How to Change Your MyBlogLog Widget Style or Colors

If you check my MyBlogLog widget at the bottom of this page, it already blended with my blog’s template and colors. I didn’t like how the old widget was displayed on my page so I decided to change it up. I’ll show you how I did it.

This is very useful when you want to make it look like it’s part of your layout. You also have more control over the colors, the width, the number of rows, the image sizes, and more. (Continue reading to know how to do this.)

If you have this new MyBlogLog widget code:

Simply change it to this code so you can have more control over the design: (from SlickAffiliate)

Note: Only values in RED should be changed/edited. Continue reading for my guide on what each string or code represents.

You can edit the colors and how it is displayed by changing the following:

mblID – Your MyBlogLog ID usually starts with the year you signed up, followed by the month. For example, 200808#######, followed by some numbers. You can check it from the new widget given to you by MyBlogLog:


c_width – Change the value “140” to your desired widget size to fit on your sidebar or wherever you want to place it.

c_rows – Change the value “5” to the # of rows you want for your widget. Before you go crazy on this value, consider the fact that loading a lot of images will affect how fast your blog or website loads.

c_img_size – Change this to any value from “a” (smallest) to “e”. Mine’s set to “a”.

c_heading_text – If you want to put a title on top of the widget, e.g., “Recent Readers”, just type it in after this code. No need to put quotes.

c_color_heading_bg – Set this to your blog’s background color. This will only be seen when someone visits your site and they’re logged in to MyBlogLog. Otherwise, they’ll see a message “You! Join my Community” with white background.

c_color_heading – I didn’t put anything here for my widget. For the sake of this guide, I set this to “Recent Readers”. No need to put in quotes, just type your header text.

c_color_link_bg – Background color for the main box with all the icons of your visitors. I suggest you set it to your blog’s background color for better blending.

c_color_link – Color of the text or your visitor’s name if you decide to show their names.

c_color_bottom_bg – Background color of the bottom row where you see the links “View Reader Community”, etc.

Now, if you want to remove the MyBlogLog links at the bottom of the widget, which I don’t recommend, just paste this code after on your HTML code:

table#MBL_COMM td.mbl_fo_hidden { display:none; }

That’s it! Leave me a comment so I can check what you did with yours.

New Design, Finally!

I hated my old blog design (left). I don’t like pink so I’m not really sure why I chose that template. And it’s too plain for me.

I have just finished (well, kinda) editing my blog’s design. I used GosuBlogger‘s Blackview Blogger Template. Had to change some things to my liking, especially the colors to gray, purple and black. I’ll be changing the header once I’m done with the one I’m designing.

However, I’m having problems with the way it looks on IE6 and Firefox. With Firefox, the whole blog or content area is not centered. On IE6 (don’t even ask why I’m still using the old version, ok?), everything’s centered but the posts are too far from the sidebar.

I hope I can figure out what’s wrong. Or I hope GosuBlogger can help me with this. Or if you know how I can fix this, please leave me a message.

Thanks, GosuBlogger, for the template! I love this layout. I don’t like 3-column templates because they tend to look unorganized. While this layout looks simple but elegant, right?

Edit: I’ve already figured out what’s wrong. I made the changes and now, the whole layout is complete. I’ll post the heading later! Off to PTCs! Will post my reviews later!

Survivor – My Ultimate Favorite Reality TV Show now in the Philippines!

I am a BIG fan of the reality TV show Survivor. I wasn’t able to watch the first season, though (we didn’t have cable yet). But, after watching Survivor: Australian Outback, their second season, I was hooked!

I especially love their 16th season, Survivor: Macronesia. Why? Girl power! It was the most entertaining Survivor episode ever! Parvati so deserves to win. She was the brains of the whole operation. Amanda didn’t have a chance! Too bad, I liked her on Survivor: China. But she didn’t have any real strategy so she was second place for 2 consecutive Survivor seasons. Wow, that’s a record. Another record to break: Eric – dumbest survivor ever! So it was a really fun season to watch.


This coming Thursday (it will be aired here on Friday), the new season of my favorite Survivor will premiere – Survivor : Gabon. Everyone looks interesting. I hoped all the latest castaways watched past seasons of Survivor so they’ll know what to do or not to do, what kind of people to avoid, and to not trust anyone. I just hate those people who get voted out and spit out all that self-righteous bullshit saying that people shouldn’t sacrifice their principles and dignity by lying or hurting people in this game of Survivor. What the?! Did you join Survivor to make friends? I don’t think so! Sheesh!

I am really, really looking forward to this new season. I hope this one’s more entertaining than the last. But I don’t think anyone can beat what Parvati and her dominions did with everyone else in Survivor: Macronesia.

Speaking of Survivor, GMA Channel 7 won the Philippine franchise of this amazing reality show. Last September 15th was the premiere of Survivor: Philippines.

Did I watch it on TV? No, I didn’t. Not because I’m a kapamilya. It’s because I got used to the American version of Survivor. Survivor: Philippines will be shown EVERYDAY. After watching the first 2 episodes online, I concluded that this will bore the hell out of me. Why? I don’t want to see more than 50% of what they do and talk about in the island of Koh Tarutao in Thailand, only those that are important and might greatly affect anyone’s gameplay. Daily installments of Survivor is too slow-paced for me.

And I don’t like Paolo’s voice. I’m so used to his voice already that it’s kinda tiring. But I knew he’ll be chosen to be the Pinoy’s version of Jeff Probst. I like Paolo but, damn, don’t yell too much!

I will still watch Survivor: Philippines. Not on a regular basis, though. I might just watch it online.

By the way, if you’re looking for videos of episodes of Survivor Philippines, visit this website:

As of this writing, only the first 5 episodes are up. The videos are clear, all captured from I hope someone will make a torrent for Survivor Philippines so it’ll be easier for everyone to watch.

I hope these Pinoy castaways become more entertaining so I’ll keep watching. I don’t believe everyone of them watch Survivor so let’s see their strategies. Will post my reactions after I’m done watching all the past episodes.

My First Domain Ever!

I just registered my first domain. Why the rush? Why now?

I’ll post the details later. But I won’t tell you what domain that is. Well, not yet.

Right now, we’re off to SM Cebu to shop for stuff to cover up the lousy job done on where our air conditioner sits.

Langya naman, manong, eh. Baket ganito ang pagkagawa nyo? Mukha tuloy second-hand yung aircon namin eh brand new ‘to!

As if he can read this blog.

Irfanview – Best Compact Graphic Viewer/Editor

In all my years of web and graphics design, and editing photos, Irfanview has been the best, the fastest, most compact graphic viewer for me.

I have been using Irfanview to cut photos, cliparts or anything because it doesn’t ruin the quality of your photos, unlike when you’re using Microsoft Paint or any other photo/graphic viewer.

Irfanview is very easy to use. The first time I used it, I immediately found out how efficiently I can do my work or editing without having to read any help file or tutorial.

It supports a huge list of file formats, which you’ll see upon installation. So I use it to open any kind of graphics or photos. Heck, it can even open video files and flash animations!

It has photo-editing built-in function. If you’re not familiar with Adobe Photoshop or any advanced photo-editing applications, you can use Irfanview to edit your photos. It can apply different effects unto your photos, you can resize it without affecting the quality of the photo, adjust colors and more.

I still use Adobe Photoshop, of course. But I can’t go anywhere without Irfanview. I’m not exaggerating. I love it!

The best thing about Irfanview is…. IT’S FREE!!!

So, click here to go to Irfanview‘s official website and download it!