A New Adventure

I have decided to start blogging about my online money-making adventure.

I have been very intrigued by the multitudes of blogs and people out there who are earning money at the comfort of their own home. I only wanted to blog before because it helps me vent out any kind of emotions I have. But, this time, I have a different purpose.

No, I won’t blog just because I want to earn money. I will still blog about things that interests me, about events in my life and other topics that I want to write about. I know that if I keep on thinking about earning from blogging, I won’t be successful.

I am currently browsing through popular websites with guides and tips for people like me who want to start making money online. For the past weeks, I have been to a lot of these kinds of websites that my mind started to hurt because of too much information. So, because of this, I will start to focus on just one website and post what I have learned from that website here. And only then should I move on to the next one.

Another worry towards my goal to make money online is the design of my blog and where I’m hosted. I know, I claim to be a web designer but I don’t even have my own website with my own original design. Blah blah blah. Just watch out for it!

Now, about the contents of this blog. Aside from my REAL life, as I call it, I will post…Thank you for calling...

  • Updates on my status in this making money online adventure
  • Digital Scrapbooking (I’m a newbie!)
  • Reviews and recommendations for movies, applications, TV series, etc
  • Weird and fun things I found all over the web
  • Anything that excites me
  • Working in a call center

So, wish me luck!

Silkroad Online – Important Info for Newbies

We’ve been playing Silkroad Online for quite some time now but we just recently learned about things that are very important to our gameplay.

Some might think that we’re noobs not to know these things but there were no instructions or anything on the web that guided us so we learned these things on our own. So, we want to share these information to all the current and would-be Silkroad Online players out there:

How to Separate Units of a Certain Item
We encountered this dilemma when me and my partner were playing one night and I didn’t have any mana potions (or MP pots) left. She only have 1 set of mana pots left. She had to give everything to me because there is no option to change the number of units you want to add in your trade window.

And, just a week ago (yes, recently), she found out how to do it out of frustration:


1. Press SHIFT on your keyboard and then LEFT-CLICK on the item you want to separate on your inventory. For this example, I want to give 20 MP recovery potions to my partner. But, I only have 6 sets of 50 pots.
2. A new Input window will popup. Just enter the # of units you want to give or subtract from the item set you “shift-clicked” or selected.

And, for this example, I am giving 20 MP potions to my partner so I enter 20 on the “Distributed number” box.

3. Alas! I have separated 20 units of MP recovery potion that I’ll trade to my partner.

Important Reminder to Everyone in Setting up a Stall
Now that I’ve showed you how to separate items units, I want to remind everyone about this common mistake I see with those people who are setting up stalls to sell their items in-game.

Yesterday, we saw someone selling 8 units of SUMMER event letters for only 10,000 gold – not 10,000 for EACH letter but for all 8 units! Of course, everything sold out in a heartbeat.

We, then, asked this person why he’s selling them for such a low price. We suspected that he didn’t know that the price he entered was for all the units on that one stall box. He thought he entered the price for EACH unit.

So, please be guided. Here’s a sample Confirmation window you’ll get when you setup your stall. Be mindful of the UNIT box on the lower left side. For instance, the price that we entered on this example is the price to buy that 50 units of MP Recovery potion (Small) and not for EACH bottle/potion.

How to Use Return Scrolls
Yeah, we know. Some of you might say, “Wow! How dumb!”. But we bet that most of the Silkroad Online players started out wondering how to use these Return scrolls. Heck, just yesterday, we helped someone who didn’t know how to use return scrolls and was planning on selling them.
These Return Scrolls, by the way, are used to go back to a certain town for weapon repair, for example, or when you ran out of potions.
1. At the start of your game as a new character/player, you’ll get free Beginner Return Scrolls. You can also buy normal and special Return Scrolls from any Grocery Store NPC.

2. To use them, go to the Dimensional Gate of the town where you want to respawn when you use any Return scroll. In this example, we’re in Donwhang.

Click on Designate as return/recall point on the popup window.

2. On the Agreement window that will popup next, you’ll be asked this:
Just click on YES and you’ll get the confirmation message below:

There! Whenever you click on any Return Scroll (except for the Reverse one), you’ll return to the designated spawn point.

You can change this anytime. If you’re already a level 19+ player, you can change your spawn point from Jangan to Donwhang.

Hope this helps!

