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Potipot Island is Love! (Day 40 #100HappyDays)

We all woke up early today to prepare to swim at Potipot Island. We booked a beachfront room at Isla Vista, so this is the view from outside.

Our nanay and her BFF Tita Beth went to the nearest market a few hours earlier so they can buy meats, seafood and grilling tools we need since we found out we have to cook our own food at Potipot Island (Ken initially thought we can hire the boat guy to grill for us – realized I shouldn’t let him research and plan our next vacation 😀 ).

We took a quick swim at the beach in front of Isla Vista while we waited for our nanay to return. After a light breakfast, we headed out to Potipot Island aboard a boat.

On our way to Potipot Island

There were a zillion people there (okay, more like a thousand perhaps, but you know what I mean 😛 ). After I went with Ken and some of his online gamer friends (who happened to be taking a vacay there too) to check out a camping site around the island, we headed back to the area where we left our nanay with our bags, only to find out they were lucky enough to reserve the table right in front of the boat unloading area. Hahahah 😀

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Official List : 2013 Philippine Holidays and Long Weekends

It’s 4 months before 2013 and as early as now, many hotels and airline companies, including Cebu Pacific, Zest Air, AirPhil Express, AirAsia and Philippine Airlines, that are offering seat sale promos for next year. I’ve actually booked flights for November on during Cebu Pacific’s piso promo. So, for many people like us who love to plan ahead, it’s good to know in advance the official list of 2013 Philippine Holidays.
These 2013 Philippine Public Holidays were announced by the Malacanang Palace through Proclamation No. 459. I’ll keep the list updated as special holidays are announced.

Official List of 2013 Philippine Public Holidays

A. Regular Holidays

  • January 1 (Tuesday) – New Year’s Day
  • March 28 – Maundy Thursday
  • March 29 – Good Friday
  • April 9 (Tuesday) – Araw ng Kagitingan
  • May 1 (Wednesday) – Labor Day
  • June 12 (Wednesday) – Independence Day
  • August 26 (Last Monday of August) – National Heroes Day
  • November 30 (Saturday) – Bonifacio Day
  • December 25 (Wednesday) – Christmas Day
  • December 30 (Monday) – Rizal Day

B. Special (Non-Working) Days

  • March 30 – Black Saturday
  • August 21 (Wednesday) – Ninoy Aquino Day
  • November 1 (Friday) – All Saints Day
  • Additional special (non-working) days:
    • November 2 (Saturday) – All Souls Day
    • December 24 (Tuesday) – Christmas Eve
    • December 31 (Tuesday) – New Year’s Eve

C. Special Holiday (for all schools)

  • February 25 (Monday) – EDSA Revolution Anniversary

Islamic Holidays

For our Muslim countrymen, section 2 of the proclamation is for them:
SECTION 2. The proclamations declaring national holidays for the observance of Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha shall hereafter be issued after the approximate dates of the Islamic holidays have been determined in accordance with the Islamic calendar (Hijra) or the lunar calendar, or upon Islamic astronomical calculations, whichever is possible or convenient. To this end, the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) shall inform the Office of the President on which day the holiday shall fall.
Once I have the dates, I’ll update this list.

Long Weekends for 2013

For sure, you’re interested in finding out about long weekends for 2013. It’s the best time to go on a long vacation with family and friends para di bitin. 😉
  • Holy Week – March 28-31, 2013
  • National Heroes Day – August 24-26, 2013
  • All Saints’ Day – November 1-3, 2013
  • Rizal Day and New Year – December 28, 2013 – January 1, 2014
I’ll keep this list updated as soon as I get the official special holidays for the 2013 Elections and if they’re going to announce the Chinese New Year as a holiday too.
See the complete details on Presidential Proclamation 459 on the government’s official site or download the PDF.

How to Help : Relief Operations for Metro Manila Floods 2012

Note: This post is updated as I get more sites, contact numbers and social media channels where you can find information on how to help.

The rain hasn’t stopped yet and thousands of people all over Metro Manila need our help. Amidst all the destruction over the past 2 days, this experience has shown how united we are when our fellow Filipinos need help. And our unity is proven through social media.

If you’d like to help or you need more information, these are the Twitter accounts and hashtags you should follow, crowd sourced forms / documents, communication channels and ways you can send in your donations to the victims of the Metro Manila floods.


Emergency Hotline Numbers

I posted all the Philippine emergency hotline numbers here. I also included Twitter accounts you should follow.


Text Collect Service by Globe and Smart:

This means the person receiving your message will be able to respond without being deducted or even when they have zero load.

  • Globe’s “Text Mo Libre Ko” service: (I know this has been around for quite sometime)
    – Compose your text message.
    – Send it to 2354 + 11-digit Globe/TM number
    (ex. 23540916888888)
  • Smart’s Text-Collect Service:
    – Compose your text message.
    – Send it to 44 + 11-digit Smart/TNT number
    (ex. 4409181234567)


How to Donate or Help with Relief Operations:

There are many ways you can donate. Donations may be in cash or in kind. A lot of the evacuees need water, food and clothes, so please do what you can.


