GoingUp! – Web Analytics and SEO Tools

In my quest to “be seen” online, I wanted to see my progress everyday. I am still learning the concept behind the Google Page Rank system. I want to know how I can improve my PageRank (PR).

I also want to understand how I can increase my Alexa rating. I want to understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) better. That’s one of my quests in this blog.

So, I looked for a site or a company who provides free analysis of my blog to see how I’m doing. I want to keep track of the visitors I get, what they read here, and what can help me increase my Google AdSense earnings.

Then, I found GoingUp!. They offer FREE SEO tools and web analysis for people like me. As you can see on the lower right side of my blog, I have their button.

GoingUp! has a lot of features that they offer free of charge. You can keep track of your website’s activity by logging in and checking your My Websites control panel (see image below).

Yes, I only had 5 visits today when I checked it. Hehehe.

They also have different buttons that you can place on your website so they can track its activity for you. I chose the one with everything on it – # of visitors, my Google PageRank, Alexa Rank. They have buttons for tracking your PageRank only, or the # of visitors to your site.

I put it up Saturday night. So, I only had 179 visitors (as of this writing) since Saturday. But for someone like me who’s just starting out with this quest, that’s pretty good.

I will post my updates here. All my experiments in improving my web stats will be posted here. I’m hoping that my quests to “be seen” and make money online will help others to do the same. No, I’m not doing this just for myself or my own gain. So, I hope I’ll be successful.

Do you have any tips for me?

Heroes – New Chapter "The Villains"

The much-awaited new season of Heroes is here! If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing a lot, I tell you.

The last 2 seasons were a disappointment. Aside from the dragging storyline, the powers of each character weren’t showcased as much as me and Mai wanted. We enjoyed The 4400 much more than the past 2 seasons of Heroes combined. Nasasayangan kami because the special effects were great, as well as the powers of the characters, too.

We were not really expecting to be surprised or amazed by the first 2 episodes of Heroes season 3. But, boy, we were! This chapter is entitled The Villains. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who haven’t seen it yet so that’s all I’m gonna tell you, I promise!

There are a few characters who we thought are goners in the past season but they’re back. I won’t tell you who but it’s going to be pretty interesting.


Of course, the ultimate Heroes villain, Sylar, played by creepy Zachary Quinto, is back. He fits the role so well that he scares me even when he’s just delivering a line during their countdown to the premiere. I don’t think anyone else can play Sylar better than him.

There are a few surprises. Really. Imagine, Mohinder Suresh gaining his own powers! Oops, a spoiler. But, that should make you guess what kind of powers he got, right?

Also, Nikki, Jessica, Tracy Strauss or whatever her name is now, has new powers. And we’re glad they decided to give her a new power. The old one was pretty boring. She had to be Jessica before she can completely control her super-strength powers. Ali Larter is still hot as hell whatever role she’s given. She fits the role, too, because you’ll actually see that she changed personas. From sweet and nice Nikki, to slutty Jessica, to smart and bitchy Tracy. 3 in 1! Well, 3 for now. Let’s see what’s gonna happen next.

During their countdown to the premiere, they promised that this new season will be different. And I believe them. Just basing it on the first 2 episodes, Heroes definitely deserves to be the most popular TV series today.

New characters were already introduced. This new chapter, The Villains, is pretty exciting. At least now, the Heroes won’t be doing too much talking or drama. They’re gonna be busy fighting the villains.

They should’ve thought of that early on! I mean, c’mon. The Heroes are pretty amazing and powerful. There are a million things that you can do with the storylines. Not just a mere New-York-will-be-destroyed bullshit of a plot. Even without the villains, there are better stories than that. Take it from The 4400.

Can’t wait for the next episode. I just hope that this won’t be a 2-episode thing. I hope they’ll keep Heroes as exciting as it is now.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you can watch the episodes online at NBC. Click here.

Pixel Link Exchange for Pinoy Bloggers

Have you seen The Million Dollar HomePage by Alex Tew?

That was pretty amazing, right? So, I thought about putting up my own but it’s for FREE! And this is exclusively for Pinoy Bloggers only. Yes, it’s free advertising!

This is listed on my to-do list towards my goal to “be seen” online. So, join me! Instructions are on the next page.

Here are the conditions:

  • Again, this is for Pinoy bloggers only. If you want to participate or join, leave a message/comment on this blog post with your name, address and suking tindahan. *ehem* I mean, your blog’s URL and if you’ll send me your 3×3 pixel ad or if you need my help to do it.
  • Only 3×3 pixel ad or image for your blog should be submitted to me. You can email it to:

    blankpixels0 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    If you don’t know how to make one, just tell me so through the comments form.

  • By the end of this week or early next week, I will put it up here on my site. It will be on a separate page but the link will still be here on my main page.
  • All participants should put a small pixel ad of my blog on their site, too. That’s all I’m asking! I’ll be providing the pixel ad here once I have finished with the Pixel Link Exchange.

If you have Pinoy friends who also have their own blogs, tell them about this free Pixel Link Exchange.

Let’s all help each other to “be seen” online.

