America’s Next Top Mode – Season 11 – Final 8 – Isis and Clark, now gone!

We’ve been watching America’s Next Top Model Season 11. We love watching this series because of what the wanna-be models go through, and how good Tyra and the other judges are in giving tips on how the girls can improve.

From watching previous seasons, I think this is the toughest season ever. I love how Tyra comes up with ideas for the girls’ photo shoots, especially the make-your-eyes-smile photo shoot where the girls’ were shot from the eyes up.

Also, there’s a contestant that has caused some drama – because she’s not a she, y’know what I mean? Guess who!

6 girls were already eliminated and only 8 remain:

Elina – A self-confessed bisexual. She’s a bit of a control freak. I like her because of her silent, mysterious, and strong personality. She has to let go of some control, though, if she really wants to win.

Samantha – She’s the prettiest of them all so I don’t understand why she puts too much effort into looking good in front of the camera and on ramp. She’s very nice and I hope she’ll go far and really improve.

Analeigh – She’s also one of the cutest contestants. She’s been in the bottom 2 for 2 weeks straight so I hope she’ll continue improving.

Sheena – At first, we didn’t like her because she’s too “ghetto” for her Asian look, if you know what I mean. But, after how she defended Isis and her attitude, so far, she made me love her.

Joslyn – She amazes us. She’s bubbly and loud in person. But, damn, she takes really gorgeous photos, like it wasn’t her! She’s pretty nice, too. So, I’m also rooting for her.

Lauren – She’s the best in photo shoots since the start for me. But, she needs a personality! I sometimes forget she’s even there!

McKey – I loved her old hairstyle. She’s got a gorgeous face but she doesn’t carry herself so well. Especially in the last ep. If you can’t dance, don’t even try, especially when you’re in front of the camera and it’s not really necessary. But don’t get me wrong, I like her. I just feel uneasy when I see her doing anything else than posing.

Marjorie – I really don’t like her. She does take great photos but her confidence and attitude, I hate! And she’s too awkward to be a model.

Anyway, from what me and Mai have observed, all contestants that were eliminated (except for Isis) were bitchy while they lasted. I guess Tyra Banks is getting rid of them early in the competition because they won’t serve as good “models” to everyone watching. She has pointed this out in past seasons, that she wants the wannabes to set an example to li’l girls watching.

I was so glad that Sharaun, Brittany and Hannah were already eliminated. They’re nasty and don’t deserve to be there. I hate how they treated Isis and how they acted in front of everybody else.

Isis – She’s the she who’s actually a HE. I mean, she’s a transexual. She was one of the girls who posed as an extra in one of the photo shoots of season 10. Tyra loved her and invited her to join the next season. Too bad she was gone. I thought she’s going to be confident as hell.

I mean, c’mon! Everybody knows you got a dick down there. So, just give it your best or your all and don’t mind whatever’s going to show. That’s part of being a model. Models need to dress up in front of other models, stylists, etc., during a fashion show. Tsk. I was rooting for her since the start. Too bad.

Clark – Mai was attracted to her but I don’t get why because I don’t like her nose hehehe. The prettiest for me was still Samantha. Anyway, Clark was too cocky for no reason, that’s why she got eliminated. And she also has a bitchy attitude so I guess that’s another reason she got eliminated this early.

I am rooting for Sheena, Elina, Analeigh, and Samantha.. So, let’s just see who’s going to win.

I think this is the best season ever of America’s Next Top Model. What do you think?

My First "Official" Digital Scrapbook Layout – and my Prize!

Last August, I joined Digital Scrapbook Place and started downloading DigiScrap freebies in their gallery. I love how friendly the people are in their forums. So, I stayed around.

I immediately designed my first official digital scrapbook (read at the bottom of this page why I called it my first “official”) layout after I downloaded elements that I’ll need. And, here’s the layout I made, for my partner Mai, for our 3rd year anniversary last September 15th.

This was made using:
Paper, Texture, Frames & Flowers: Valeri
Swirlies (for the flowers): Team Digital

Then, while browsing their forums and challenges/contests, I found out they have a contest for members’ first layouts for August. So, I decided to submit this LO (layout).

Guess what…. I WON!

Well, there were only 3 LOs submitted, including mine. It was a random drawing. I wasn’t able to check their forums to check if I won because I was busy with our move here to Cebu and blogging, too.

