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The Search for an Anti-Virus Software

we’ve been having problems with this PC ever since we started playing Ragnarok Online again. we’ve tried everything we can – scanned for viruses and spyware, reformatted all drives. so, we concluded that the problem might be with the memory or motherboard.

since we don’t want to buy anything new for this PC, we just sucked it in and we’ve been pretending that we can ignore the problem until we leave on the 24th.

last night, after watching The Scorpion King (yes, the first movie. mai hasn’t watched it yet so we did yesterday), mai tried to play Ragnarok. but the PC acted up again and we had to restart it.

i had to re-install Trend Micro’s PC-Cillin Internet Security 2007 to check if there’s any virus or spyware lurking, causing this PC to hang. installation didn’t finish because problem started again. argh, this is killing me. so i rebooted.

HALA. it won’t restart completely. we didn’t want any anxiety before going to bed so we just turned off the PC and wait ’til the morning to fix it.

and that i did. i uninstalled pc-cillin through safe mode. i knew it was causing the problem. had to clean up my registry, too. and now PC’s working okay.

now… i’m really contemplating on changing the anti-virus software we use. i’ve read PC World’s Top Antivirus Software article and other reviews but i still can’t decide on anything.

i’ve read some really good stuff about Kaspersky Anti-Virus but i’m not sure if it is suited for this PC. Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 - Image from

Trend Micro’s PC-Cillinhas been my choice for years. it’s easy to update and i believe it really does the job. however, it really takes time to load.

you see, we need an anti-virus that won’t take up too many resources/memory, like trend micro’s pc-cillin. i have NOD32 installed but i won’t let it run automatically because it still slows down the boot-up.

hmmm… i hope i can get any suggestions. if not, i’ll just stick to NOD32 and continue not having it run in the background automatically.

Can you tell me about your experience, bad or good, with your anti-virus software?

argh. technology is causing me unnecessary stress. sheesh.

a "short" introduction

this is my first decent post here in blogger. after days of figuring out how to design the layout, i’m done and i’m going into writing my first blog here.

first, let me introduce myself. i’m michelle but i prefer people calling me mhel, online or offline.

i’m not a gurly-gurly girl, if you know what i mean. (i edited this post because i had to change the template & the look of this blog coz of my bro’s reaction) but i’m using pink here because it’s the only template here that i think is cute and it will let me play around with it easily than the last one i used. (i removed the layout i made because after 2 days, i got sick of the flowers)

i am a freelance graphics and front-end web designer. at least i think i am. i’ve only done a couple of websites where i got paid. most of my work were FREE. my friend said, that’s why you’re a FREElancer, because you do most jobs for free. hahaha. well… he’s kinda right. i’ve done 2 major websites for free, but they’re on an intranet so i can’t show them to you. i’ve done 1 website where i was paid after a couple of gruelling weeks with that fricking client (i have a copyright thing to blog about in the next weeks, something to do with that client). my own place on the web hasn’t been conceptualized yet so i hope i’ll have more time for that in the future.

i have been working for call centers here in the philippines for the longest time. i have been a rep, a quality specialist/analyst and a team leader. however, my job as a QA and team leader also entailed training people, updating our online cheat sheets, coaching people, coming up with incentive programs, submitting reports, workforce-like monitoring of the queue, and all that jazz. so, you see, i’ve done almost everything! i was even next in line for the operations manager post but i really had to leave.

i love to read blogs but i easily get bored so most of the time, i just read what i want to read. you don’t really have to put everything here on your blog anyway. just really exciting or important things that happen in your life. that’s my number one rule.

i’ve been a blogger for years. i first started at however, they took down that site WITHOUT even informing us first. so we weren’t able to export all our past blogs so we can transfer them properly on another server. no, they just wiped everything out! we were all frustrated. so that’s why i stopped for a couple of months.

then, i started at multiply. i don’t want to blog in friendster because i don’t want EVERYONE to see my blog. just a chosen few who’ll stumble upon this blog spot of mine. but i hate multiply because it loads very slowly here on our PC. wait, should i hate multiply or our PC? hehehe. that’s another reason why i stopped blogging.

the major reason is because i was too damn busy at work that when we arrive home, i don’t wanna do anything else but to rest! and, also, i don’t want my partner MAI to bore herself while i’m doing my blogging.

then, a couple of days ago, i saw my friend saji’s blog in friendster. and i asked MAI (you’ll be reading a lot about her!), to read saji’s blogs. then she mentioned that i used to love blogging. and she apologized because i can’t do that anymore because she’s always with me. i told her it wasn’t because of her. it was my decision.

i realized how much i loved blogging, and that’s what made me blog again. i was deciding on wordpress or blogger but i can fully customize almost everything here without paying a cent. so i’m here! my own place will be on wordpress though.

hmmm… let’s see if this will stick. ’nuff said!