"Read More" Link or Expandable Blog Post for Blogger or Blogspot

I have been looking all over for a Blogger script or hack to create a “Read More” link on my blogs. I want to use it so that only the summary of my blog post is seen on the main page and viewers can click on the “Read more” (or for my blog, “Continue reading…”) to, well, read more or the whole blog post. Also, loading my main blog page will be faster.

There’s a help page on Blogger that shows you how to do it. I tried it and for someone like me who knows a bit about coding, it was hard to understand. Thankfully, I found this blog by Vin: Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta. If you click the link, it will go straight to his tutorial. However, I want to simplify it even more and give you tips based on what I did. So, continue reading if you want to know how I got it to work.

Before anything else, SUMMARY is the only part of your blog post that will be shown on the main page. The FULLPOST is your whole blog post.

Step #1: Before you do ANYTHING, backup your template! Just click on the Download Full Template. In case you change something that’s not supposed to be changed, you can revert to your original template/layout.
Step #2: On the Layout tab on your Blogger user page, make sure that the Expand Widget Templates box is checked (see right). If you don’t do this, you won’t see the code that you need to look for on Step #4.

Step #3: Look for the on your template code. (You can use CTRL+F to look for this code). Now, add the code below right BEFORE :

Tip: I always put comments () before the widgets or codes that I add to my template. It will be easier for me to remove or change it in the future.


What was done? We defined a class called “fullpost”. This will tell which part of your blog post should be shown only on the post pages and not on the main page.

Step # 4:
Look for tag in your template code. Again, use CTRL+F to find it easier. Then, add the code below IMMEDIATELY AFTER it:

Read more!

Note: You can change the “Read more!” message to anything you like. For my blog, I changed it to “Continue reading…”.
Also, this link will ONLY be shown on your main page and archives.


Step # 5.a:
Now, we will create a Post template so you won’t have to do it everytime you create a new post. However, read my notes after the instructions.

Click on your Settings tab. Then, go to Archiving and make sure that you set “Enable Post Pages?” to “Yes”. Save settings.

Step #5.b:
Then, click on the Formatting sub-tab. Look for the Post template at the bottom of this page and copy paste the following:



Save settings.

Step #5.c:
From now on, whenever you create a new post, there’s a post template for you so you won’t have to do it everytime.Read More Link for BloggerNote: Make sure that the tag is at the VERY BOTTOM of your blog post’s HTML code.

Tip: I chose not to create this post template for my own blog. Why? I want to see how my blog post looks like first on my browser before I select which part of it I want people to see first on my main page. Once I figured out which one needs to go to the main page, I just copy and paste after that part the code for the rest of my post to be shown on the post page.

There you have it! This is extremely useful if most of your posts are REALLY long. It won’t take forever to load your main page and it won’t look all cluttered.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This hack will create a “Read more” link to ALL of your blogs on the main page and archives. So, you need to edit ALL your posts. But, with mine, I only edited the last 7 blog posts. I’ll just do this moving forward.
There’s no hack yet that wouldn’t put the “Read More” link on all your blog posts on the main page. I’ll try to do this myself because that’s what I want here.

TROUBLESHOOTING: I had problems making this work on my blog. Upon further inspection of my codes, I found out that the was causing the problem. So, make sure that…

  • You check if there are open tags on your codes. Make sure that and tags on your codes are closed properly.
  • Check


    tags. Make sure they are also closed properly.

  • Clean up your tags/codes! Sometimes, editing your posts on Blogger will create multiple open tags.

Now, if you want this done automatically, check out the guide I found at It’s a Fun Blog using Javascript. It will automatically truncate or cut your blog posts. I tried it myself but it wasn’t for me.

If you’re having problems getting this to work, leave me a message. I’ll do my best to help you out.

Finally, My Own Google AdSense Account!

In my quest to make money online, I browsed through different websites to find out what I need to do to achieve exactly that. And everyone said that Google AdSense is a MUST-have for anyone who has a blog or wants to earn money online.

So, last week, I applied for a Google AdSense account. I didn’t apply months ago because I want to make sure my layout is complete and that I have a decent number of posts. I didn’t get accepted the first time because my domain was in the process of being set up so I was rejected because my site was “under construction”.

Just 2 days ago, I re-applied. I finally finished my layout and design for this blog so I knew it was time. Guess what… they approved my Google AdSense application today!

I didn’t really wanna start blogging again for the money. But, I was really intrigued by all this hype about earning money online. Why not, right? I mean, I love blogging so why can’t I earn money while doing it?

I’m starting to understand why there’s so much talk about Google AdSense. I love the fact that Google AdSense gives “small” people like me the opportunity to earn money online. It’s also very easy to setup, like adding widgets to your blog. My ad units are fully integrated in my layout so that’s also cool.

I don’t know how much I’ll earn from Google AdSense. Will I even reach their target amount before cash-out? Will that take forever? I don’t know. I’m just glad I’m “in”.

I will post updates here regarding my quest to earn money online through Google AdSense. I hope that one of these days, I’ll be posting something like these:

The House That Blogging Bought/Built
The Car That Blogging Bought

Cool, huh? First on my wishlist, LAPTOP! For all my blogging needs. *sigh*

Wish me luck!