Good thing Amber Gray, who started the contest, said I can still get my prize. It was a $3.99 coupon and I can buy anything I want from the DSP store.

After much debating, with myself and Mai, I decided to buy this lovely page kit by Erica Belton.

You can buy it here at the DSP store.

I will be using some of the elements from this kit and others from the freebies I got for the new design of this blog. I had to re-design it because I don’t want this blog to look my PTC reviews blog.

I haven’t done much digiscrapping since August. I’ll find the time and maybe even design my own page kits.

We’ll see…

I called it my first “official” digiscrap layout because I was actually doing digiscrapbooks longer than anyone I know. But I didn’t know that it was already called a digital scrapbook. So, the one I made for our 3rd year anniversary was my first “official” digiscrap layout. Gets? Hehehe.

Survivor Gabon – Episode 1 and 2 – My Review – Fang Tribe, the Dumbest Tribe Ever?

We watched the first episode of the latest season of my fave reality show, Survivor : Gabon. The last time I blogged about my excitement about the new season, I was hoping that it’ll be more entertaining than the last season. Boy, was I entertained!

I can’t think of any other words to describe the Fang tribe. If Eric of Survivor : Macronesia was the dumbest survivor ever, then, Fang tribe is the dumbest group of castaways ever! And I’m not exaggerating.

During the schoolyard pick, they chose the weakest people for their tribe. Lost the first challenge. They’re not giving their best at all during the challenges. Then, they lost the immunity challenge again because they’re all too lazy and had to rest during the challenge.

Afterwards, they voted out Michelle, the only member of their tribe who was giving her all to win the challenges. Before the voting, they picked on her when she said that people are slacking off even during the challenges. They also complained that no one came forward to be their tribe leader. What the…?! Is that really necessary?! Can’t you dumb asses survive without a leader? Sheesh! Damn! And that’s not all.

They lost the next reward-immunity challenge again. Dan, one of their tribe members, was sent to Exile Island and couldn’t find the hidden immunity idol because he was too dumb to even be there. Sheesh! I was just glad they voted out Gillian, an old blabbermouth who didn’t deserve to be there.

Please take note that my comments, reviews and reactions here towards the new season and the castaways are based on how they played the game during the first 2 episodes. So, here are my…

Top 5 Survivor Gabon Castaways:
The list might change in the future as we get to know the castaways better.

Michelle Chase
Too bad, she’s the first one out. But she’s better off away from Fang tribe. I just wished she was with the Kota tribe. At least with them, she had a chance. Fang tribe was too dumb to realize that she’s an asset. Tsk tsk.

Only thing she should’ve done to stay in the game, though, was to try to be a li’l social with her tribemates. Yes, she was too negative. But I like her spunky attitude. Argh! I really wish she’d stay instead of Gillian! She was the only one really pushing herself for their tribe to win. But, then again, Survivor is also a social game.

I love what she said when everyone was ganging up on her. She was only saying that people are slacking off or not giving their all during the challenge that’s why they lost. Her tribemates told her off. I’m watching it again. Here’s everything they said:

Jeff: Dan, let me ask you how you guys think you did at the immunity challenge.
Dan: I think we did okay. I think we did better than we expected.
(Susie nodding)
Jeff: You think you did okay?
Dan: I do.
Jeff: (Grinning) So in addition to being a complete disaster, this tribe is in total denial.
Dan: I disagree. I don’t think it was a complete and utter disaster. I think we can take those guys and we’re looking forward to the next challenge.
(Michelle making a face)
Jeff: ‘Kay. (Smirking) Michelle, give me the play-by-play, you were there. What was going on?
Michelle: Well, it took a long time and there were people taking breaks. Ken was taking a break, GC was resting on his back, digging with one hand.
GC: Sorry, I got tired. I mean, I got exhausted. Yah, I took a break. If that’s the reason we lost, I’m sorry.
Michelle: It’s not the reason we won, coz we’re sitting here.
Dan: You can’t go a 100% 100% of the time.
Michelle: That’s what a challenge is. That’s what a race is. YOu don’t stop until the job is done.
Susie: Why didn’t you step on that hole and get right on it.
Michelle: I didn’t stop digging!
Susie: Why didn’t you verbalize it and blah blah blah (She was telling Michelle that she should’ve told everyone else to keep digging. What the hell?!?)
And, they went on and on blaming Michelle. What the fuck!??! Michelle got tired and just agreed with them.
Jeff nods his head in disbelief of what was going on. LOLz!
Michelle: I just thought it’s COMMON SENSE that we’re in a race, you don’t stop until we’re done or we win.

