How to Choose: The Top 15 IT Certification Web Portals

A lot has been written about IT certification web portals. There are literally thousands of articles out there on IT certification web portals. Some of those focus on the question of which the best IT certification web portals are. Others focus on the question of how various certifications are supposed to be prepared for. Our focus here will, however, be the aspect of choosing IT certification web portals. We will be looking at the top 15 IT certification web portals, and why they are good choices. In other words, we will be seeing why people would choose the respective portals, in the top 15 IT certification web portals list. Here, we are working from the certification candidate’s viewpoint. So we are essentially trying to acquaint ourselves with the top 15 IT certification web portals to choose, if you are an aspiring IT professional who wants to get the most relevant professional credentials.

The top 15 It certification web portals include:


Other Information Technology system vendors may be eating into Microsoft’s pie, but as things stand, we are still living in a Microsoft-dominated world. Thus, to increase your marketability, you would be advised to seriously consider enrolling for (and seriously pursuing) the IT certifications on the Microsoft IT certification web portal.


When many of the organizations out there start evaluating network operating system and network hardware vendors, Cisco more often than not ends up being well graded (and hence selected). Thus, as far as networking goes, we are living in a Cisco-dominated world, making Cisco-certified professionals greatly marketable.


Certkiller can make it possible for an IT examinee to (genuinely) halve the IT certification preparation time, whilst (also genuinely) doubling the score in IT certification exams. It should therefore not to be surprising to see Certkiller this high up in the top IT certification web portals category.


Employers tend to hire people with certifications that sound familiar to them. CompTIA certifications sound familiar to most employers and once the typical employer sees N+ or A+ as a bullet item on your resume, possibilities of working alliance with you start forming in their mind.


CWNP is a top IT certification web portal. What you get from CWNP are not just extra bullets on your resume, but tangible and practical skills in all applicable aspects of wireless networking.

Actual Tests

Is there a way in which you, as a certification candidate in any field, can hedge your probability of passing IT certification tests to above 99 percent? The answer is yes, through Actual Tests IT exam preparation web portal.

Motorolas Solutions

People with a good degree of proficiency in Motorola IT equipment support are, surprisingly, not very many, though Motorola IT equipment is widely used. This directly translates into some likelihood for a well rewarding career in Motorola support, which you can get started on through the Motorola IT certification web portal.


Before any employer using Hewlett Packard hardware can give you a sensitive hardware support contract, they will probably want to know whether you have HP-specific support proficiency. Only the certifications on the HP IT certification web portal can help you answer that question in the affirmative.


The Citrix certification web portal doesn’t just run an exam engine for generating questions when Citrix exam dates come. Rather, it is a fully-integrated and highly supportive IT certification web portal, and definitely one of the best.


Ever wondered how some seemingly uniquely gifted people manage to get distinctions in IT certifications tests without spending their hours upon hours hunched over books in libraries? The answer is in Testking, an IT certification web portal that removes the often-loathed aspect of drudgery from IT certification preparations. Find here six sigma green belt certification, a+ certification and ccie certification exam materials.


There are many critical service providers who have stuck with IBM IT systems over the decades. They always have to keep on employing IBM-certified support experts, hence the usefulness of the ever-vibrant IBM certification web portal.


With so many Linux implementations out there, people in open source operating system circles have always said that there is need for a Linux certification vendor who can cater for all Linux implementations. The Linux Professional Institute has fitted that bill, and it is therefore a top IT certification web portal.


Pass4Sure has come to be seen as being synonymous with high pass rates in IT certification exams. This explains its inclusion in every credible top IT certification web portals listing.


When IT security certifications are being assessed, a key question to be asked is as to whether they are aligned with the present (and ever-changing) IT security challenges. EC-Council certifications are always being updated as newer versions are released — and in that regard therefore, the EC-Council website is the top IT-security certification web portal.


Data from recruiters operating in the world’s main financial centers shows that Oracle database administration certification holders are still highly sought for. The training portal in the Oracle website, where such certifications can be prepared for and obtained is therefore a top IT certification web portal.

Pope Francis : What’s Not to Love?!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I’m not religious. Yes, I believe in God, and I do pray, but I don’t consider myself a religious person. However, Pope Francis, dubbed as the Rockstar Pope, has helped me a lot to be less and less cynical about the Church.

I love you, Pope Francis

Like my fellow countrymen, I was super excited about Pope Francis’ visit here in the Philippines. I felt like we needed his presence here after all the struggles our country went through the past few years, especially after the destruction and the lives that were lost because of Typhoon Yolanda and the following strong storms that came right after. When I learned he’ll be holding a Mass in Tacloban, I knew it might just be exactly what the people there needed spiritually to move on with their lives after the heartbreaking impact of the typhoons since Yolanda.

