A Well-Deserved Break… in Baguio! :)

The past few months have been a struggle for me. For some reason, I felt exhausted by everything that’s been happening at home and in my personal life. I wanted a break, even for just a week or so, and thankfully, I was given a chance to take a much-needed vacation… and what’s amazing about this is I’m on my second week now in Baguio – one of my favorite cities here in the Philippines. Woot!

I’ve been feeling depressed lately, especially because of financial concerns and other issues at home. I wanted to pause and not think about everything that’s been making me sad, so I was desperate to take a break. I didn’t know I’d be given a chance to stay here in Baguio for 2 weeks, let alone in a cozy hotel right smack in the middle of the city of Pines. 🙂

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What Do You Do to Zone Out? Online Bingo anyone?

Coffee break

If you lead a busy modern life of any sort, it’s probably true that you’ve told yourself it’s all going to change soon – or perhaps that you‘re going to lean to relax soon right?

And if this is true – just how long have you been telling yourself this for? And why haven’t you achieved it yet?

Many people in the western world suffer from this kind of mentality. Call it the protestant / Victorian work ethic if you like – but whatever the reason, we all seem to be on a treadmill to nowhere that we can’t seem to step off. So, perhaps the best thing to do is simply stop trying to step off it all the time and simply accept what is.

It’s often said that acceptance is nine-tenths of the solution and this is very true when it comes to relaxation. If you simply accept that you’re one of life’s restless “type A” personalities who is always slightly on-edge, unsettled, feels guilty when doing nothing and generally a “driven” type – then it is as it is. This is who you are and what you are – and fighting against it all the time and thinking you ‘could’ and ‘should’ be someone else and that you would be that other person if only you could just first achieve X amount of money, or other goal etc., is a fundamental mistake.

It’s far healthier for your overall mental state to accept that you’re driven and to lean to enjoy the drive itself. In this way you can direct your boundless energies into working for the benefit of other people be they friends, family or generally other people in need – and this is the path to true happiness and inner contentment.

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I’ve been wanting to move out of our house for over a year now, and I’m feeling helpless at this very moment. I’m confused because an opportunity has presented itself – a chance for me to live far away from the all the stress of Metro Manila and Malabon life, and having to deal with the male DNA source that brought me to this world.

I DESPERATELY want to move to that new place. The weather and the thought of a new environment are seducing me to make the final decision to stay there for good. But my brain is telling me it’s not the most practical thing for me to do now.

Ones destination is never a place

I am hoping and praying that I can finally make up my mind when I stay there for a few weeks. I’m excited about it, but many thoughts, worries and fears are coming at me. Please, please, please help me decide. 🙁

I think it’s about time for me to be selfish. I’ve been very generous to people, especially my family, that I have forgotten about myself and MY future. I need to do something about this… as soon as possible! *sigh*

And THAT, my friends, is the reason why I need a breather.

I Had to Stop

… with my #100HappyDays blog series. I just can’t keep up! 😀

I’ve got tons of backlogs for my other blogs, mainly Pinay Reviewer and Certified Foodies, so I decided to stop that blog series here. However, I will continue with my 30-day Single Woman blogging challenge, which has now stretched to over 30 weeks. 😀

I like the questions / topics for that blogging challenge, so I will go ahead with it. I just wanted to say I decided to stop with my #100HappyDays entries. Maybe I’ll do a weekly “Things I’m Thankful For” series instead. Let’s see. 🙂

I’m hoping to get back on track with all my tasks for my blogs. I’m also planning on changing the layout of Certified Foodies since it’s our blog’s 4th year anniversary. It’ll be a completely new look so I’m excited! 🙂

Okay, that’s it for now. If you’re reading this, thanks. Have a lovely week!

I’ll leave you with this photo of me photo-bombing my nanay during our Potipot Island getaway.

I wasn’t expecting people to react about my legs being exposed in this photo. I didn’t even realize that I haven’t shown my legs EVER in any photo I’ve posted online, so I understand why they were surprised. 😀

Potipot Island is Love! (Day 40 #100HappyDays)

We all woke up early today to prepare to swim at Potipot Island. We booked a beachfront room at Isla Vista, so this is the view from outside.

Our nanay and her BFF Tita Beth went to the nearest market a few hours earlier so they can buy meats, seafood and grilling tools we need since we found out we have to cook our own food at Potipot Island (Ken initially thought we can hire the boat guy to grill for us – realized I shouldn’t let him research and plan our next vacation 😀 ).

We took a quick swim at the beach in front of Isla Vista while we waited for our nanay to return. After a light breakfast, we headed out to Potipot Island aboard a boat.

On our way to Potipot Island

There were a zillion people there (okay, more like a thousand perhaps, but you know what I mean 😛 ). After I went with Ken and some of his online gamer friends (who happened to be taking a vacay there too) to check out a camping site around the island, we headed back to the area where we left our nanay with our bags, only to find out they were lucky enough to reserve the table right in front of the boat unloading area. Hahahah 😀

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