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Laptop Fixed! (Day 37 #100HappyDays)

I bought my Dell laptop last year, in July. And a few weeks ago, the right-click function no longer worked. It took me a few days to call Dell’s customer service hotline, but eventually I did and today, their service tech guy came in and replaced the case of my keyboard and touchpad.

I actually wasn’t able to check reviews for my Dell laptop (Inspiron 14 3421) before I bought it. All I know is Dell’s after-sales customer service is remarkable. My last laptop – a Compaq – lasted for about 5 years before it completely broke down on me (I had it repaired once), and it survived a major crash. No, not hard drive crash but actual, physical crash after it was smashed against the ground by someone in my past. 😀 So I knew Compaq was durable. When I decided to buy this Dell laptop, I honestly wasn’t 100% sure about how long it’ll last.

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Top Web Hosting Companies

One of the things I love about the internet and online shopping is the convenience it gives us. Now, when you want to buy something online or even offline, you can check out other people’s reviews on the products or services to help you decide if you should continue with the purchase or not.

Just like the other week, a friend of mine was asking me to help her setup a website for her online shop. Not a blog, but an actual website. So, I went scouring the web and stumbled upon this web hosting reviews site where you can compare the 10 best web hosting companies to-date.

Out of all the top 10 web hosting companies listed as of January 30th (yes, they update the list regularly), I’m only familiar with 7. The top 2 web hosts are Just Host and iPage, which I have tried myself when I designed a website for this certain cosmetic surgeon a few years back.

I like this listing of top 10 web hosting companies over on The Top 10 Best Web Hosting website because you see the comparison and important basic information you need about the web hosting companies as soon as you open their website. You see the lowest prices each hosting company offer and how much disk space and bandwidth you get for it. Also, they even include the performance of each hosting like their uptime and speed. Plus, there are a lot of reviews from customers that you can read and base your decision on. And, as I’ve mentioned earlier, they update the reviews regularly.

They also have separate listings for top 10 web hosting companies in the USA and in the UK. They even have a top 10 listing for reseller hosting which I know those who are interested in selling web hosting (I might get into this business in the future) will find very useful. And, so far, Just Host is topping the lists so I might try their services for my friend’s upcoming online store.

My Dream Bathroom

Some people may have a different dream room for their house. But, me? I have a dream bathroom. It looks something like this:

My Dream Bathroom -

Yes! I want my very own bathroom suite in my home. Is that too much to ask?! I just want a place where I can really relax at the end of the day. I’ve always envied women I see on TV or in movies when they get into a jacuzzi or bath tub and stay there to relax. I’ve honestly never been in a bath tub or jacuzzi. But, when I was younger, I used to dip into our 3-foot drum. Does that count? LOLz.

I really wish we could renovate our bathroom here at home. The space is a li’l limited, but, I think we can actually put up a bath tub in there. I want to include this on my bucket list, but, I don’t think my nanay would agree. Hahaha. Too expensive.

So, I tried to find ideas for possible additions to our bathroom to make it more relaxing. I found Better Bathrooms, a UK-based company that sells bathroom products. I really hope we have something like them here in the Philippines. I mean, just looking at the tons of products they have on their site, you have a lot of choices! You can choose products that match your preferred theme, may it be a luxurious or simply relaxing feel.

They have a 100,000-sq.ft of stock in their Glazebury warehouse. People can even come to their warehouse, choose among their hundreds of products and they can actually go home with what they bought right away. They have 3 showrooms where you’d get to see how your bathroom would look like. They also deliver in 3 to 5 days. Great, huh?

I haven’t seen anything like them here. I’ve been into different depots in Quezon City, but, nothing with a selection as extensive as Better Bathrooms’. Now, they made me really want to get a tub for our bathroom. Waah!

Despicable Me 3D Bloggers Screening at Newport Cinema

Last week, the 3 of us from Certified Foodies joined a blogger screening of the movie Despicable Me at the Newport Cinema in Resorts World Hotel. Thank you to Azrael for inviting us, by the way! 🙂

You can check out my actual review of the movie and Newport Cinemas on Pinay Reviewer.

Newport Cinema in Resorts World Hotel Manila -

Before we headed out to Resorts World Hotel, Mai, Kien and I decided to hang out at SM Mall of Asia for lunch and some shopping. We ended up buying my brother a very early birthday gift – the book Eat, Pray, Love that he’s been dying for the past couple of days. We happened to drop by Fully Booked and inquired if they have a copy of the book. Kien tried checking other bookstores before that day so he was desperately hoping they’d have one available. And, guess what, they did!

Going back to the movie screening, we arrived about 6:30pm at Resorts World Hotel. We were amazed by the structure of the hotel, the casino stage that you can already see from the entrance, inviting you to come in and play. We would’ve entered the casino if not for my bro who was wearing shorts. Argh! Hehehe.

Since we were early, we got to take photos of the place. We were scheduled to watch Despicable Me in 3D in Newport Cinema 3. They have 4 cinemas there. Cinema 2 and 4 are for regular screenings (ticket prices at Php 200), Cinema 3 is for 3D movies (tickets at Php 300), and Ultra Cinema 1, which will be opened soon, is for those who prefer to watch a movie in luxury – relaxing on fully reclining seats with extended leg rests, unlimited drinks and popcorn delivered by personalized butlers. Nice, eh? And it only costs Php 450!

  Newport Ultra Cinema at Resorts World Hotel -
  Newport Ultra Cinema 1 – soon!! Can’t wait!

