Getting Well-Deserved Sleep (Day 35 #100HappyDays)

I’ve been having issues with my insomnia again the past few days, so it was soooo good to finally get some decent sleep today. I slept for over 10 hours! 😀

Dear sleep...

I woke up feeling rejuvenated, but my bed won’t let me go so I stayed in and read instead. 😛

Hopefully, my insomnia will be less problematic after our vacation in Potipot. I’m not sure though if it’ll be as relaxing as I’m anticipating since we’re taking a vacation along with tons of other people this Holy Week. 😀 Let’s see!

Okay, my bed is calling me again. 😀

Can't sleep - someone else's dream

I wonder if this is true. 😛 I wish he’d think of me less on weekdays. 😀

The Burp Society Meet-up PLUS Get-Together with Online Colleagues (Day 34 #100HappyDays)

I just got home from a really fun day. After months in hiatus, The Burp Society met up again upon a generous invite from Viking’s in SM Megamall. It’s their new branch, and there were 12 of us who came for lunch. Trust me, there were a ton of burps that were let out after our meals (yes, plural hahah).

The Burp Society at Viking's SM Megamall

My clan in Diablo 3Galugad Squad – also got to meet up there. Check out this photo from my friend Saji. With us in the photo are my bro Ken and Karl. 🙂 Di kami magkasya sa frame kaya tawa ako nang tawa.

Galugad Squad

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Comfortable in My Own Skin (Day 33 #100HappyDays)

As much I hate to admit it, my weight gain in the past 8 years has affected my confidence. I’ve always been the girl who looks good in almost every photo that’s taken of me. I don’t have to pose a certain way to get the right angle of my face that won’t make me look fat. I strut my stuff (hahah) in any outfit I decide to wear. And since I gained weight, all of that has changed.

Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin

However, in the past year, I realized, along with my decision to lose weight for my health, I shouldn’t let my being overweight control my life. It was a few months ago when I said, I don’t care anymore if people see me in photos now while I’m working my way to losing weight. I was no longer as conscious as before about what I wear or if my tummy is showing when photos are taken. And, guess what, I even bought a swimsuit top for our upcoming Potipot getaway! 😀

I just added this photo after we came back from our vacation. I won’t be posting this anywhere else though. 😛

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Divisoria Shopping + KitchenAid (Day 32 #100HappyDays)

Earlier today, I sold 3 of my last client computers to one buyer. And as promised, I decided to buy my bro his own KitchenAid mixer as part of my investment in his small home-based business. We already knew that Quiapo would be his best bet to get it at a more affordable price. We decided to tag along our nanay and go to Divisoria afterwards for some shopping for our upcoming Potipot Island getaway.

There was no stock available of the KitchenAid my bro initially wanted, so he went for the next best thing – their Artisan mixer, which was a li’l more expensive. We had no choice, so we just had to buy it. I love the color of the KitchenAid we got. 🙂

After a few days, he decided to prepare something using his brand-new KitchenAid. Check out these gorgeous French macarons! 🙂

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Getting Work Done (Day 31 #100HappyDays)

One of the best feelings when it comes to work would have to be the satisfaction of getting all your tasks done earlier than expected. I love being productive at work, and for some people who work at home like I do, this might be a struggle. I’m not perfect, but the thought of logging out early and not worrying about anything else after my shift ends is something that pushes me to not slack off. 🙂

No substitute for hard work

Next week is our planned vacation, so this means I’ve been pretty busy preparing to get everything prepared, especially because I need to submit reports and important documents for the following week as early as Wednesday next week, before I take my leave. Gaahhhh! 😀 Thankfully, looks like I’ll be finished earlier than expected. 🙂