Very nice, Michelle. *sigh* They chose you last during the schoolyard pick and we didn’t like you the first time we saw you. But because of your performance during the challenges and you were the only sane person in Fang tribe, you’re #1 on my list. I just watched her final words video on CBS. Harsh words but I understand her hehehe.

Bob Crowley
He’s from Kota tribe, the wayy smarter tribe. He picked the first member of their tribe as he was the oldest, and he chose wisely. I thought he’s a weakling but I was wrong.

He’s very dependable and strong for a guy his age. Also considering the fact that he’s a Physics teacher, he’s pretty amazing. Another Yau-man? Let’s hope!

Matty Whitmore
Well, they haven’t showed too much of him yet but he looks pretty strong. He’s a personal trainer. I just liked him because he was the one helping out Gillian and Crystal climb up the mountain during their first challenge.

Will he be the next Ozzy? I don’t think so hehehe. He voted for Michelle for being so negative. Errmm. Let’s see how you’ll do.

Charlie Herschel
He’s gay and proud of it. He’s a lawyer, like Dan. The only difference is he’s not as stupid as Dan.

He’s lusting on Marcus and they’re close. They started the first alliance this season. I hope they’ll be as successful as Parvati‘s all-girl alliance or Rob and Amber and their dominions. Will he be the next Todd?

Randy Bailey
I had to pick 5 so even though I didn’t completely like Randy, I chose him because he’s also one of the sane people in Fang tribe.

He’s very resourceful, making a fishing hook out of his glasses frame. Well, that’s about it.

I was choosing between him and Ken for my 5th fave castaway this season but because of the fishing hook, he got my vote.

Now, this is the first time that I have 5, yes 5, Survivor castaways that I hate this early in the season. Of course, I’m hoping this will change in the future.

Top 5 Survivor Gabon Castaways I Hate

Gillian Larson
I also thought I’m gonna love this old lady. But, I was wrong. I was ready to sympathize with her for being the weakest during their first challenge but I couldn’t. She was the most useless castaway and I can’t believe they chose to vote out Michelle over her. And her cheery attitude really irritated me. And it’s only the 2nd episode! I’m glad she got voted out.

Dan Kay
Lawyer? Oh gosh, after this season, I don’t think anyone’s going to hire him. Well, at least not me. Damn. For me, he’s the dumbest survivor ever. Eric was just dumb when it comes to his strategy in the game. But, Dan is stupid in general in the game.

Sorry if I’m too harsh, but, damn. You can’t give 100% 100% of the time? You’re in Survivor, not Big Brother, dammit!

When Kota tribe selected him to go to Exile Island, I didn’t think much about it. He was all cocky saying that they shouldn’t have chosen him because he’ll find the immunity idol. You wish! If it was right under your nose, you might not even find it! We were laughing hysterically after he was shown looking for the immunity idol. Here’s the clue:

“Across the lake you see well
there lies a sandy crater
the object hidden in its floor
will surely help you later”

You know what he did? He looked IN the lake. First line of the clue said “ACROSS THE LAKE…” Argh!! And he’s a lawyer, huh! Then, he returns to his tribe complaining that finding the hidden immunity idol and being in Exile Island was too hard. OMG!

Susie Smith
This self-righteous castaway really irritated me. At first, I thought I’m going to love her, like all the castaway moms in past seasons. But, no.

I can’t believe she blamed Michelle when they were at tribal council, saying that Michelle should’ve encouraged their tribemates to keep digging during the challenge. Is she your cheerleader? Your tribe can’t survive without a leader, and now you need a cheerleader? Sheesh!

Crystal Cox
Olympic Gold Medalist. Now that alone should tell you that she’d be a lovable castaway and a big threat. Well, you’re wrong. I’m not sure if it’s her strategy for being a wimp or she’s really one.

She didn’t tell anyone that she was an Olympic Gold medalist. That’s understood. I won’t tell either, if I was her. But, she’s not performing at all during the challenges. She doesn’t contribue much at camp. If she’s going to continue this under-the-radar act, I’ll lose all my respect for her.

GC Brown
Designated tribe leader of the Fang tribe then he “resigned”. I don’t like him but I don’t completely hate him because he’s been contributing to the tribe. I just can’t believe he’s one weakling, too. Complaining that he only took a break DURING one challenge because he was tired. Everyone else was tired! Ack!

