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Bucket List #2 Lose Weight!

After what I said in my previous post, I am now determined to continue adding things to my bucket list. And, for my second item….Bucket List #2 - Lose Weight - Goal is 150 lbs before 2011 ends -

Yes, I want to continue losing weight. Some may say how weird it is that losing weight is in my bucket list. Most people would only include crazy, fun or exciting things on theirs. But, I want to challenge myself. I want to make losing weight fun for me so I’d continue doing it.

I have set a goal of 150 pounds before 2011 ends. I don’t want to reveal my current weight, but, I have a long way to go. And since losing weight is a part of my bucket list, I can postpone it when needed, right? No, I mean, I can move the deadline when necessary. LOLz.

Okay, I am serious about this. I really want to lose weight. I remember how many times I’ve tried before. I’ve taken diet pills twice. I managed to lose a lot of weight, but, because I didn’t develop self-discipline along the way, I gained more afterwards.

I have searched the web about how others lose weight and I was really surprised with some of the new methods I’ve discovered, like hCG Austin, etc. I heard about these hCG shots that can make you lose weight two to three times faster from a friend who said she lost 10 pounds in a week. But, for now, I don’t want to resort to these lose-weight-quick programs/methods. I know that if I’m really serious about weight loss, I need to be more disciplined.

Mai is supporting me in my quest to lose weight. In fact, she’s been doing research on South Beach Diet programs and dishes that she can prepare for me to help me reach my goal. I’m also considering going into an HerbaLife program. A close friend of mine has tried it herself and she did lose a lot of weight. She said it might be perfect for me. But, I’m still a bit skeptical.

We’re also planning on buying an exercise machine, an elliptical, by next year. We’re prioritizing on buying a new refrigerator (yay!!) so we had to postpone it. I don’t want to go to the gym because I know, I’ll just end up not continuing because I’d rather exercise at home.

Now, to my dear readers who have struggled in losing weight over the years / up to now, if you don’t mind me asking…

What weight loss methods have you tried?
Would you recommend HerbalLife?
Kindly share your stories at the comment section. I’d really appreciate it!

P.S. I wonder if I’ll ever get back to looking like this. LOL. Why not?!?!blankPixels years ago - is Down

I’ve already received inquiries as to why my blog about how I make money onlinePinay Online Money Maker – is down. It’s actually a DNS issue and I’m hoping to resolve this problem as soon as possible.


Please bear with me. I’m working with my generous host to resolve this DNS problem.

My other blogs, blankPixels, iCafe Blog and Pinay Reviewer are also down. I’ll post an update here if it’s been fixed already.

Thanks! 🙂

Update: 5:29pm, Manila time
Pinay Online Money Maker is back up. Not sure what happened, but, it was a DNS issue. I’m just happy my blog’s up again. Woot! 🙂

To Catch a Predator

I was watching one of Kathy Griffin’s standup comedy videos on Youtube the other day and I heard her talk about this show, To Catch a Predator, on NBC. So, I hurriedly searched for videos of the show and found this:

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All I can say is I hope they all suffer from enzyte side effects or they’ll be torched in a stake, especially those old men who prey on young kids online. Tsk tsk. There are a lot of things I can take or forgive in this world, but abusing youngsters is not one of them. I’ve had my own experiences of abuse when I was younger so I can never tolerate anything like this.

Watching To Catch a Predator gave me a gratifying feeling, knowing that these a-holes were caught red-handed. Watch the video. Don’t worry, there’s nothing really disturbing in there. Just how they interview or interrogate the “predators”. Some of them even had the nerve to deny their real intentions.

I’m glad that this show brought some of these predators to prison. And I’m glad that they were televised because some of these men were actually respectable members of the community. Heck, one of them was even a Rabbi and a Special-Ed teacher! Sheesh!

I really hope there’ll be more of these predators who’ll be caught and sent to prison. I don’t even care if they are sentenced to death. No kidding. They’re sick. We need none of them in this world.

How Artistic Are You?

