The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge

It’s been awhile since I updated this blog with something truly personal. After I celebrated my 33rd birthday, like most people on their birthdays, I felt like I needed to reflect on what I’ve accomplished and how I’m doing with my life so far. The first thing that came to mind was to start a 30-day blogging challenge.

I initially wanted to start a song challenge, but my brother gave me this idea: The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge which he found on The Single Woman. I went through the questions and, immediately, I knew this is it! 🙂

The Single Woman

Upon reading some of the questions, many memories – both painful and happy – came back to me. This was the perfect 30-day blogging challenge for me because it will help me look back on those important moments in my life that shaped who I am today as a single 33-year old woman.

Here’s a breakdown of what the blogging challenge entails me to write about, which I’ll start officially tomorrow (I’ll be linking them to the posts I’ve already published):

The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge

1)  Your response to everyone’s favorite question: “And why are YOU still single?

2)  Describe a moment or a day when being single really sucked.

3)  Describe a moment or a day when being single was really awesome.

4)  Your biggest fear as a single person.

5)  The biggest misconception you think people have about single life.

6)  Sound off on the quote “Every woman has the exact love life she wants”.

7)  Where you are in your life vs. where you thought you would be at this point.

8)  Five things that are most important to you in a future mate.

9)  Your favorite “weird/funny single behavior” – Anything you do that is uniquely YOU and that living alone allows you to do (For example, I sometimes dance around the house with my cat to Frank Sinatra).

10) Google the meaning of your name and talk about how it fits or doesn’t fit you.

11) Your worst/funniest/most embarrassing date.

12) Your proudest accomplishment.

13) Describe how you met the last person you texted and talk about your friendship/relationship.

14) Describe the last moment you felt really, truly blissful.

15) Narrate a conversation between you and someone in your life who you never had closure with (a friend, an ex, a family member, etc.) What would you say? What would they say? What outcome would you hope for?

16) If you planted a time capsule right now of your life to be opened in 20 years, what would be in it?

17) What are your spiritual beliefs and how do they impact your relationships/relationship status?

18) If you could have a conversation with yourself in high school, what would you say?

19) What is something about you that people would be surprised to learn?

20) Describe your most difficult breakup and what you learned from it.

21) How would you pitch a reality show about yourself? To what network?

22) What fictional character in a movie, tv show, or book do you identify with and why?

23) Talk about a moment when you got annoyed with a married friend, a person in a relationship, or a person with kids (Be honest! No judgment!).

24) If you could relive ONE day of your life, what would it be? And would you change anything?

25) Describe a moment when you “paid it forward.” What happened and how did it feel?

26) Name a song that makes you cry every time you hear it and why.

27) Talk about something that you really, really, really love about yourself.

28) Describe a moment when you made a big, bold move. In any area of life: Career, Love, etc.

29) Who is your closest or most special friend that you’ve never met and what do they mean to you? How did you cross paths? Talk about how you “met” them: Facebook, Twitter, an online support group, etc.

30) Write a letter to your future mate saying whatever you want to say.

I feel like this is going to be an emotional 30-day blogging challenge, but I think it’s exactly what I need.

And if you want to get to know me a little better, just come back here every day for my blog post for each day of this challenge. I can’t wait to start! 🙂

Looking Magical in a Wedding Dress

Paige in her wedding dress in the magical series CharmedAfter work, one of my pastimes is watching my favorite series, may they be old or new. The past few weeks, I have been on a Charmed marathon and I am watching the series like it’s the very first time I’m seeing what’s happening to Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige (yes, I’m already in that season!).

In the very last episode, Paige was bound to get married to Henry (I think it’s okay to post spoilers now since the series ended like a hundred years ago 😀 ). I love Rose McGowan and her snowy white skin, and I think she looked ethereal in her wedding dress in this episode.

She has worn 2 wedding dresses since she joined Charmed, and I think this one suits her perfectly. It’s a simple wedding dress, which I totally love. I think there’s a certain beauty in simple designs, don’t you agree? 🙂

Though I have a different view on marriage, I still sometimes daydream about me wearing a wedding dress. I was looking for bridal gowns and saw the ones at and they were simply gorgeous! Here are my favorites:

Gorgeous wedding dresses

If I ever become a bride in the future, I think it’ll be pretty easy for me to pick a wedding dress. I think I’d rather stick with a simple and inexpensive dress because I believe you don’t have to spend a fortune on a wedding dress just to find what suits you.