Crowd-sourced Database for Rescue Operations:

If you know or see anyone who needs to be rescued, be kind enough to submit their information here:

REMINDER: When submitting information or details here, please be specific as possible.

It’s saddening to read about the people who need rescuing. I really wish the rain will stop, so they can all be rescued. 🙁



Twitter Hashtags to Monitor / Follow:

Twitter is now the best way to get updates on what’s happening all over the Metro. Follow these hashtags to get updates on the flood situation, relief and rescue operations.

  • #FloodPH – News on the flood.
  • #PHalerts – Updates on government advisories / announcements.
  • #ReliefPH – Updates or how you can get information on relief operations.
  • #RescuePH – Updates on rescue operations.

If you can, retweet posts from the #RescuePH feed. Some people following you might be able to help.



If you have friends or you know anyone who might need rescuing or help, then this information might be of great importance to them:

Emergency Cellphone Load from Globe and Smart

If you run out of load and you need to contact someone, Globe and Smart have offered a solution:

  • Globe / Touch Mobile (TM) Subscribers: Text GTSOS to 3733
    You will receive 3 emergency credits.
  • Smart Subscribers: Dial *767.
    You will receive 3 emergency credits + Php 1 airtime (what can this do?).
  • Smart Subscribers with ZERO load: Dial *7572 to receive Php 5 credits (All-Net SMS and Php 1 airtime).

These credits will be deducted from your next prepaid load. I was hoping they’d give something that’s ACTUALLY free, but I guess they needed to do this to protect the service from being abused.



Websites for Flood Updates:

  • Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards or Project Noah:
  • Pinas 911: is a site that shows you feeds on the Twitter hashtags listed above, all in one place. Currently, they have feeds of the hashtags above.

Feel free to leave websites or information at the comments section for places where relief or donations can be sent to.

Philippines Emergency Hotline Numbers and Twitter Accounts You Need to Know

I postdBecause of the nasty weather we’ve been having for the past weeks, it’s important to always be prepared. To gear up for any possible emergencies, you must know who to contact or how you can communicate to others your situation. Thank goodness for mobile devices (cellphones, internet sticks, laptops and tablets), we can easily get in touch with groups that are in charge of rescue or disaster operations.


Emergency Hotline Numbers You Need to Know

National Disaster and Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC):

  • (02) 911-1406
  • (02) 912-2665
  • (02) 912-5668

Philippine National Red Cross:

  • 143
  • (02) 911-1876

Philippine National Police ( PNP ):

  • 117
  • Send TXT PNP to 2920


  • (02) 433-8526

Philippine Coast Guard:

  • (02) 527-3877


  • 136


  • (02) 922-5155

Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP NCR):

  • (02) 729-5166
  • (02) 410-6254
  • (02) 431-8859
  • (02) 407-1230

Department of Transporation and Communications ( DOTC ):

  • 7890
  • 0918-884-8484


  • (02) 304-3713


  • (02) 3-5000
  • (02) 580-8910


  • 0920-967-2839


  • 0908-880-7539


  • (02) 776-7777
  • 0915-625-6231
  • 0939-500-6910


Local Government Units for Metro Manila

  • Malabon City: (02) 292-1405
  • Navotas City: (02) 281-1111
  • Caloocan: (02) 288-8811 local 2295
  • Valenzuela: (02) 292-1405
  • Manila Traffic Hotline: (02) 527-3087
  • Cainta Traffic Hotline: (02) 646-0044 / 655-7368 local 164
  • Las Piñas Traffic: (02) 874-5756 / 874-3957 / 874-3927
  • Mandaluyong Hotline: (02) 534-2993
  • Taguig Traffic: (02) 838-4301 local 7112
  • Marikina STOC: (02) 646-1651
  • Pasig Traffic: (02) 643-0000 / (02) 724-5813
  • Makati Public Safety Dept: (02) 844-3146 / (02) 819-3270


Emergency Contacts through Twitter

If you have an internet connection and no access to a landline or mobile phone, thankfully, we are now able to report problems, emergencies or concerns through Twitter. These are the Twitte accounts you should take note of. Heck, I recommend you add them to a list, so you can easily monitor their tweets.


Philippine News on Twitter

Find out the latest updates on the weather and how the rest of the country is affected through these news sites on Twitter:


Twitter Hashtags You Should Monitor / Follow:

If you want to read about rescue and relief operations or updates on other parts of Metro Manila, follow these hashtags on Twitter:

  • #FloodPH – General news on the flood situation.
  • #PHalerts – Updates on government advisories / announcements.
  • #ReliefPH – Updates or how you can get information on relief operations.
  • #RescuePH – Updates on rescue operations.

I have been retweeting posts from some of these hashtags to get the word around. It’s the least I can do to help everyone. And, of course, this comes with prayers for them.


Websites for Disaster / Flood Updates:

I hope this list helps. Be safe everyone!