Female Gamers

right now, we’ve got 3 computers here at home – 1 laptop, 2 desktops. we’re behind a router. and i’m getting really frustrated coz we wanna play Warcraft III – DOTA but i can’t seem to install 1.22 properly.

i just finished downloading yet another patch. i hope this works. i’ll install it tomorrow.

yes, we’re game addicts. we’ve played Ragnarok Online, Flyff, and now, Silkroad Online. i was even the first players of Oz World Philippines.


back in college, i even played Diablo and got so addicted to it that i missed some classes just to play. but i learned to control it and eventually, i got tired of the game.

i also love find-and-seek games such as the Dream Day collection, Little Shop games, at marami pang iba. we usually play these games when we want to tire our eyes out to sleep. i love those find-and-seek games with mini-games where you can exercise your brains like Madam Fate. it’s a must-play!!

right now, we’re completely hooked with Silkroad Online. what we love about the game is it’s international. no, not because we wanna meet people from other countries but because it’s not managed or hosted by Level Up hehehe.
aside from that, the gameplay is also a lot of fun. it’s a must-play also. but to avoid getting bored leveling up, get and finish all the quests. you’ll get awesome stuff just from monster drops. this is one thing i love about Silkroad Online. you don’t have to waste money or save a lot just to get something really useful. doing quests is very helpful in getting equipment, especially weapons, with added stats or functionality coz you’ll be spending time killing the same monsters to finish the quests.
anyway, me and mai’s characters are already level 20+. and i’ve got an experience scroll to finish so we’re off to Silkroad!

myUSA Mailbox

have you heard of myUSA mailbox (http://www.myusamailbox.com.ph/)?

you found some really cool or pretty stuff from an online shop and you wanted it so badly that you immediately added it to your shopping cart.

upon checking out, you found out that they don’t ship to the philippines or elsewhere. argh. that sucks, right?

well, myUSA mailbox claims that upon completing registration, you can have any items you shopped for shipped to the USA mailbox address that they’re going to give you. that’s going to save you money for shipping and won’t have to worry about the online shop not shipping to your country.


of course, typical policies apply. it will still go through customs here. so if your item is prohibited from being shipped here, you might have to talk to customs or they’ll hold your package. we encountered this last June but we were lucky that the PhilPost guy gave us our package.

anyway, if i only knew about this website, i could’ve been using my own The L Word commuter mug. too bad Showtime doesn’t carry the mug anymore. i’m not sure why. but hopefully, they’ll have it available again this year.

myUSA mailbox for the Philippines coordinated with LBC. on the main page, you’ll see instructions on how to complete the registration. you need to fill up a form and mail it to LBC‘s office in Pasay City.

if you have tried myUSA mailbox, please leave me a comment. i’m still having doubts if this website is legit but by the looks of it, i think it’s valid.

we’re off to sm north instead of greenhills coz it’s raining. i just hope it will stop raining later when we go to balsa for my despedida with friends.

Heartless Bitches International

have you heard of Heartless Bitches International (http://www.heartless-bitches.com)?

don’t get their name wrong. they are an organization of strong, smart women who won’t take shit from anyone. yeah, just take a look at their intro or “The Heartless Manifesto”.

i’ve been a fan of their website because of different stories from their members. they talk about how they survive situations wherein they were being abused and what action they took to gain back their dignity and self-respect.

they also give tips and red flags that both women and men should take note of.

also, i read some really funny application write-ups of HBI wannabes. some were really lame and they also post it with their comments as to why the application was rejected.

i’ve been a bitch all my life. bitch meaning i have survived A LOT and i have too much self-respect not to let anyone abuse me in any way. i always stand up for what i believe in. i’m not afraid to admit when i’m wrong and hurtful. i am independent. and i follow the golden rule.

i haven’t submitted my application yet to HBI because i don’t think i’m that heartless. although i did say YES to everything on their Heartless Manifesto, i believe i still have some kind of tolerance by just ignoring stupid, egotistic people.

go check and browse their website. some of you might find them inspirational. don’t get them wrong. they’re not man-haters. they even have male members! here’s a quote from their main page:

“Despite the statements of some of our more Bitter Heartless Bitches, Heartless Bitches International is NOT about Man-Hating. We don’t discriminate against stupidity, arrogance, irresponsibility, bloated egos, or immaturity on the basis of gender.”

i like reading about strong women’s life experiences. and i’m happy with how i’ve become. i’m thankful for all my experiences, good or bad, because they all contributed to how emotionally strong i am now and i will never take anyone’s shit for anything.

i’ve always been a bitch… and i’m proud of it.

so, are you?!