I believe it’s important that the bride is the most beautiful woman in the room on her wedding day, but I think one can achieve that even in a simple, sophisticated wedding dress. 🙂

One way to really stand out and make your dress memorable is to pick something that’s out of the ordinary. Of course, that is if you’re okay with that. The most important thing is you are happy on your wedding day, right? 😉

Here are the rest of my bridal gown picks. What do you think?

Love these bridal gowns

On Bullying

“I don’t understand why people need to step on others to lift themselves up.”

I was lucky enough to not be a victim of bullying all my life. I was teased, yes, but I never let any of those hurtful words affect me. I guess it was also because of what I experienced as an abused child. I became an emotionally strong kid outside of my family because I wouldn’t let anyone else be mean to me or my family and closest friends.

This is why I don’t understand how easy it is for some people to be mean to others. And I wish everyone, most especially young kids, will have the strength to stand up against their bullies and make them stop.

They’re not at fault though. They’re not the ones to blame, but those mean-spirited kids and adults who feel like they’re superior just because they can threaten and scare the hell out of other people.

Bullied kid

Though my childhood wasn’t ideal, I would say that it really is about good parenting. If kids were taught genuine kindness and generosity towards others, I believe there’ll be less bullying in the world. However, because I was physically and emotionally abused when I was a kid, up to my later teen years, I know it’s also up to you, the bullied, to pick yourself up and turn things around for YOU.

Reading news about kids, young people who got hurt, killed and committed suicide because of the bullying they’re experiencing just angers me so deeply. And what pisses me off more is that there are parents who would tolerate this, and some even encourage it. *sigh* 🙁

Stop Bullying

The government recently passed the Anti-Bullying Law here in the Philippines, and I am hoping that this would greatly help in stopping bullying in schools all over the country. I know this won’t completely stop it, but I know it’s a very good start.

If I had one wish, this will be it: for people all over the world to just stop being nasty towards others. *sigh*

Finally, Now Using WordPress!

After years of contemplating if I should migrate this blog to WordPress, I finally did it! And I’m excited to blog here more often.

This blog has been neglected for months now. I mean sure, there were updates here and there, but nothing really personal. I miss writing or typing away on my laptop, blurting out all the words that comes to mind without thinking about SEO, what images I’ll insert in between each paragraph, what people would think or how they would react, or missing any deadline I’ve set for myself. With this blog, I can write freely and not worry about anything else but letting my thoughts and feelings out into this small space in the blogosphere.

I decided to finally move this blog to WordPress because I feel that one of the reasons why I wasn’t as dedicated to updating this blog was because of the restricted editing I can do with Blogger. Now that I’m on WordPress, there are no more excuses. 😀

For now, I’m working on personalizing the theme of this blog so you’ll see bits and pieces of the layout I’m creating. In the meantime, you can visit my food blog and my product review blog for updates on other things that are keeping me busy these days. 🙂

I Miss Working in an Office… Nahhh

It’s been over a year since I started working online. I love every minute of it, but there are days when I miss working in an office.

Working from home

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that I don’t have to wake up 3-4 hours before the start of my shift to prepare and travel to the office. I can even wake up a few minutes before my shift and I’ll be okay.

Working from home has benefitted me because I was able to actually save money. I also get to rest more and have more time for my family since I don’t lose almost 6 hours for traveling to and from work.

With that said, though, somehow, I miss getting up early and preparing for work. I miss getting dressed up and made up. I guess I miss having to look professional at work.

Day to Night Office wear

Not that I’m not professional in my online work. But, this time, there’s no pressure. I can even work while in my pajamas!

I’m sure I’m not the only one. Many of my fellow online workers miss that too. Men wearing their polo or suits to work, armed with their briefcases or man-purses. 😉 Women wearing their high-heeled shoes, skirts or slacks on with their face all dolled up.

Men's office clothes

Of course, aside from this, I miss bonding with colleagues. Sure, I have fun with my team through Skype, but actually being around people is exciting and can be very entertaining.

With all that said, however, I wouldn’t trade my current online work to any office job. Well, unless the office is just a 15-minute ride away from me. That might change my mind. 😉

To my fellow online workers out there, tell me: what do you love most about working from home? What do you miss about working in an office?