains. I also bought a new dresser, which I’ll be blogging about on Pinay Reviewer so stay tuned! 🙂

  • Sad news that our pet kitten Heidi passed away. Good news is in a few weeks, we’ll be welcoming new puppies AND kittens into our lives. Again, I’ll blog about that next time.

  • My nanay and I agreed to join forces financially to complete the renovations here at home. It’s rainy season again and we’re desperate to get our ceiling fixed right away. Hopefully, we can get this done by July.

    Also, we gave away our old sofa. We’re hoping to replace them with new living room solo sofas or chairs very soon. I mentioned to them that I’m hoping to see if we can maybe apply for the TV show Extreme Makeover. Is that still on? I would love indoor fountains, new lamps, and exquisite lighting fixtures to beautify and brighten up our home.

  • We’re booked on a Bohol trip in October to celebrate my brother’s birthday and mine. I can’t wait! It’ll be my first time to see the Chocolate Hills.. and tarsiers! 😀

There are a lot more I wanted to share, but this space is not enough to list them all down. All I can say is I am happy with where I am now, and I look forward to what’s in store for me in the future. 🙂

A Quick Update : Switch!!

I seriously miss blogging or writing on my space here. Though I do love my other blogs too, I feel more intimate when I’m writing here. I’ve been stumped with work and I haven’t had a chance to sit still and write one decent, well-thought out post. I hope this will change in the coming weeks as I adjust better to my new job along with my other responsibilities.

So, for a quick update, earlier this morning, my brother Ken agreed to switch rooms with me. My nanay saw my room earlier and she thought it was a fricking mess. I won’t argue with her. It is. And I’m really trying to keep things organized, but then new stuff starts piling up. Argh. I think I’m starting to hoard again. @_@

It may be because of all the stress and personal issues I’ve been dealing with lately. I’m okay. I’m doing better, but I’ve had better days. I am hopeful things will turn out great in the end.

Anyway, going back to the switching of rooms, since I need more space for work, my nanay had this brilliant idea that I switch rooms with Ken. His room is bigger than mine and he barely have any important things in there anyway. 😛

My plans for my soon-to-be bigger room is to organize all my things on the wall shelves, buy a home office table or computer desk, and hopefully, buy me a new bed too.

Also, since I need to really start exercising, I decided to buy gym equipment for home use. I know, I know. You might be reading this and thinking, “oh, exercise equipment at home don’t work ’cause you’ll be too lazy to actually hop onto them and do anything”. Seriously, if I won’t go through with this, I’ll end up not exercising at all. Might as well take the chance, right? And just push myself once they’re here already.

Stationary Bike from goodcondition on SulitMy initial plan was to buy an elliptical. I mentioned that on this blog a couple of times, but, since I’m not the only one who’ll be using it, I decided to purchase a stationary bike first. After that, a treadmill for me and Ken.

My nanay wants me to purchase yoga mat bags and exercise DVDs too. I don’t know where she thinks all those equipment will fit in the house, but maybe we can convert or build another room here somewhere. We’ll see. 🙂

Pictured above is the stationary bike I’m planning on buying from an online seller. My barkada told me to search for a secondhand bike instead, but I’m not really fond of anything used. I’ll prioritize this bike first so I can already start getting active again. I need to lose a lot of weight! ^_^

New Header… The Rest, To Follow

I have finally come up with a new header for this blog. Phew! That’s a total of 30 photos from when I was a kid until recently. Now that’s a LOT of me, eh? *LOL*

I wanted the header to give that retro feel so I did the effects like that. Very simple. Now, I can’t decide what to do with the rest of the layout. Hmmmmm…..

I’m still currently working on 2 projects plus a few writing and blogging gigs. I’ve been pretty productive lately amidst the humidity inside my room because our A/C’s still broken. We had it checked last night and they said it’s now the compressor that needs replacement. ARGH!

I’m thinking of replacing this very OLD A/C unit completely, but it’s an unplanned expense. I’ve got some things I’m saving up for so as much as I’d like to buy a new unit, I’d rather get this old one fixed…. for now, at least.

Well, that’s it. A quick post. It’s blogging day for me so watch out for new posts, particularly on Certified Foodies.