But I learned something funny from him. He wants to boil water first. Then, he’s gonna use that water to cook rice. So, he’s gonna boil the water twice. Randy tried to explain to him that he doesn’t have to boil the water first since it’s gonna boil while cooking rice anyway. And he still continued on with his own stupid ways.

As much as I want to enjoy watching Survivor Gabon, it seems that I’ll continue hating these people. I am really hoping they’re going to change my mind. I wanna see more of the Kota tribe!

What I like about this season so far? I like the twist of choosing between Comfort or Clue at Exile Island. I’m still interested on who’s going to find the immunity idol and how it’s going to be played this time.

I love how Yul played it during their season. I also love Rob for showing it off and never being voted out. But I don’t think there’s going to be something really as interesting as that in this new season. I’m still crossing my fingers, though.

Who’s your favorite castaway in Survivor Gabon?

Blogger Tutorial : How to Change Title Tags for Each Blog Post

Here’s a technique that will help boost your SEO and SERP position for people like me who are using Blogger as their blogging platform.

How to Change Title Tags for Each Blog Post

I noticed with my blog posts that they all have the same titles “Just Another Pixel – My Quest to Make Money Online and “Be Seen” on the Web”. Blogger already has a fix for this, with the tag. But, I found something that you might like better than this. Just look at my main blog page and my blog post pages.

I want to share with you how I did this.

Step # 1: Go to the Layout tab -> Edit Template HTML. Backup your template first by clicking on Download Full Template.
You should always back up your template so you can revert to it anytime you make a mistake.

Step # 2: Look for this tag: .
If you can’t find it, most probably you’re using a customized template like me. So, just look for this tag – or the tags.

Step # 3: Replace the tags mentioned on Step #2 with this code:



Important Note: If you have this code – <data:blog.title/> or Blah Blah, you MUST replace them completely with the codes on Step #3.

Now, you can also add something to the post page titles, like what I did with mine:


<data:blog.pageName/> ( Just Another Pixel by blankPixels )


That’s it! Now each blog post page will have the blog post title as their browser title with your site’s name and your alias with it, too! Cool, huh?

I got this from Blogger Buster and just made some changes with it to suit my needs.

Supernatural – Season 4 – Angel Casstiel / Castiel

If you’re here looking for information on Angel Castiel (Misha Collins), go to my latest post about him and Supernatural HERE.

Another TV series that we love, love, love is Supernatural. Not just because the main casts Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) and Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) are hot but because we love the good versus evil plot.

We were so excited to watch the new season because the last time, Dean was killed. We’ve been longing to know what happened to him. Will he be a demon, too?

The season premiere of Supernatural didn’t really show us if he’s a demon or not. Dean seemed okay. Sam changed… A LOT! Now, they’re all wondering how Dean got out of hell. We were thinking all along that another demon pulled him out but we were wrong. This time, we’re glad we were wrong!

They introduced a new character. A very interesting twist. Guess who pulled Dean out of hell and brought him back! An angel sent by the Lord. Casstiel played by Misha Collins. A very surprising twist, right?

After 3 seasons of the Winchester brothers fighting off demons and spirits, they came up with Casstiel. When asked why he pulled Dean out, he said that it’s God’s command. Wow! I love him already. When we saw him, me and Mai had to pause the ep and “analyze” what just happened. “That’s why the demons were so scared!”


But, is he really an angel? Or another demon plotting to trick the brothers? We’ll see!

I can’t wait to watch the next episode. It already aired but we haven’t seen it yet. Maybe we’ll watch it later.

I’m glad my partner Mai convinced me to watch Supernatural. I hate horror movies or shows. Thinking that this was a horror TV series, I didn’t even take a glimpse on it when I saw the trailer, just like with The 4400. Now, Supernatural is one of my fave TV series.

By the way, I was trying to google for Casstiel or Castiel. Can’t find anything about this angel. Maybe they just made him up or something. On IMDB, the name is spelled “Casstiel” so I’m sticking to that.

And another thing, Ruby is back! A new actor is playing her, though. The old one got mauled by dogs, I think, or was killed by demons so they had to switch to a new actor. I love the old Ruby, played by Katie Cassidy. She fits the role better than Genevieve Cortese. They’re both gorgeous, though. What do you think?