Pope Francis in Tacloban

I can talk about all the things Pope Francis has done since he took on the job as the leader of the Vatican, but there are many blogs already out there about that. So instead, I want to talk about how he made me feel watching him on my computer monitor and reading through all the news articles about him.

Pope Francis in Manila, Philippines

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Moving On… (5/365)

Okay, so I already missed over a week’s worth of journal entries here and even offline. After I went back to work, it’s been crazy hectic so I couldn’t get in the mood to write.

What inspired me to write today is this feeling that 2015 would be a good year for me. I started the year a little discouraged, but after a week, I’m already feeling better and I brushed off my worries aside. Not away, aside, ’cause I know I’ll have to deal with them sooner than later. However, I still feel like this will be an amazing year for me in terms of my career.

One of the major decisions of my life last year was taking on a new job that comes with a lot more responsibilities. I’ll say that I was scared to take such a huge step career-wise, but I know I made the right decision. This is where I should be. I know there’ll be struggles and issues coming, but I will face them head on. I know I can do this.

By the way, this year, I decided to use the planner I received as a Christmas gift. I feel like I need to get my tasks lined up and be more organized when it comes to what I need to accomplish. I’ve procrastinated enough already last year, and I need to get more things done this year.

When it comes to my lovelife, that’s not my priority anymore. I need to stop trying hard to be with someone ’cause I only end up getting hurt. I need to chill because there are more important things happening in my life that I need to focus on. I still believe my next love will come soon, but for now, I’ll busy myself with all the things that I currently enjoy and love.

First, I need to travel more and really start saving up for my retirement. I am not getting any younger. In 5 years, I’ll be 40. Gosh. Just the thought of it sends shivers down my spine. There’s no escaping that, so I have to face the reality that I’m getting older… but wiser though. 🙂

Okay, I need to go back to my to-do list. Hopefully, I can write again tomorrow. 😀

My Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge

Day 2/365 (I already missed one day sheesh. But this is the one I wanted to write about yesterday so…)

Last year, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to read more. I used to be a true blue bookworm – I can’t get on a day without reading a book. I was even VP of our Booklover’s Club in high school (ugh… nerd 😀 ). And I need to bring that habit back because, most importantly, I love reading. It’s my second way of getting away from the real world.

My bro was successful in finishing 20 books last year even when he started late. We both bought our own Kindle Paperwhite and he’s the only one who made progress. I vow to finish at least 10 books this year.

Reading doesn’t just improve your vocabulary, but it also helps increase your creativity. In my current line of work, that’s what I need. My bro and I discussed about our differences when it comes to our chosen genre of books. I have to admit, he’s got a wider vocabulary and he’s pretty creative. I told him it shows in his favorite books – he loves reading fiction like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, etc. I love reading more real stories, advice (especially when it comes to career), autobiographies like Lean In, and Eat, Pray, Love.

This year, I decided to balance the genre of books I read. 50% should be fiction, the rest will be anything I want. However, I need to finish a few books I started reading years ago. My procrastination has worsen, and I need to get that in check this year, starting with my reading habit.

I’ll be rereading Eat, Pray, Love first, and I’ll stop myself from starting another book. I usually read what I feel I NEED to read, like Lean In when I was in need of inspiration and encouragement to pursue a more challenging career path. This process works for me, but I need to be more disciplined and actually finish something I said I will.

Wish me luck! I’ll post the books I’ve completed here since I’ll be writing daily. I disabled RSS feeds for this blog so no one else will get to read my new entries unless they really want to or they chanced upon it on Google. 🙂

What books will you recommend I read this 2015? 🙂

Lessons from 2014

2014 is one of the most memorable years of my life. There are many momentous experiences that I went through last year; mostly exhilarating, some sad. Instead of listing all of them in this New Year post, I decided to focus on the lessons I learned from each experience that I hope will be forever stuck in my system.

My life, my lessons


Let people you love know you love them.

2014 was the year I lost someone very dear to me. The last time this happened was when I lost my Lola Itang decades ago. It was heartbreaking, but I knew Ninang Perla is in a better place now.

I admit, I had doubts about her condition. I felt so guilty after I saw her a few days before she passed. She was weak and unresponsive – not the Ninang Perla I know who’s always smiling, ready to make people laugh and entertain everyone. She was the reason why I developed a relationship with my cousins in Malabon back when we were living in Navotas. She spent quality time with me when I was a kid, and she’ll almost always call our home to check up on me.

And there I was, all grown up, busy with work and other things that are going on in my life. I avoided her calls ’cause I almost always had something else I wanted to do than talk to someone over the phone. You can imagine how guilt-stricken I was when I saw her bed-ridden. I was worried it’ll be the last time I’ll see her, so I just had to go back home to see her. My heart sank and I tried to hold back the tears, but my eyes failed me. I wanted to tell her I love you, but I knew she wouldn’t remember me. 🙁

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