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Love Letters

Call me sentimental, but I have kept love letters/emails I received from ex-boyfriends, suitors and friends. There’s something about a person pouring his or heart out in a letter, that’s why I value it so much. This is also why I love writing love letters.

What happened to romance and long love letters

One of the things I deeply miss is receiving love letters. With the advent of social networking sites like Facebook and chat apps like Viber, people have become lazy. They now post publicly on their Facebook profile walls to confess or express their love for someone. They take photos together and share them on their Instagram or Facebook accounts. To be honest, I don’t find it romantic at all. I prefer the kind of affection that is for my eyes, heart and mind only.

I was going through these 23 simple love notes on Buzzfeed and I couldn’t help but tear up a little. I have not received a love letter since my last serious relationship that ended back in 2010. All I have are a few flirty texts because most of the ones I received, I have already deleted after I stopped dating the senders.

I miss writing love letters. I’m good at it. I’m better at expressing my true feelings in writing. And I miss penning words of love to someone who I truly, madly, deeply love. And it’s one of my signs or indications that I am in love with someone – if I get this desire to write him a love letter.

true that!

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Long Weekend

Finally, a much-deserved break. I started at my new job almost a month ago, and it already feels like I’ve been with the company for months now. No, I’m not complaining. 😀 I’m just saying I feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be in terms of my career in social media, and I feel so comfortable with my responsibilities, my team and my newfound friends. 🙂 I’m still adjusting, but my new friends are making it enjoyable. 🙂

It’s like this job is the culmination of all that has happened to me in the past 5 years. Everything that I experienced, that I went through, led me to here. That’s why I always believe that things happen for a reason… you just have to be patient. 😉

My mind has been filled with work-related stuff the past few weeks, and it’s only tonight that I finally got to rest my brain and just relax.

I just got out of the shower – a 2-hour shower. Okay, I wasn’t really taking a bath the whole time 😀 but I did a few lady stuff that I haven’t had time to do because I was too busy with work, blogging, and spending time with family and friends. It’s like my brain doesn’t need to think now… so I’m just typing away as I write this blog.

I’m thinking of finishing my 30-day single woman challenge, which is now turning into the 30-month blogging challenge hahaha 😀

Anyway, I’m off to playing Diablo 3. FINALLY!! 😀 *poof*

I’m Touched….

I don’t know what has gotten into me, but lately, I noticed that little things touch my heart enough that I end up crying. Though I’m glad I cry because these things warm my heart, I’m left wondering what happened in the last few years that led to this.

Just yesterday, at lunch, I couldn’t help but cry while my officemates and I were talking about dogs. I pictured our beloved dog Marcel and remembered everything he used to do around me. I miss him terribly. I haven’t seen him for the longest time, and he’s the only reason now that I’d want to go back home to Malabon (well, since our nanay visits us here at our new home in Makati every 2 weeks).

Whenever I read something sad or heartwarming in social media, especially on Humans of New York, I can’t help but tear up a little. I just feel like people would think I’m emotional, but to be honest, I’m not. I just get touched by small things easily. I’m guessing it’s because I sometimes feel hopeless that our world would ever be a better place. “Faith in humanity, restored” is probably what’s causing all these random outbursts. 😀

I feel like I’m a nicer person now than before. I have more empathy towards others. That’s one of the good things about this whole crybaby thing. Or maybe I’ve become more of an emotional sponge now. Nevertheless, I know I need to keep this in check. But how can I when it’s actually a good thing to know that I’m not heartless after all?! 😀

I Had to Stop

… with my #100HappyDays blog series. I just can’t keep up! 😀

I’ve got tons of backlogs for my other blogs, mainly Pinay Reviewer and Certified Foodies, so I decided to stop that blog series here. However, I will continue with my 30-day Single Woman blogging challenge, which has now stretched to over 30 weeks. 😀

I like the questions / topics for that blogging challenge, so I will go ahead with it. I just wanted to say I decided to stop with my #100HappyDays entries. Maybe I’ll do a weekly “Things I’m Thankful For” series instead. Let’s see. 🙂

I’m hoping to get back on track with all my tasks for my blogs. I’m also planning on changing the layout of Certified Foodies since it’s our blog’s 4th year anniversary. It’ll be a completely new look so I’m excited! 🙂

Okay, that’s it for now. If you’re reading this, thanks. Have a lovely week!

I’ll leave you with this photo of me photo-bombing my nanay during our Potipot Island getaway.

I wasn’t expecting people to react about my legs being exposed in this photo. I didn’t even realize that I haven’t shown my legs EVER in any photo I’ve posted online, so I understand why they were surprised. 😀

Traveling in Luxury

Watching American movies and TV series such as The Apprentice has opened my eyes to the life of luxury that top businessmen and rich families enjoy. What I envy the most is their access to their own private jets for that luxury air travel like no other.

Some of my frustrations when flying are the long waiting time and the possibilities of my flight being delayed for hours because of problems with overused planes or human errors. I know I share this with many of you – I dream of flying in luxury and in style to any destination I choose, hassle-free.

Private jet charter

Even flying in first class cannot compare to the comfort and lavishness of traveling in a luxury jet charter. No more checkpoints where you have to remove your shoes or clothing like belts or anything that has metal on it. No more lining up for security checks or at the check-in counter. You can fly whenever you want and you don’t have to be there at least 2 hours before your flight. And, most importantly, if you are flying with a potential business partner that you’re trying to negotiate a very important deal, the privacy that this luxury travel can provide you can make all the difference.

Business deals in comfort

If you or your company doesn’t have the resources to purchase your own private jet, there are other options you can count on. But, with so many companies out there offering luxury private air travel, it is very crucial to do a research on the reputation of the ones you are considering for your business or personal luxury needs. This is vital in ensuring you get the most out of the luxury travel you paid for when it comes to convenience, security, privacy and comfort.