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Love Letters

Call me sentimental, but I have kept love letters/emails I received from ex-boyfriends, suitors and friends. There’s something about a person pouring his or heart out in a letter, that’s why I value it so much. This is also why I love writing love letters.

What happened to romance and long love letters

One of the things I deeply miss is receiving love letters. With the advent of social networking sites like Facebook and chat apps like Viber, people have become lazy. They now post publicly on their Facebook profile walls to confess or express their love for someone. They take photos together and share them on their Instagram or Facebook accounts. To be honest, I don’t find it romantic at all. I prefer the kind of affection that is for my eyes, heart and mind only.

I was going through these 23 simple love notes on Buzzfeed and I couldn’t help but tear up a little. I have not received a love letter since my last serious relationship that ended back in 2010. All I have are a few flirty texts because most of the ones I received, I have already deleted after I stopped dating the senders.

I miss writing love letters. I’m good at it. I’m better at expressing my true feelings in writing. And I miss penning words of love to someone who I truly, madly, deeply love. And it’s one of my signs or indications that I am in love with someone – if I get this desire to write him a love letter.

true that!

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I’m No Plain Ol’ Housewife!

I have little respect for men who think women should be plain ol’ housewives. Wait, let me rephrase that. I am disgusted by men who think women, after getting married, should stay at home, take care of the kids, cook dinner for her husband, and be a full-on stay-at-home mom. Now, I don’t mean any disrespect towards women who CHOSE to stay at home for their kids because I am impressed by all their hard work. However, having a nanay who took care of my bro and I while keeping an 8-5 job, I am amazed by women like her who were able to attain work-family life balance.

The thing is, I’ve met many men who are intimidated by women who have a career and a strong desire to succeed in their lives, so they push this ideology that women are supposed to stay at home and be a housewife. Are you fucking kidding me? Are we in the 60s?!

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The Need To Be Selfish

People who know me will tell you I’m pretty generous and selfless majority of the time. And it’s starting to take a toll on me because I’m realizing people around me don’t care that I do so much for them.

Selfish may be a good thing

I hate feeling helpless. I fucking hate when I feel like I’m begging for something that I have gladly given to the other person many times over in the past. Yeah, I am sick of ungrateful people. I’m tired of being the giver majority of the time. It’s time for me to be selfish.

No, I mean the good selfish. Still giving but not to a point where there’s nothing left for me. If I know the other person won’t do something above and beyond for me, I’ll have to seriously think about stepping up for them.

no is a complete sentence

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I’m Touched….

I don’t know what has gotten into me, but lately, I noticed that little things touch my heart enough that I end up crying. Though I’m glad I cry because these things warm my heart, I’m left wondering what happened in the last few years that led to this.

Just yesterday, at lunch, I couldn’t help but cry while my officemates and I were talking about dogs. I pictured our beloved dog Marcel and remembered everything he used to do around me. I miss him terribly. I haven’t seen him for the longest time, and he’s the only reason now that I’d want to go back home to Malabon (well, since our nanay visits us here at our new home in Makati every 2 weeks).

Whenever I read something sad or heartwarming in social media, especially on Humans of New York, I can’t help but tear up a little. I just feel like people would think I’m emotional, but to be honest, I’m not. I just get touched by small things easily. I’m guessing it’s because I sometimes feel hopeless that our world would ever be a better place. “Faith in humanity, restored” is probably what’s causing all these random outbursts. 😀

I feel like I’m a nicer person now than before. I have more empathy towards others. That’s one of the good things about this whole crybaby thing. Or maybe I’ve become more of an emotional sponge now. Nevertheless, I know I need to keep this in check. But how can I when it’s actually a good thing to know that I’m not heartless after all?! 😀

A Well-Deserved Break… in Baguio! :)

The past few months have been a struggle for me. For some reason, I felt exhausted by everything that’s been happening at home and in my personal life. I wanted a break, even for just a week or so, and thankfully, I was given a chance to take a much-needed vacation… and what’s amazing about this is I’m on my second week now in Baguio – one of my favorite cities here in the Philippines. Woot!

I’ve been feeling depressed lately, especially because of financial concerns and other issues at home. I wanted to pause and not think about everything that’s been making me sad, so I was desperate to take a break. I didn’t know I’d be given a chance to stay here in Baguio for 2 weeks, let alone in a cozy hotel right smack in the middle of the city of Pines. 🙂

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