I never thought I would be asking myself this question now. Back in high school, I wanted to become a Chemical Engineer because I was so hooked to anything about Chemistry (the science). But, I found out on my first year in college that I’m really more into computers than working for a pharmaceutical company as a Chemical Engineer. I wasn’t interested yet in any form of art back then. If I only known, I would’ve shifted to going to art school to develop the artist in me.

geocities Two years into college, I became so interested in web design. I started reading tutorials online. I remember using Geocities as my first free web host. I had so much fun that I ended up designing my IRC room/channel’s website (#babae), which is no longer up, by the way.

I didn’t know I’d be that interested in web design. I was thinking of stopping college and pursuing that career. A friend of mine, who was studying in one of the interior design schools here, told me I can take classes at Meralco Foundation Institute (MFI) if I really wanted to learn more about web design. However, I chose to continue my studies as a Computer Engineering student because I also want to learn more about computer hardware.

Fast-forward to 2010, I wished I did pursue my artistic needs. I’m really more into digital arts/designs and I know I can learn that on my own, reading online tutorials and practicing. It may be too late, but I know I can still hone my designing skills. I’m planning on setting up a new blog where I design blog themes for very affordable prices or next to free. For now, that’s what I really want to do – to design personalized blog templates/themes – rather than design for companies. I wanted to be inspired by people, not by companies, so I know that’s the path I wanted to go.

Right now, I am developing my photography skills. A friend of mine, who went to one of the photography schools in Makati City, told me I can attend photography classes so I can hone my skills. I told him I might consider it once I get my hands on a new DSLR camera. I don’t really think I need to attend any photography class if I can learn them online. Plus, I really believe it’s all about practice. I’m practicing and learning about ISOs and macros even with my Sony DSC-T2 digital camera. If there’ll be free photography classes, I might join in, along with my partner Mai and my brother.

And, yesterday, while I was trying to design a scrapbook page for someone (I don’t want to reveal who the recipient is ‘cause it’s all a surprise), I was asking myself that question – How artistic am I to pursue my designing skills? I told myself I’ll know in time. Right now, I can feel I have an artistic soul. I just need to let it out gradually. And with that, I wanted to share this photo manipulation I made for Mai. She LOVES Naruto, but this is a manip of her as Gaara. I love photo manipulations! 🙂

Mai as Gaara (Naruto)I wanted to show you the original photo, but it’s on my laptop, which is currently in the repair shop. I’ll just post it when I get my laptop back next week.

Divisoria – A Haven for Bargain Shoppers

My parents, my brother and I have been bargain shoppers since we were kids. I can count with my fingers and toes the times we shopped at the mall for new clothes, shoes, school supplies, etc. And I’m actually pretty glad that my nanay raised us that way because we get easily contented in life.

My tatay and my brother love shopping at ukay-ukay stores because they can buy a pair of pants for only Php 50 (about $1). I’ve tried buying at ukay-ukay stores, too, but they don’t usually offer a wide range of women’s clothing. The ones I bought ended up as house clothes (pambahay).divisoria-1

Thank goodness there’s Divisoria. It is  a place in Manila where one can find a huge deal of bargain stores that sell everything but the kitchen sink (well, you can actually buy these there, too, but you know what I mean) at very low prices. Divisoria is where my nanay and I go to buy women’s tops (blouses, shirts) because I love the designs and you won’t find them elsewhere.

If you’re thrifty like me and my family, you’d enjoy shopping at Divisoria. Some people may argue that the items you can buy there are not of high quality. However, in my experience, the clothes that I’ve bought from Divisoria, even the plus-sized clothing for women, don’t even look like they cost me only Php 120-150 per piece. It’s really all about how you carry yourself.

If you haven’t been to Divisoria, you are missing a lot. Why? Well, aside from the cheap prices, you’d also find a huge range of items in Divisoria that you won’t find anywhere else. In fact,divisoria-2 I haven’t seen anyone else wearing the same design like the blouses I’ve bought from Divi (short for Divisoria). Usually, when you buy signature clothing or when you buy clothes at the mall, you’d see a lot of people wearing the same design. That’s also one of the reasons my brother didn’t like shopping at the mall. Well, except for groceries.

Anyway, if you’re not familiar with Divisoria, you can ask where 168 Mall, Tutuban Mall or Divisoria Mall is. You can shop there for clothes, school and office supplies, hardware, beads, toys, etc., at very affordable prices.

Source of images: Twisted Wedding Planner , Market Manila

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