Around 7:30pm, bloggers started arriving and I, as the official PR manager of Certified Foodies *chuckle*, came up to most of them to introduce myself and our food blog. I already met some of them online through Plurk (add me up if you have an account!); some of their blogs I already follow, too.

We were handed out our tickets before we all had to enter the cinema for the actual blogger screening.

  Newport Cinemas Bloggers Night Screening Tickets -
  Our tickets to Despicable Me on 3D in Newport Cinema 3.

Kien actually have seen the movie already, but, he was completely okay with watching it again. He says it’s a really fun flick. Any adult watching it won’t need anti wrinkle treatment because of how cute and enjoyable Despicable Me is. He said I have to watch out for what the minions were saying ’cause they were in Tagalog/Filipino.

  Mai and I inside Newport Cinema with our 3D glasses on -
  Mai and I inside Newport Cinema with our 3D glasses on.

We were handed out 3D glasses before entering the cinema. Inside Cinema 3, it was really cozy. I love the checkered patterns on the walls. The seat, too, was very comfy and it’s really cool inside.

  Newport Cinema 3 with 3D at Resorts World Hotel, Manila -
Inside Newport Cinema

They have a total of 4 cinemas in Newport. Cinemas 2 and 4 are regular cinemas, tickets at Php 200. Cinema 3, where we watched the movie, is for 3D and the tickets cost Php 300. The Ultra Cinema costs Php 450, but

The movie, as expected from all the hype I’ve seen and heard about it, was really fun. I chuckled and laughed a couple of times during the movie. The story is a bit predictable, but, the characters made it a lot enjoyable for me to watch.

All of the main characters are so lovable, even the villain-turned-good father Gru. Of course, one of the cutest groups of characters I’ve seen – the MINIONS!

   Despicable Me Minions -
Despicable Me – Gru’s Minions – so adorable!

I love, love, love Agnes! Who wouldn’t?!? After the movie, all of us were literally enchanted by her. We can’t get over her “It’s so flufffyyyyy” and “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna dieeee”. Here’s a video of her saying those lines in the movie.


  Isn’t Agnes just so freaking cute?!?!

Despicable Me was made and produced for 3D watching. So, if you haven’t watched it yet, you must do so on 3D so you can fully enjoy it. I’m glad we watched it in Newport Cinema in 3D ’cause it added to my enjoyment of the whole flick, especially when they were on the rollercoaster. It felt like I was riding with them. LOLz. I highly recommend you watch this flick if you haven’t seen it yet!!

Anyway, if you’re planning on watching a movie with your family or loved one and you don’t like watching at cinemas in malls, then, I suggest you try out Newport Cinema in Resorts World Hotel. It’s located in front of NAIA Terminal 3. The cinemas are on the fourth floor.

For inquiries and ticket reservation, please call Newport Cinema at 908-8811 or 0917-8380111. Movie schedules are posted daily at Newport City’s Facebook page.

  Despicable Me Bloggers Screening - The Bloggers -
  The bloggers at the screening in Newport Cinema. Nice to meet y’all!
Photo credit: Azrael

The Web Designer in Me

Some of you might not know this, but, I was once a web designer. I am now more into blog designs, especially after I fell in love with WordPress, and I’m now working on a WordPress design project for a blogger friend. I don’t want to reveal the details yet. Not ’til I’m done with it. But, let me briefly share with you my first projects as a web designer.

When I got promoted to Quality Specialist in the second call center I worked for, I was requested to start an internal website for the program I was handling. That was my major project. And, yes, I made it using only Notepad and Photoshop. But, it looked really professional… well, for my taste. Here’s the layout. I grabbed it from my DeviantArt gallery, which I haven’t updated for the longest time.

I actually had a few more projects after that, but, most of them were collaborations. I really thought web designing will be my calling. But, I got really intimidated by the web designs I’ve seen that during my last web design project, I suggested to my client that we use a ready-made web template instead. I knew when that happened that I’m not really meant to be doing web design. I can do personalizing of websites, but, starting from scratch, I didn’t want to pursue anymore.

I mean, c’mon. With the vast resources on the web today for your web design needs, you can really save a lot from designing your own websites. I mean, if your time permits it, it’s easy to learn simple web design. I managed to memorize all the most commonly used HTML tags, which is why I prefer to design websites using only Notepad and Photoshop back then. I’m not even into programming or coding back in college. Once you learn even just the basics, you’d learn how to setup your own website just using web templates.

I found this website where they offer 6,000+ website templates, flash templates, corporate ID kits, Flash photo galleries, etc. – Dream Template. All their website templates come with fully valid XHTML / CSS slicing so it’ll be easy for you to edit them to your liking. I use Adobe ImageReady to manage slices of the web templates I design myself and/or buy from these websites so you can also try using that.

Dream Template offers a good deal for web designers out there. If you sign up with them and choose the Premium membership option, you’d get access to 9 more sites where you can get free vectors/icons, stock photos, WordPress themes for blog designs, and more!

I’ve browsed through their web templates and found this particular design very refreshing:

Dream Template - Web Template  -

This flash template is perfect for photographers who want to put up their own online portfolio:

Dream Template Flash Photography -

So, if you are still unsure of the design you want for your website, sign up to Dream Template and check out what they offer.

For now, I need to go back to working on my first WordPress blog makeover project for a blogger friend. Will post about it once it’s done! 🙂